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  1. Most of her early films are Universal with the exception of So Red the Rose and The Moon's Our Home (both Paramount). Many of her Universal films have been released on DVD, but that probably doesn't make any difference as to if they can be shown on TCM or not. Most of them are Universal though, except the 2 at Paramount, 6 at MGM and her last at Columbia.
  2. Everyone has different tastes. I'm not huge of certain stars, but I wouldn't be opposed to them being honored as SOTM. It would be great if TCM could honoring those lesser-known stars such as Margaret Sullavan or Susan Hayward. As Arturo said, we've seen this happen recently with Kim Novak, Eleanor Parker etc. Hopefully it will continue.
  3. Yes, that 17th film called "I Loved A Soldier", was never finished. Actually, I'm not sure if they ever started filming. Would've been amazing to see Sullavan and Dietrich in a film together, though! If TCM were unable to get some of her early films, which would be really unfortunate, I still think showing some (or all) of her television appearances would be great. Also, they could show Brooke Hayward's Tonight Show interview from 1977. I haven't seen it, but I'm sure it was to promote Haywire so I'm assuming she would talk about Maggie. Edited by: Harlowholic on Nov 8, 2013 6:14 PM
  4. Lagamorpha, I'm not sure if it will be within the next year but I hope so! I suggested it to TCM via twitter and they seemed to like the idea, as well as many others did. TCM said I should suggest it to them on the "Suggest A Movie" page so programmers would see it, which I've been doing about once or twice a week for a few weeks now, haha. I really want this to happen! But I'm sure TCM would show The Good Fairy, if they can get it, since it's an important film in Maggie's career and personal life.
  5. Exactly. He should talk to TCM about it. I brought the idea of Margaret Sullavan being SOTM to their attention and have gotten an amazing response, with the exception of his comments...
  6. finance, you seem to really dislike Margaret Sullavan, so why do you continue posting in this topic? The things you've been saying are very disrespectful. That would be amazing if Brooke introduced the movies. An in depth interview with Robert O. would be great, too, but I understand that she probably doesn't want to talk about a lot things regarding her family. I'm actually surprised no one has asked her to be on TCM before?or maybe they have and she didn't want to. I think she's a very private person, like her mom. But having her introduce her mother's films would be fantastic, I don't t
  7. Swithin you're so lucky you met her! Brooke is my idol. If Maggie was SOTM, I would love if TCM could get Brooke to narrate her promo commercial. And Katharine Hepburn was very jealous of Maggie after she married Leland.
  8. Swithin, you met Brooke? That's amazing!! But again, TCM is here to cater to ALL types of classic film fans, the hardcore and the casual. And if high ratings really were their primary aim, I don't think they'd play many of the movies they already show on a regular basis, such as lesser-known B films. anyway, if I'm not a fan of someone who's SOTM, I just don't watch when their films are scheduled. One thing I love about TCM is that there's always something on for everyone each month. They do a great job with that.
  9. Agreed. The few films she did were definitely quality and worth watching. I've completed a few of my favorite classic film acts' filmography's, and I've said before that Margaret Sullavan's is the only one where literally every film she made was actually good and worth seeing more than once.
  10. True, but then those casual fans who turn on TCM every so often would be introduced to a great actress who made some really great movies. There are other stars out there besides Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando, Bette Davis (not that I have anything against them). But the entire point of TCM is to keep all aspects of film history alive, and just because a certain performer isn't as well known as others is no reason why they should be neglected. Besides, TCM already has a large and loyal following of viewers who enjoy their programming, so its not like they have anything to lose, r
  11. Margaret Sullavan is most definitely not forgotten. As long as there are people watching her films, reading about her, etc. her legacy will live on. She may not be as popular as other classic film stars, but she's in no way forgotten. Not sure if TCM would be able to get her Universal/Paramount films or not, but showing her television episodes would be fantastic! I'd love to see those. I'd also love it if TCM could show The Moon's Our Home (1936). I don't think they've ever shown it before and its such a great little screwball comedy co-starring Margaret with ex-husband Henry Fonda. Al
  12. Actually, her death was ruled accidental, but that really shouldn't make any difference whatsoever. I certainly hope that's not the reason Maggie has never been SOTM.
  13. Little Man, What Now? was released on DVD last month: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Man-What-Margaret-Sullavan/dp/B00FERSXEE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383536390&sr=8-1 Unfortunately The Moon's Our Home is very rarely seen, and it's one of Maggie's best films with ex-husband Henry Fonda in a great screwball comedy. It's too bad TCM has never shown it.
  14. She was in 16 films, so I think if TCM played all of them and spread them out over the month, they could make it work. Also showing the film versions of her Broadways shows, such as Stage Door or The Voice of the Turtle even though she wasn't in the movies, could be an option as well.
  15. The Shop Around the Corner is definitely one of her best and my personal favorite of her films. She had one of the best voices of any actor, ever. I could listen to her talk all day.
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