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  1. Im sure movies are your best friends, cause you can't handle real people, you sad lavatoryblues GAME OVER
  2. It was a joke; you know what? I'm getting fed up with your attitude , lady; i'm off!
  3. Had to be; briliant movie "If you were (married), I wouldn't be saying 'Mmm-hmm!' "
  4. That's what i tried to type, but my cat chose "The Second Woman," instead . Happy now? Miaow!
  5. My dad was a a carnival barker. after he died i worked as a waitress and cleaning woman, hat check girl and usherette . In the early 40's i went to Hollywood and lived with other aspiring starlets in what we jokingly called 'the House of the Seven Garbos'
  6. What famous character actor had a grocery business but began a Broadway career after he went bankrupt?
  7. handsome bad guy actor, 50, 60's crime movies
  8. married to a screenwriter/director and took his surname
  9. Thank you; that's really surprising cause this is what is said on IMD": Laurence Olivier found himself becoming increasingly annoyed with William Wyler's exhausting style of film-making. After yet another take, he is said to have exclaimed, "For God's sake, I did it sitting down. I did it with a smile. I did it with a smirk. I did it scratching my ear. I did it with my back to the camera. How do you want me to do it?" Wyler's retort was, "I want it better." maybe in hindsight he was thankful for the advice. Thread open
  10. If i may step in here: i think dave is correct. This game is about worldplay forming a movie title. Those are the clues. I guess these are clues about the content of a movie, am i right?
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