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  1. First post, as I sit here watching Windtalkers. Good movie, but not in the top five. 1) Saving Private Ryan - It is difficult for me not to sob uncontrollably at the beginning and end, having visited the cemetary at Omaha Beach. 2) Heaven Knows, Mister Allison - Cannot say enough about Robert Mitchum and his understated portayal in this role. 3) Mister Roberts - A comedy, I guess, but once having watched it, and you know how it ends, it's a classic tragedy. Great performances. 4) The Best Years Of Our Lives - Is it OK to put a movie hear that has no shooting or bombs or killing? I think of my Dad coming home from WWII to his rural ND home, and how he left as a "kid" and came home as a man. I can't imagine the things he saw in "The Buldge", then came home and tried to act like nothing happened. 5) Since You Went Away - Again, not taking place on the battlefield, but on the home front. It makes me think of my mother who was a teenager during the war, and her Dad was serving in the Pacific theater with no idea what was happening. Curious to know if other people think these have merit or not. I guess for me, I have a tie to them which makes the special to me. Edited by: ozahs on Nov 2, 2013 10:38 PM
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