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  1. There was a movie from about 20 years ago that I am trying to identify. From the cast and title, it sounded like a comedy but was actually a serious movie about women. It had a scene for comic relief of a young man exiting his very low sports car (a Lotus Europa) in a very inelegant fashion. It may have been "Boys on the Side", but I don't remember. I know that this is not much to go on, but if you know what movie has that scene I would appreciate the answer. Be seeing you, EW
  2. It is possible that jamming a box under the hood could disable the truck. For example, if it is put on top of the wire that goes to the center of the distributor cap, the wire might get pulled out of its connector when the hood is slammed. If that happened the engine would crank away but not start. If the box was bare metal, it is also possible that it touched an electrical contact, such as at the coil, and the engine block, shorting out the ignition. Once the box fell away, the truck could have been started in this case, but as it was already being towed, nobody would have noticed. Therefore,
  3. Tor, Thanks for the reply, but that is not it. That move is about full size robots, mine is about nanobots (microscopic robots). Be seeing you, E
  4. I am trying to identify a movie from the nanobot craze of the late 80’s to mid 90’s. It involved a guy battling a hoard of nanobots that ran amok. There was a scene of hokey CGI of smooth, undulating, opaque, plastic, gray clouds" coming at the camera from a distance. That’s all I remember except that it was a rather lousy movie. However, I a personal curiosity about it. Anybody know the name of this one??? Be seeing you, EW
  5. Hi All, I am trying to identify a silent movie. This was a silent movie where an American man was in a banana republic and found that everyone was trying to kill him (no, this is NOT “Why Worry”, Harold Lloyd, 1923). The weapon of choice was a Hollywood bomb consisting of a black sphere the size of a baseball with a fuse sticking out the top. In one scene, the violence had subsided and he was walking down the street. He came upon a little old lady carrying a heavy grocery bag, and offered to carry it for her. After a short while, he noticed that she has somehow disappeared. He looked in t
  6. Hi, I am looking for the name of an old movie, I believe from the 30’s or 40’s. I think it took place in Ireland. A teenage boy tells his dad that a lawyer came from America to find an heir to a rich person with a name similar to theirs. The dad told him that they were not related to the deceased, and to forget about it. Then the dad arranged to be the last person the layer interviewed before moving on to the next town. He walked the lawyer to his cab, and in front of the townspeople, made a big deal of smiling and said “it was a pleasure doing business with you”. With the town thinking h
  7. Mark, I believe you are right about The American Beauty. I looked up a description of it. It is not exactly as I remember from seeing it about 20 years ago, However, there were other things in the description that sounded familiar, and the departures from my memories are probably errors on my part. Thank you for solving the mystery. Helen and James, I did see The Yellow Rolls Royce a couple of years ago. That is definitely a different movie, but thanks for the input. EW
  8. No, that is not it, but I appreciate the effort. I also like your Nowhere man picture. EW
  9. I am trying to find the name of a movie. This movie was from the late 1950s or early 1960s. It took place in Europe, probably Italy. A man acquired an American luxury car from a woman selling it cheap to spite her husband. Because of the car, he was mistakenly assumed to be a person of importance and treated as such. Is this familiar? Thanks, EW
  10. No, that's not it. I don't know how you came up with that from my description. I will say that "Being There" is one of my favorites, but it is not the one I was describing. Thanks, EW
  11. Can anyone tell me the name of a movie? It took place in Italy in the late '50's or early 60's. A guy purchased a big black American car, a Cadillac or Lincoln, real cheap from a woman trying to spite her husband that she was divorcing. The guy drives his fancy car past some embassy or government building and mistakenly gets waived into the parking lot by a cop. Because of his car, he is mistaken for some sort of foreign affairs expert and all of the politicians and diplomats are asking him for advice on policy issues. That's all that I can remember. Anybody know this movie? Thanks, EW
  12. Thanks for the reply. However, that was not it. There was definately a movie from that time period about nanobots. The only thing else I can remember is that is was a rather lousy movie. There were also other TV episodes on the subject, such as a 1989 episode of ST-TNG and a recent Futurama. EW
  13. Hi, I am new to this forum. There are a number of movies I am trying to identify. I will start with the most recent which is also the one that I have the least information about. It was from the early '90s when nanobots were all the rage. It was the first movie in which nanobots got loose and created a menace. Sorry, that's all I remember. Any ideas? Thanks, EW
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