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  1. sorry for delay...here are all the clues so far... Hepatitis Telephone Operator City-wide blackout Plastic Flowers Interior decorator Door-lock gadget -------- NYC apartment Public playground
  2. Champagne next--favorite James Stewart film
  3. Ann Miller does a lot of tapping in Time Out for Rhythm next--'Little' in the title
  4. Williams, Babe--Doris Day in The Pajama Game
  5. 5. Looks like Charles Durning's eyes...not sure about nose though... 7. think this is James Arness ?
  6. So, he's just practicing for the future....
  7. Equating the conditions in the 1800s to now is ludicrous. Dysentery was a major cause of death then, a simple cut could be fatal. You would assume that in a time where we have access to safe food, water, control of diseases like cholera or typhoid and science that couldn't be dreamed of then, we would do infinitely better. In a time where no one can honestly claim ignorance, it must be that they choose it. In the 1830s, they didnt have that choice. If we have advanced at all, we should expect better (I'm talking preparedness, not miracle cures) and if the experts were taken seriously early, we'd have it.
  8. The Solid Gold Cadillac Big Business
  9. interior decorator door lock gadget
  10. Laughlin, Buck--Fred Willard in Best in Show
  11. Ev'ry Street's a Boulevard in Old New York from Living It Up next--another Julie Styne
  12. The Old Dark House The Old Fashioned Way Little Old New York That Old Feeling Arsenic and Old Lace
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