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  1. How to Commit Marriage. (such a good cast in a horrible movie..) next--good film that became a good tv series
  2. The only characters I could think of that were always barefoot...The Flintstones others that were sometimes barefoot in memorable moments... Hank Azaria in The Birdcage (says shoes make him fall) Kim Novak, Bell Book and Candle Maureen O'Hara in The Parent Trap all the 'Beach Party' folks
  3. Three Guys Named Mike Three Broadway Girls Give a Girl a Break Get Yourself a College Girl The Girl Can't Help It
  4. foggy ferry ride--They Can't Take That Away From Me Shall We Dance French countryside--Two For the Road Empire State Building--Sleepless in Seattle
  5. Costello, Peg--Joan Blondell in Desk Set
  6. dry titles, but some rain scenes I thought of: a rainy end for The Public Enemy Psycho rainy revenge for Freaks Barbara Stanwyck standing in the rain in Stella Dallas Steamboat Bill Jr.
  7. Stanley and Barry Livingston (My Three Sons) Ron and Clint Howard (The Andy Griffith Show) Joaquin and River Phoenix (from 1984 tv movie, Backwards)
  8. Airplane! next--film you used to find funny, but now, not so much
  9. Nilly, Willy--Bert Wheeler in Diplomaniacs
  10. All I Owe Ioway from State Fair next--song from a musical you've seen sooooo many times
  11. Best in Show Road to Utopia Murder Most Foul
  12. Esterhazy, Hildy--Betty Garrett in On the Town
  13. Motel Hell Cottage to Let (1941) Singin' in the Rain The Majestic (2001) Corner Gas (tv and film..)
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