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  1. 'Anytime Annie'--Ginger Rogers in 42nd Street
  2. 8, He's got over 250 credits...most for tv, and about half of them for his voice (he became the voice of a famous animated character) 10. She was first cast in small roles in some big films, and later got top billing in low budget B's...Even though she never had a regular role on television (she was set to co-star in a series with a well known comedic actor in the early 60's, but the pilot went nowhere) she has a star for TV on the Hollywood walk of fame.
  3. sorry chaya...your post wasn't there when I hit enter...(great mins think alike 😎)
  4. Joy (2015) The Magic Box (1951) Sunshine Cleaning (2008) Bugsy (1991) Sweepings (1933( A Dispatch from Reuters (1940) Tucker: The Man and His Dream (1988) Chef (2014) Imitation of Life (1934)
  5. To me, she was one of Perry Mason's most annoying clients...innocent, of course, but annoying ☺️ In case you're curious, this clip was from The Twilight Zone episode about the fortune telling machine with a devil bobble-head you're right! ..he played the detective who suspects Paul Ford has killed his wife ("The Hatbox") You guys are good.! 8 and 10 left... here's a 'bonus' one that got lost in the shuffle... 11.
  6. Cecil D. Demented Legally Blonde The Great White Hype The Wrong Arm of the Law Chopping Mall Every Little Crook and Nanny Tanks a Million Mummy's Boys A Haunting We Will Go Too Many Crooks
  7. What's their name? Sometimes I see the same actors in different old tv shows over and over...and I can remember everything about them...except their name. Name these supporting actors, clips taken from various tv gigs: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9, 10.
  8. You can watch it here anytime: https://ok.ru/video/261558700707
  9. thanks lavenderblue...I'll post something tonight or tomorrow, if that's okay
  10. Goodbye Columbus Brighton Beach Memoirs early tv series, The Goldbergs
  11. Donovan's Brain controls everyone around it Craig's Wife likes controlling everything and everyone (same with the remake, Harriet Craig) Bell, Book and Candle--Kim Novak and kitty Pi control James Stewart
  12. My first thought was Paul Lynde, but he had his own show..(not mentioned, so I may be off) of course, it wasn't a hit..best known for Bewitched and Hollywood Squares. Recreated his B'way role in Bye Bye Birdie, stole the scene in Send Me No Flowers
  13. Paroo, Winthrop--little Ronny Howard in The Music Man
  14. Grace Kelly in The Country Girl. Sorry, but even in a sack without makeup..Kelly and Bing? Nope. next--another onscreen couple that you don't buy
  15. Someone to Watch Over Me from Young at Heart next--character singing is in their teens
  16. It (1927) Why Be Good? (1929) The Cat's Meow (2001) So This is Paris (1926)...this is kind of fun..first choreographed dance scene, and some interesting camera work, for the time (the whole scene is on youtube.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc7koNdKRVI&t=17s .
  17. The Out-of-Towners (1999) next--motor scooter
  18. Séance on a Wet Afternoon Moonrise Kingdom Three on a Match
  19. It Happened One Night (Claudette Colbert) The Thin Man series (Myrna Loy) B.F.'s Daughter (Barbara Stanwyck) Million Dollar Baby (May Robson) Reversal of Fortune (Glenn Close) Thoroughly Modern Millie (Carol Channing) Pal Joey (Rita Hayworth) Female (Ruth Chatterton) Platinum Blonde (Jean Harlow) A New Leaf (Elaine May)
  20. Splendor in the Grass A Place in the Sun A Summer Place
  21. Road to Morocco Greed The English Patient
  22. Come Saturday Morning from The Sterile Cuckoo (it's actually played over the opening credits, but here it's over stills--a little more interesting to look at) next--another from a film about 'young love''
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