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  1. so long as we're all on the same page about "Manhattan Murder Mystery" I'm fine about it.
  2. yes, i should've specified that "the front" was a Martin Ritt joint, I was just trying to be as fair a critic as possible to let people know what works of Woody's (inh any sense) I'd seen and what I haven't. it is a film often cited as the one where he does his best acting, veering from the neurotic schtick (although said neurotic schtick did get him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor in "Annie Hall.") I think maybe he did not direct "Play it Again, Sam" either- just appeared as an actor in it. in the book "alternate oscars"- which is terrific- author danny peary argues Allen sho
  3. you make a good point. sorry i even brought it up. woody's great films: "sleeper" ; "take the money and run" "radio days" woody's good films: "hannah and her sisters" (although I don't get why some consider it such a masterpiece) "what's up tiger lily?" "zelig" woody's films that, so sue me, underwhelm me: "annie hall", "BULLETS OVER BROADWAY" "husbands and wives" haven't seen but have heard they're good- "crimes and misdemeanors" (really wanna see it), "The Front", "manhattan" (too creeped out, ditto "everything you wanted to know about sex...") "play it again sam." ...an
  4. # teamHibi # teamWonderly. (for life) ps- THIS is a prime example of a terrific thread whose scrubbing from the boards would be a real travesty. pss- and yet, that scrub seems so imminent, no? psss- apparently putting the # symbol in front of something means it is formatted as a numbered item. Edited by: notwanted on Mar 24, 2014 5:57 PM
  5. It extends beyond the threads vanishing. A fair share of posters- some of them long-time and valuable contributors- have been taken out behind the woodshed- no trial, no explanation, no nothing- and no coming back. And this site has become SO MUCH less in(n)teresting as a result.
  6. Since this film was shown as part of Oscar month, I feel the need to venture forth with my opinion that 1949 was one of the most intriguingly off-the-mark years in Academy history (and that's really saying something.) Four of the five Best Picture nominees were pretty weak, with only "The Heiress" being a worthy entry (and it's not exactly a "crowd pleaser.") and the worst of the lot- "All the King's Men"- was the winner. "King's Men" star Broderick Crawford became what more than one person has called "arguably the worst actor to win an Oscar" over Kirk Douglas and John Wayne; Mercedes Mc
  7. Amid the comments and opinions on the tragic passing of Mr. Hoffman- in this thread and elsewhere on the internets- I have noticed a risible note of- well, let's call it something less than sympathy- in some people's reactions. Also, yes?- a bit of anger- even disgust. (It's your right, btw...in America and Canada and parts of Europe at least.) I know a lot of that anger comes when someone dies from substance abuse and I- like pretty much everyone else in the friggin' world- have been exposed to substance abuse and I know anger is a natural reaction to it. But I don't think I can
  8. *an excellent essay for cnn.com from friend of the network Molly Haskell:* WHY THE OSCARS LEAVE ME COLD. BY MOLLY HASKELL Editor's note: Molly Haskell is a former theater and movie reviewer for The Village Voice, New York Magazine and Vogue. She has taught film studies at Barnard College and Columbia University and is the author of two memoirs and three books of film criticism. (CNN) -- I am a movie critic. But because I am not employed by a newspaper, or a television station, Web magazine, ad agency or any institution that contributes to or profits from the media carnival tha
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