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  1. I recall it was black and white 40s or 50s, maybe noir; it had a character telling a story that was told to him (we go to flashback #1) of a character telling him a story about someone telling character two about an event ( we go to another flashback) and that sorta repeats at least one more time for a flashback in a flashback in a flashback. what is the title please?
  2. Sue, thanks for the answer. I thought the question might be helpful to others on the board too. I heard back from Canvas right away, and they said any cours credit is dependent upon the institution offering the course; and in this case no.
  3. Sue, about the course you mentioned...I see it's sponsored by Ball State and that a certificate of complete is provided; but what do you know about actual course credit? As a teacher, I'm always needing re-certification credits. I've sent the canvas network folks the same question, but you're always so in the know, I thought you might already know. Thanks!
  4. Have you asked at imdb.com? They have a message board called, Need to Know, just for these sorts of questions.
  5. Sue, Sorry we never got a chance to meet. Making connections with other folks is one of the areas I was a bit disappointed with during the festival. But it's probably my own fault, I can be a little reserved at times like that. Overall I had a great time. Saw 9 films and a few very interesting Club discussions. It was great to have the stars and guest speakers introduce their films! Maybe in a few years we'll go again. It's a very expensive vacation for us; the travel expense alone is over 5K! I'll look forward to watching your future posts during the next festival! Take Care!
  6. Having a great time! Went to Christmas in July and Man Who Would Be King today. Going to Dream Machine tonight!We were at Plummer's ceremony, too! My wife and I were last folks let into the Spolight Pass sitting area!
  7. Sitting in the local airport, waiting for my flight! Hollywood, here I come!
  8. Cutter, thank you for the reply. We are Spotlight pass holders, so guess we'll be able to go with the flow of the evening!
  9. I am quite disappointed in this news. Getting the chance to meet Mr. Osborne was going to be one of the highlights of this trip! I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery, but will truly miss this opportunity to have met him.
  10. Using an iphone 6+. The app seems to work, but it shows old info.
  11. Sue, the App seems to need an update. It's still listing Spartacus and has some weird times for some shows (11 am for Apollo 13?) If you have any connections to the folks that can work on it, could you drop them a word?
  12. My selections are pretty well made now too. My toughest timeframe was also Sunday afternoon! My thoughts went like this, Children's Hour, in which my aunt has a small part and will be introduced by Shirley MacLaine...or the Clooney/Lopez action/romance Out of Sight which I enjoyed quite a bit at the time of its release...or Judgement at Nurenmberg which I just saw for the first time a few weeks ago... OR one of my wife's all time favorites, The Philadelphia Story!? Ok...so maybe the choice wasn't so tough after all! Just call me, "Staying Married" rhodesisland See you all soon
  13. Now that the schedule is published, I see that the Welcoming Party at the Club TCM and the Red Carpet prior to SoM occur at the same time. What is the logistics of that?
  14. I'm just so surprised he hadn't received this honor already! Glad I might get a chance to see one of these ceremonies!
  15. MEGA-DITTOS to all the "tickled" and excitment! This is going to be a great festival and I can't believe that it's the one I am going to! WHOOHOO! Wan't wait!
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