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  1. Why is Gerald responding to me when he should be addressing his post to laurelnhardy?
  2. On a totally unrelated note, I'm dismayed this thread has turned so ugly. I was expecting better from a TCM message board. However, the language is not against the code of conduct because the words are allowed to stand, That is absurd.
  3. I'm not so convinced they don't read the message boards. You probably can't get them to admit it, but I'm sure they are aware of what people think of their programming and that may play a part in the programming choices.
  4. I found To Be and To Have 2002 exceedingly dry. It's an odd choice to lead off an 8 PM time slot.
  5. I don't even speak or understand French. I think it would have made more sense to run the documentary, The Story of Film, first.
  6. Yes, james, and that's why one has to treat all this like one big giant LARK. Laugh and have fun with it.
  7. > If we don't speak up, we'll wake up one day, turn on TMC, and it will be some new movie with commercials. I hope I never wake up one day and turn on The Movie Channel (TMC). :-)
  8. >TCM what are you thinking???!! I think you hit the nail on the head, laurelnhardy. TCM were not thinking. LOL
  9. > What is it with you people!!! If you're talking about Laurel and Hardy I have to say I love those chaps > I mean, last Monday, December 2, you started the following thread about pretty much the same subject: At least they (Laurel and Hardy) are consistent. ROFL
  10. Not in any particular order: 1. Wuthering Heights 1939 2. Great Expectations 1946 3. The Magnificent Ambersons 1942 4. The Third Man 5. The Lady From Shanghai 6. Hamlet 1948 7. Blood and Sand 8. A Hard Day's Night 9. Head 1968 10.The Long Voyage Home
  11. They could use it to acquire the rights to more Universal titles.
  12. Retroplex must have outbid TCM again for the rights to Holiday Inn. That's about five years in a row now. LOL
  13. >It is if you enjoy seeing movies on TV without interruption. Retroplex does not show commercials.
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