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  1. I still love it too..Princess got it..her thread!
  2. A murder suspect - grudgingly pushed on stage - delivers a rousing political endorsement at a town hall meeting.
  3. I don't want to hog the thread..but I just watched Dial M for Murder..couldn't resist
  4. Come Back to the 5 and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean
  5. Lavender's right! I always liked the pairing of Barbara Harris and Bruce Dern..glad the first choice (Nicholson) turned it down. LavenderBlue's thread!
  6. Staying in Mayberry, this Oscar nominated actor played a hapless relative visiting the small town just shortly after he played basically the same type character on another well-known sitcom in the late 50's. Name him and the other series.
  7. Jack Nicholson..of course, aunt Bea was right...
  8. A couple drinking beer at Abe and Mabel's Cafe..waiting for someone who doesn't show..
  9. I remember a cruise in Rich and Strange..but don't think the honeymoon part fits..have to keep thinking, I guess..
  10. Emerson, Connie---Audrey Meadows in That Touch of Mink
  11. Sorry for the lag..Lawrence was right..Gwenn was not only the definitive Santa in Miracle on 34th St, but the unlikely hit man in Foreign Correspondent..he was Lassie's co-star, and shared the screen with giant ants in Them! He played ministers, bishops,priests ...but he'll always be Santa to me Lawrence is passing, so..open thread! (Princess..sorry, didn't see your entry when I hit the post button) not open..whoops...
  12. Flagg, Hazel---Carole Lombard in Nothing Sacred
  13. Robert Armstrong was in The Penguin Pool Murder with Edna May Oliver
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