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  1. Sorry...I don't have much...here's a few about The Odd Couple you can take a crack at: 1. Where did Gloria tell Felix she wanted a divorce? 2. Who are Andre' La Plume, Sarah Morgan, Lena Molinaro and Willard Eisenhower? 3. When the guys get aboard Belkin airline, where do they think they're flying to? Where do they actually end up? 4. Who are the regulars at the poker game? 5,. What was Felix and Gloria's special song? What kind of dog did they have? 6. Where does Felix's brother live, and what does he do? 7. What was the word, on Password, that end
  2. American International: best known for drive-in/teen flicks... B sci-fi: teens with pony tails and cardigan sweaters gone wild...from Hot Rod Girl and, of course, the 'Beach party' franchise
  3. Campbell, Wally--Bob Hope in The Cat and the Canary
  4. Well, we all had to look that up...🙄
  5. Bad to the Bone from Christine next--song you like from a biopic
  6. the little lady who 'saved' the studio, Shirley Temple Betty Grable and her million dollar legs Don Ameche, who could sing and dance when he wasn't inventing the telephone
  7. Come Blow Your Horn So's Your Aunt Emma Defending Your Life For Your Consideration The Happiest Days of Your Life I've Got Your Number
  8. Who's Minding the Mint? (cute movie...tcm should show sometime...)
  9. My Life With Caroline Pardon My Sarong My Beautiful Laundrette Give My Regards to Broadway There's a Girl in My Soup Excuse My Dust My Six Loves My Name is Julia Ross Die! Die! My Darling Travels Wit h My Aunt My Life So Far My Own Private Idaho My Brilliant Career Walking My Baby Back Home
  10. Gold Diggers of 1933 Footlight Parade Bolero
  11. Dempsey, Loco--Betty Grable in How to Marry a Millionaire
  12. best--The Others worst--Days of Thunder next--Walter Matthau
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