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  1. One of my favorites is the 24 year old Elizabeth Taylor playing Dennis Hopper's (20 yrs old) mother in GIANT(1956)
  2. 'Singin' In The Rain,' On The Town,' 'Anchors Aweigh,' 'An American In Paris.' These are all great films that showcase the talent of Gene Kelly. And he WAS a talented dancer, actor & director. But the more I read about the guy, the less I think of him as a person. First of all he dated & married a sixteen year old girl(which I suppose in Hollywood or other regions is not a completely terrible thing), he would frequently shove his tongue down his na?ve leading ladies throats during a scene (recounted by Debbie Reynolds who was like 17 when she worked with him). And he was a complete ***
  3. But there seem to be very few movies that appear on Encore Classic & Encore Westerns that TCM must go without for any extended period. Maybe 'DODGE CITY' or 'SAN ANTONIO' but as a rule you know you are going to see JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBURG or MRS. MINIVER or ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD at least a dozen or more times a year. Forgive me for keeping this thread going but honestly I'm fascinated by the whole scheduling process of TCM. For instance, there are a great many of us(and maybe not a great many)who appreciate the days honoring, say, Anita Louise or Robert Z. Leonard or Aline MacMahon. And
  4. Thank you for the response. To be honest, I thought movies like 'WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD?' were part of the TCM library since it was an RKO film. I appreciate the info. And all the effort to bring everything we watch to TCM!
  5. I think it is 'SONG OF RUSSIA' with Robert Taylor made during World War II, when Hollywood was making pro Russia films. A movie Robert Taylor regretted making as he was a big time favorite of the anti-communist black list of the fifties! Edited by: gary1939 on Nov 14, 2013 7:09 PM
  6. REALLY??? A year ago I requested TCM to run 'WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD?'(1932), the first version of 'A Star Is Born,' which is seldom aired while you can catch movies like, 'The Women' every week. Nothing, for a year. Now I see it's scheduled twice in the next month. Thanks for making me wait a year to see it twice in the next couple weeks. WHO DOES THE SCHEDULING???? for God's sake???
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