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  1. I wonder if violence, even when obviously done for laughs, just isn't as funny when a woman is the victim...or even the protagonist? How often do we hear "you NEVER hit a woman" for any reason?
  2. What strikes me is the impeccable timing. In this era, comedians spent years on the road honing their craft and their timing in front of audiences. The Marx Brothers continued this tradition even after the advent of sound, testing the routines from their upcoming films in a roadshow prior to filming. Technology can be wonderful, but I believe there is no substitute for live onstage experience. Agree with others here; the lack of intercuts make it all the more exceptional.
  3. I agree with the definitions of slapstick. It is really important that the receiver of the violent act be obviously unharmed. Slapstick and cartoons are so alike in this. It's been my unscientific observation over the years that men are more attracted to slapstick than women. I am often the only woman in the room laughing at Keaton, the Stooges, or Chaplin's more physical bits. Is there any research on this aspect of slapstick?
  4. I'm having the same problem. I'm currently on hold with the "box office"...and have been for the last 40 minutes.
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