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  1. Jumping out of bed---Seems Like Old Times Jumping out a window---His Girl Friday I know that's not what you meant, but I was just tired of seeing no posts, hehe How about a more general scenario, like... Carrying a lot of packages
  2. Right Princess! I guess this is one of Hitchcock's films that has sort of fallen between the cracks...but it's certainly worth watching...this dog scene and the candy factory segment are memorable (at least to me) Your turn!
  3. Uh, okay..he won an Oscar for that weighty role
  4. Okay..a dachshund scratches at the door and begins to howl as if he senses what's happening to his owner, miles away
  5. Burns, Walter---Cary Grant in His Girl Friday
  6. You're right, MarshaK! The frightened old lady, played by Gladys Cooper, fears every stranger might be death, but opens her door to Redford in The Twilight Zone episode entitled Nothing in the Dark. Elizabeth Ashley played his bride in the Broadway version of Barefoot in the Park..she was the only cast member to get a Tony nomination, but was the one that was replaced for the film..go figure. MarshaKatz is next!
  7. Caldicott and Charters..worrying about missing the match when The Lady Vanishes from their train
  8. Thanks Princess! This one goes much further back..over a hundred years.. This London born actor got his start on the stage when he was still in his teens, but he always wore a beard so no one would recognize him and tell his 'proper' father that he had become a..gasp..actor. In a nearly forty year film and tv career, he played a number of religious men, but also an unlikely hit man. His costars included dogs and insects, but his most acclaimed role required him to put on pounds he swore he never could lose.
  9. Thanks MarshaK! I splurged on the Columbo series dvd set a couple years ago and still re-watch them regularly (and it's on netflix..yeah). Here's a new ? for everyone... His acting career began with over two dozen tv appearances in well-known series of the early 60's...one of which (in an anthology series) used his good looks to advantage..he was literally 'to die for'. He even looked perfect trudging up five flights of stairs in one of his first film roles.
  10. Schneider, Judy --Debbie Reynolds in I Love Melvin
  11. A great Columbo episode..with Ruth Gordon as the feisty little lady who gets revenge on a greedy relative. Gordon's early life was portrayed in The Actress, and Spencer Tracy played her stubborn dad. Of course, her Oscar was for Rosemary's Baby. (I'm a Rhoda fan, and was just re-watching the episode where Gordon shows up as Carlton, the doorman's mom).
  12. Sounds like one of my favorite detectives, Tom Barnaby..John Nettles when he isn't in Midsomer Murders. He was directed by Jerry Lewis in One More Time (which I've never seen, but know his co-stars were Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr.) I watched every episode of MM he was in on netflix..until the season he left..just wasn't the same after that..
  13. William Hurt was in The Big Chill with Kevin Kline
  14. 1. Looks like Roy Rogers' sidekick who dove the jeep (nelly belle?) ...Pat Brady? 2--dunno...
  15. Lovelace, Eva--Katharine Hepburn in Morning Glory
  16. Kay Kendall was in The Reluctant Debutante with Sandra Dee
  17. Johnny Jones--Joel McCrea in Foreign Correspondent
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