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  1. markfp2: Thanks for taking the time to respond. My carrier in this case is Verizon fios , and I pay quite a bit for the most basic television service. I do stream at a remote location not serviced by Verizon. I don't stream anything other than tcm, and no other devices are running at the same time as it always happens late at night. No other programs are open at the time. Initial loading is never a problem, but now I can't open the "more information" feature on the tcm "on demand" listings at all. This has been happening for a few days now. I will check with Verizon, but I'm not ver
  2. Another very annoying tcm technical issue in addition to films being expired before their scheduled expiration date. I notice that movies freeze and can't be re-started when new "on demand" movies are added to the list. This is an extremely annoying problem that should be fixed easily. It seems that tcm is adding more movies to the list than it has the capacity to list. Why not just eliminate the garbage that has no "demand" in the first place? It is not necessary to offer on demand every movie that tcm airs.
  3. The problem that I identified in my earlier comment is getting even worse! It is frustrating that there is no one at tcm who gives a ratsarse about tcm viewers. I guess that they figure they'll get the fees from the cable companies anyway, whether tcm viewers are satisfied or not. Such is life in the twenty first century. Nobody cares about anything except when they are forced to apologize as soon as their bad behavior goes "viral". What a world! Now films are being pushed off the "on demand" cliff way before they are scheduled to expire. It will happen now with two Bresson films that wil
  4. Chaya, daughter of woof woof: I may sound "drey kupf", but how would I click onto the "date available"? Until now, I only use the "on demand" list. I note the expiration date and then schedule my viewings accordingly. Shalom.
  5. It's great that tcm has expanded the time of many of its "on demand" offerings beyond what used to be one standard week, but another issue has developed as a result. Apparently, tcm can only offer a limited number of "on demand" movies at any given time, so, regardless of the date that the film is set to expire, the movie will be pushed off the list when there are too many films on the "on demand" list and therefore becomes no longer viewable before its scheduled expiration. I schedule the movies that I want to see based on their expiration date, but this date has no meaning when a movie r
  6. The "on demand" expiration dates are still inaccurate. I expected "Soylent Green" to run until 12/22, and it was removed on 12/18 or 12/19. Same situation with two other films removed "before their time" this week. Am I the only person who has an issue with this? It's very frustrating to expect to watch a film and then to see that it is gone before its scheduled expiration "on demand". Anybody home???
  7. This "expiration date" problem is also happening with "tcm on demand". "Murder My Sweet" was scheduled to expire on 12/14, but when I went to play it tonight, 12/9, it was gone. This is the second time that this happened to me over the past few weeks, and it's very frustrating. I appreciate that tcm has now extended many of its "on demand" expiration dates beyond the standard seven days, but why are movies being removed before their expiration dates?
  8. My top three are (1) Paths of Glory, (2) Lust for Life, and (3) Lonely Are the Brave, which was his favorite and often overlooked.
  9. Once again, tcm on demand is not functioning tonight. This occurs about every month or so now. It has NOTHING to do with the browser platform (explorer. chrome, firefox) because when it goes out, tcm doesn't work on any of them. It also has nothing to do with Internet or tv provider. It just has to do with tcm! Very frustrating!
  10. I just watched Ben Mankiewicz discuss "Mrs. Miniver" with a man who may be the director of the World War II Museum in New Orleans. I apologize for not knowing the gentleman's name. At the end of the discussion, it seemed that Mr. Mankiewicz went so far as to place the allied bombing of German and Japanese civilian on a equal footing with the despicable conduct of Japan and Germany during the war. Does Mr. Mankiewicz actually believe that we could have wished the evil of the war away without doing evil ourselves? How would it have been possible to win the war without taking very terrible ac
  11. I haven't had any tcm streaming problems for the past month or so (on a roll!), but tonight, March 5, there are problems with all of the films that I have tried to stream. The little white reel takes a long time to start spinning. Once it spins and the movie starts running, the picture and sound are interrupted, then the action repeats as if the film is skipping, then the film stalls altogether and goes black with the little white reel spinning again. I tried several films that expire today and tomorrow. It's very frustrating to begin watching a movie that is interrupted in this way. I rem
  12. slim: There is no way of predicting which films will run and which won't. I had no problem accessing the Elvis documentary but had a problem accessing the most recent "on demand" films. Now I haven't had any new "on demand" films for several days, which is something new for me but not for other users. See my other comments about tcm not caring even to the extent of posting a response to the messages here. That, by itself, is beyond annoying!
  13. Hi Stephan. As I mentioned in another thread here, what is most frustrating is that no one at tcm cares even to the extent of posting a response here. That is not only frustrating but infuriating. If the "on demand" access problems lie with a browser or a cable carrier, and I don't believe that they do as they lie with tcm, then why doesn't someone from tcm bother to check the message board to see what problems their users are having? I wonder how long tcm will be in business, but I guess they have unlimited funds from their very generous benefactor, Mr. T. Very lucky folks.
  14. RBG: I guess that I'll have to fire Verizon then because they have disowned this repeated problem regarding "unsubscribed content". Now I have no new "on demand" movies for several days, so something else is going on. I believe that this is a tcm technical problem because users with different carriers are encountering similar access problems. What makes it even more frustrating is that no one from tcm will bother to respond to these technical problems even by posting a response. tcm just doesn't care about their users. That is very clear to me. Just have to live with it because it will no
  15. Here we go again. Just when I believed that tcm resolved their very serious "on demand" streaming issues, I am blocked from streaming "tcm on demand" again. I won't bother contacting my cable provider, Verizon fios, because it always ends up the same way with their confirmation that my channel lineup has not changed, and I am still subscribed to tcm. Very frustrating indeed. When will tcm begin to address their serious technical problems. I am paying Verizon big bucks each month, and I, personally, don't watch any other networks 9while my family members do). Furthermore, there is no way t
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