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  1. California Sun by The Rivieras in Good Morning Vietnam...the song is heard in the film, but here it's used with a montage, and sounds much better (and I like the song...) next--another California/beachy/surf type song
  2. Yankee Doodle Dandy next--checking in at hotel
  3. 1. One of the first tv series...the actress seen was 13 when the series began, 21 in the final season. A lot of us (I include myself) only have seen the existing episodes thanks to the internet, although it evidently was in syndication in the late 50s. Family comedy, started on radio. 5. The star was already very well known due to her film work and previous popular long running comedy show, based on her radio program. When she returned in a mother role, it just didn't sell...but she was Emmy nominated for the effort.
  4. The Philadelphia Story--Katharine Hepburn has three men to choose from...Cary Grant, James Stewart and John Howard George Brent is Snowed Under with Glenda Farrell, Genevieve Tobin and Patricia Ellis Frank Sinatra juggles Barbara Rush, Jill St. John and Phyllis McGuire in Come Blow Your Horn
  5. I think just 1 and 5 are left...I knew 5 would be the toughie...late 50s, one season, very well known star in the lead
  6. Irma's signature green tights in Irma la Douce in Desperately Seeking Susan, Madonna's friend's were neon lime
  7. I'm not sure why..they're ok on my PC and tablet. If they don't refresh I can re-post.
  8. Peebs...you left out half the answers...(mom?) (and that's Jennifer Salt in the Soap clip...Diana C had long hair)
  9. I always thought it was strange that when Ida visited Rhoda in Minn, they mention her sister Brenda and brother Arnold...then she goes to her sister Debbie's wedding...of course, only Brenda ended up in the spin off....maybe Debbie and Arnold were just 'dreams', hehe
  10. Aww, thanks! I just posted a tv mom's quiz on retro trivia...more clips, more fun!
  11. In honor of Mother's Day, here's a little quiz I call "Who's your Momma?"...below are ten clips from ten tv shows, in which you will see siblings...tell me what the tv show is...and WHO played their mother. (You don't have to tell me the name of the actors pictured...but if you want to, fine) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  12. My first thought was Lisa Gerritsen, who played William Windom's daughter in My World and Welcome to It before her better known role as Cloris Leachman's daughter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which was spun off as Phyllis. (I always thought Phyllis would've been funnier if she'd moved in with her gay brother...but that would've been NYC, and clashed with Rhoda, I guess...). Actually, I thought of her because I recently watched The Odd Couple episode "Bunny is Missing Down by the Lake"...she was Bunny.
  13. Oh, I didn't really forget. I'm sorry nobody knew that 13 was A Single Man...because Colin Firth's performance deserved a win that year, but instead Jeff Bridges (who I always like) won for that big risk down-on-my luck country singer that's been done about a hundred times before...oh well. You know, this was probably the first year I didn't even attempt to watch the ceremony! I believe Arsan 404 got the most correct, so in honor of this ho-hum Oscar year, the prize is a trip...no expenses paid..to Boring, Oregon! This guy (the 'wild man of Boring') will be your guide Th
  14. Dick Powell gets the best send-off...Hooray for Hollywood in Hollywood Hotel W.C. Fields heads west to grow oranges in It's a Gift Martin and Lewis add a monkey to the act in My Friend Irma Goes West The Ricardo's and Mertz's begin their trip to Hollywood in I Love Lucy
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