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  1. 418 "Now Now......First, you bite off my finger...Now you're gnawing on my little lamb's ears....My Dear, I think you've imbibed a bit too stongly tonight!"
  2. Thaks Flash! How about: "I knew Jimmy Dean. He tested for Battle Cry. Paul Newman tested for Battle Cry. I did nine tests to finally get that role." DaveZ
  3. Hi Swithin.... In the quote, are you looking for the character or the actor that played the character? I hope this isn't a "faux pas"... I seem to be doing this lately....As has been pointed out to me... I know...Boo-Hoo..... :0) Dave
  4. Wonka, Willie played by Gene Wilder in "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory(1971)"
  5. Welllll...... I see a LOT of entries of TV movies and *ESPECIALLY TV sitcoms* which aren't even movies... But, if you want to enforce the rules, please mention to everyone else who mentions: I Love Lucy The Honeymooners etc. Thanks! DaveZ
  6. Ya got it flash! *Your thread*
  7. Jackie Gleason was in *The Hustler* with Piper Laurie
  8. I Forgot the closing quotation mark on the quote Sorry :0( DaveZ
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