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  1. The scene gives off a mysterious feel, it appears that something is about to happen. Even if it is daytime it doesn't mean someone can't die. Kathie is quite and doesn't seem to care for company that much. Jeff is in want of a companion particularity Kathie to travel and share things with.
  2. Marlowe is a tough guy with a keen sense of sincerity who doesn't mind throwing around a double entendre or two. he seems very comfortable in his own skin and also seems to know more than he lets on. Marlowe is a more gentle man compared to Spade yet can stand his own ground. Its hard to compare the two yes there are differences and similarities but the characters are on there own.
  3. The way the camera pans over the landscape gives off an almost doom y feeling. The documentary feel throws you off a bit because it doesn't quite fit the film noir box, but you never want to keep things in a box. Even though the documentary style throws you for a loop if you look hard enough you can sense that it does have a bit of noir flair.
  4. The influences are numerous in The Killers.The lighting is very similar between Lang's work like M. The transition between the diner and the bedroom has been influenced from a few other films as well. The scene in the bedroom has formalism from the movements of the camera to the setting to even Swede's demeanor. In the beginning the camera moved with the characters on screen to give the audience a more natural and comfortable feel but with the transition of Swede's friend jumping over the fence the camera stop going along and panned up to Swede who was emoting such disdain, that it made you f
  5. Hayworth is seducing the crowd with her performance, that just riles up Ford. The way she sways her body and uses her glove as a sort of prop, it entices the audience to her. She is trying to make Ford jealous and it works. Gilda has influenced film noir by putting musical sequences into to production. Musical numbers can really add to a movie and this one sure does. The song really relates to how Hayworth is feeling about her marriage to Ford, and that she isn't that happy.
  6. Veda always seems to be standing a little bit taller than Mildred almost as though she is a bit better than Mildred. Which really adds to the character of Veda since she is such a loathsome pompous woman. At the end of the scene the camera goes in for a close up on Mildred you feel the emotions that roll off of Mildred, the shock at the assiduity of her daughter. The tension is so high strung as we are walking toward/up the staircase the by time Veda strikes Mildred we jump a little in our seats just from the impact. Although we don't like Veda from the start we have barely scratched the surf
  7. The opening scene is symbolic in many ways. It entices fear and trepidation. you get the sense that there is some one sneaking up behind you with a knife, going directly into your back. The pendulum swinging back and forth only makes the anxiety within you stronger. The pendulum has always been one of those elements that we contribute to fear, it's very apropos to use this in the beginning of the movies that's titled Ministry of Fear - does it not. With film noir you want to be scared and on the edge of your seat not knowing exactly whats coming, the suspense of the opening scene really captiv
  8. Marlowe uses a bit of force and not so lawful ways of doing business. He is not going to take any crap from someone. He uses key self awareness that informs him on Grayle, knowing perfectly well that she is not who she says she is. All he has to do is figure out a couple of things and get under way with what to do with the information. Marlowe has a mysterious air about him. The almost dangerous side of him gives off a peculiar sense that doesn't quite settle with you, almost fitting like a puzzle piece for a film noir.
  9. The words "I shall never forget the weekend that Laura died" is such a memorable quote, one that really sets the story. We are about to unravel a convoluted story that no one saw coming. Lydecker's house is so lavish, with priceless pieces and grand artwork,and the clock that we keep coming to is going to be a key to unlocking the story. We can tell that Laura had a taste for the expensive just by being in Lydecker's house and he and Laura being the only two who had a clock like that one. McPhearson is an intriguing character, we are captivated by the way he seems to know things yet doesn't sh
  10. The use of first person POV is very successful, you get to feel Vincent's every move. You almost feel like you are him with the way the director has the camera acting like its him. The tension is palpable, having first person POV makes you fell like you could cut the tension with a knife. While Vincent was in the car with the guy you felt so worried that the police were going to get you, and with the guy asking a bunch of questions, it makes you feel so on edge. This opening scene is so important because it really sets you up for what is about to happen. As said in the Curator's note first per
  11. Quite stunned that we are able to see the killer so early on in the film. The way the moon goes behind the clouds just a few seconds after Hammond was killed gives off a presence of a gloomy doom, yet when the moon comes out of the shadow of the clouds and shines so brightly on Davis it gives a since of 'we know it was you don't be surprised.' I feel that The Letter is an important contribution to film noir because it appears to be one of the first to show you who the killer is in the first five minutes of the film.
  12. The way the director goes in and out of train makes you feel as though you are aboard. The motion of the wheels, the silent communication between the engineers, the inaudible life that goes on where the train passes, its as though there is no one there. Even when the train pulls up to an empty station there is no one there. Its a fore warning that something evil is lurking. When the train goes over the slot on the rail and the engineers pull the lever to let something go, it gives you a sense that someone is dropping off a dead body. The moment before we are coming out of the tunnel and its pi
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