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  1. I saw a movie on TCM recently, but can't remember the title or the actors. Made in the early '40's I believe. It was a re-interpretation of the Biblical story from Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, Moses and the Exodus. God was played by an elderly black actor with white hair, dressed in a fine suit and hat. His angels, also black, would check on Earth and report to God about what is happening w/ God's creatures. God would go to earth and interact w/ the earthly creatures, who didn't always recognize God. The most touching part of the story was Moses handing the children of Israel to Jo
  2. "The Double McGuffin" (1978)- a Joe Camp ("Benji") movie"Mosquito Coast" w/ Harrison Ford"Perfect Harmony" w/ Darren McGavin- a Disney movie"Dutch""Remember The Titans" w/ Denzel Washington
  3. How about James Stewart and Kim Novak kissing once Novak transforms into Stewart's obsession in Hitchcock's "Vertigo"?
  4. My mom always told me that Norma Shearer, born in Canada, was a distant cousin of ours. I've always believed it because my grandmother was from the French-Canadian provinces.
  5. One of the funniest scenes in "Being There" was when Sellers (as Chance the Gardener) imitates the kissing scene from "The Thomas Crown Affair"that he's watching on TV. I can't remember the female lead Sellers is sharing the kiss with.
  6. Has "My Son John" been seen any where since its original release? It's a period film re: a family that disowns a son (Robert Walker) who is a communist sympathizer. A daring role for Walker at the height of Sen. Joe McCarthy's witch-hunt. (Also Walker's last film, as he died from a sodium amytal injection by his psychiatrist during production of this movie.) Video available? Has anyone seen this film? Also stars Helen Hayes and Van Heflin.
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