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  1. Neff, Walter--Fred MacMurray in Double Indemnity
  2. Gone With the Wind...Rhett and Scarlett trying to look 'respectable' Baby Boom..separation anxiety Although I guess it's technically a carriage, rather than a stroller (?) my first thought was the Odessa Steps scene from Battleship Potempkin
  3. Das doppelte Lottchen, a 1950 German film became...The Parent Trap
  4. 4. I don't know if his was the only version, but my dad had a Tennessee Ernie Ford LP with that on it
  5. The Women (not necessarily for Crawford's performance..) next--a movie you didn't like the first time you saw it, but changed your opinion after another view
  6. Annette tries it in Beach Blanket Bingo and the Flying Elvises in Honeymoon in Vegas
  7. Love Me or Leave Me Sweet Dreams The Glenn Miller Story With a Song in My Heart Star! Great Balls of Fire Beyond the Sea Chaplin
  8. You Can't Take it With You next--appliance mishap
  9. The Richest Girl in the World The Bride Came C.O.D. Happiness Ahead Breakfast for Two Inside Daisy Clover The Mad Miss Manton Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Teenage Millionaire The Doors Legally Blonde
  10. Christmas in Connecticut next--nervous on a date
  11. Penny Serenade Little Women Gone With the Wind How to Murder a Rich Uncle Steel Magnolias Cheaper by the Dozen Kind Hearts and Coronets A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Ordinary People
  12. Mr. Wong, Detective Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Mr. Moto's Last Warning Mr. and Mrs. North Mr. Skeffington Mr. Belvedere Goes to College Mr. Sardonicus Mrs. Parkington Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter Sgt. Bilko Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Dr. Phibes Rises Again Dr. Monica Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day St. Elmo's Fire St. Louis Blues Sssssss RV CC and Company JFK FM
  13. Gosford Park ..lots of suspects with good motives Radioland Murders..lots of murders, suspects, fast and funny Lady in the Lake..just about everyone's a suspect and on tv's Ellery Queen, he always had a group of suspects at the end
  14. yes! and just to clear up any loose ends of the question, the dog was a pomeranian. (sp?) Anyway....lavenderblue got the most correct answers, and gets the thread... and just a little Covid public health spot : follow Oscar's example and remember to wash your hands!
  15. I can't imagine how that would work...maybe for airlines, but every road that crosses a state line? The only way I can see it working is: everything except essential businesses everywhere close...people will get $ from the fed (and no more of this sending the dough to corporate fat cats)..in fact, businesses shouldn't get paid...their owners and workers will receive $ that will keep them afloat individually; lot of money? yeah, but nothing compared to corporate welfare, or over funding the military just to keep boeing or lockheed happy. People in groups w/o masks should be dealt with
  16. well, I'd guess that's number 2,727,032 item on the to-do list 😎
  17. I am So Sick of the voices saying 'You must give them time to process this, they're upset' and 'Dem's have to try to understand the magat mindset'...BULL Why is is this a one-way street?? Why is everyone on earth expected to go on indulging this whiney little brat and his nanny/enablers? Let's go back 4 years...after having every filthy lie and moscow mud thrown her way, HRC called king cheddar and stepped back...like a real life thinking, functioning adult. No stamping her feet, or requiring constantly coddling. Isn't it ironic that the one with two X chromosomes has been shown to
  18. Foul Play The Pope was played by Cyril Magnin, who in fact was the head of his family business, J. Magnin dept. stores, and was known for his philanthropy in the bay area...there's a street named after him in San Francisco
  19. November 7, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. EST (Nick Anderson/counterpoint.com)
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