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  1. Okay..they all padded their roles..
  2. Along the 'pc I wasn't aware of theme'..I just typed the line hoop t o s s e r on a game thread (Dick Haymes in State Fair) without the spaces of course, and it appeared as asterisks..like I was using profanity..lol????
  3. Now, I typed hoop t o s s e r (without the spaces) and it came out ***...I don't know what that's about...
  4. Yes..State Fair! The only Rodgers and Hammerstein collaboration written specifically for a film. Dick Haymes, the hoop ****, did his own vocals but sis Jeanne Crain was dubbed. Not sure if Blue Boy's 'comments' were dubbed..or scripted ???? Your go, DGFrazier!
  5. They all did something they were a little too old to do..but to be fair, most actors who do this are a little too old to do it...
  6. At the same time, his sister is wondering, musically, why her rural life has become so unsatisfying.
  7. Travers, Jerry-- Fred Astaire in Top Hat
  8. You're right! For some reason this song was in my head, though I haven't seen the film (very campy) in years. The song is on YouTube if anyone wants to hear it! Oh, and Richard Pryor is the one making his debut. Your turn Lonesome Polecat!
  9. Martin Balsam was in A Thousand Clowns with Jason Robards
  10. O'Hara, Inspector (Mike) played by James Gleason in The Falcon Takes Over
  11. Okay... A young man, standing in a barn, tosses embroidery hoops over a saddle horn.
  12. From..loosely speaking..a political film
  13. Sorry for the delay! Jerry Lewis Harold Lloyd Peter Lawford Ronald Reagan
  14. Hint..an iconic, and sometimes controversial comedian made his film debut in this 60s movie..
  15. G o o c h keeps getting taken out..did I miss a pc lesson?
  16. That was supposed to say Gooch..don't know what happened
  17. Agnes Gooch--Peggy Cass in Auntie Mame
  18. Witness for the Prosecution (Dietrich playing!) next--bunny rabbit
  19. Psycho..hitch's daughter says this in the office
  20. Crystal Allen--Joan Crawford in The Women
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