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  1. Egg--Seth Green in The Hotel New Hampshire
  2. yes...12. is about their characters rather than plot (lavenderblue answered it above.) I think 5 and 10 are the only two left...if no one gets them today, I'll give the answers and close the thread
  3. Mummy's Boys Steve Martin's memorable "King Tut"
  4. American Gigolo (the whole 'Call Me" opening) next--bank vault
  5. yes, but it turns out it's a parachute group...they have to jump over Houston...the plane goes on to San Diego. I don't know why, but I always find this episode awfully funny.
  6. I've been thinking...How Big Is This??? Well, I'm no kid, and in my lifetime there has never been an american election that has instigated completely unplanned demonstrations of happiness, and relief around the world! and on a lighter note, here are some random reactions to booting whiney little donnie out of the WH: \\
  7. Ramsey, Kit--Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger
  8. Yes! in a flashback episode, on the island of San Dominguez
  9. Elvis makes cliff diving look easy in Fun in Acapulco Bette Midler breaks a nail on one in Outrageous Fortune great finish (spoiler!) in Scream of Fear
  10. Blonde Alibi The Lady Confesses Hideout really low budget...Scared to Death and the cheapie that made a mint...Night of the Living Dead
  11. Those were the two I was looking for! Actually, in the movie Felix's wife is Frances, but I'd forgotten that (maybe they wanted to 'update' her name).
  12. well, close enough...using computer dating, Oscar is Andre' La Plume and Willard Eisenhower, and Myrna (Penny Marshall) is Lena Molinaro
  13. It's a bit crowded at the Fairview Motel in Where the Boys Are Elvis and his pals check out the pool action at the Seadrift Motel in Girl Happy there's no pool, but an interesting garden at.... .
  14. aww, c'mon...number 5 is the only really hard stopper....
  15. Fred and Ginger stayed in some posh places, like the London hotel from Top Hat Rainman got the 'high roller's' suite at Caesar's Palace Colin Firth remains classy after losing his pants in the London Savoy Hotel in Gambit the biggest, most elaborate hotel suite I could remember was the one Jean Arthur ends up with in Easy Living (complete with giant clamshell bathtub)
  16. Sorry...I don't have much...here's a few about The Odd Couple you can take a crack at: 1. Where did Gloria tell Felix she wanted a divorce? 2. Who are Andre' La Plume, Sarah Morgan, Lena Molinaro and Willard Eisenhower? 3. When the guys get aboard Belkin airline, where do they think they're flying to? Where do they actually end up? 4. Who are the regulars at the poker game? 5,. What was Felix and Gloria's special song? What kind of dog did they have? 6. Where does Felix's brother live, and what does he do? 7. What was the word, on Password, that end
  17. American International: best known for drive-in/teen flicks... B sci-fi: teens with pony tails and cardigan sweaters gone wild...from Hot Rod Girl and, of course, the 'Beach party' franchise
  18. Campbell, Wally--Bob Hope in The Cat and the Canary
  19. Well, we all had to look that up...🙄
  20. Bad to the Bone from Christine next--song you like from a biopic
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