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  1. It's tough to pick only 5, but now that the course is finished, I can say my favorites haven't changed. In no particular order: REAR WINDOW DIAL "M" FOR MURDER VERTIGO STRANGERS ON A TRAIN SHADOW OF A DOUBT DIAL "M" is a sentimental favorite. I can't say it was the first Hitchcock film I saw, but it is memorable because I saw it IN high school! It was the last day of school and we had to show up for roll call. Then the principal ordered us into the auditorium where he surprised us by showing a 16mm print of DIAL "M" FOR MURDER! This might have started me on my life-long appre
  2. The only online course I've ever taken, and probably will be the only one. (At least until they start talking about BOND.) I enjoyed it immensely! But I missed out on a lot in the lecture videos because I am deaf and there were no closed captions. Yes, I know the text was available elsewhere, but CC is a better experience.
  3. I love most of Hitchcock's sound films. (The silents are interesting novelties that I appreciate seeing once, at least.) For most, I like to wait approximately 6 months between viewing each title to avoid burn-out and to give a fresh look at details I might have missed before. I have always had trouble with THE BIRDS. Don't get me wrong.... Hitchcock was at the top of his technical form there. My problem is with the subject matter. It's about... birds?? No villains. No heroes. Just a few survivors who limp away at the end, broken, with their tails between their legs. Nothing is r
  4. I am also a week late in starting this course. I read the lesson and watched the clip from THE PLEASURE GARDEN. I also read everyone's response here and I agree with them. There is very little I could add except my thought on the "No Smoking" sign, and the theater owner smoking a cigar in front of the sign. This tells me he IS the boss, and can ignore the rules that he set down for others! One item I thought was missing: Hitchcock should have put a close-up of the man's foot being stepped on in the front row. As it is, we don't instantly figure out what the big commotion is w
  5. I made a note to watch this too. I had been a fan of the TV series with Houseman, but had never seen the original movie. I thought it rated 3 stars of 5, but found myself continually wishing "Mr. Hart" would get a haircut, already! (I lived thru the '70s... not fondly.)
  6. @speedracer: if their whole role, non-speaking, was serving coffee to Humphrey Bogart and that's it, their job was basically an extra. It's fun to spot familiar faces in such uncredited roles, like Stooges maven Ann Doran as a waitress in SUN VALLEY SERENADE. But credits can help: I didn't realize the waitress serving beer to Robert Mitchum in CAPE FEAR was Joan Staley until I saw it in the credits. This is not saying we should have to sit thru hours of paymasters and assistants to Ms. Parker in our lifetimes.
  7. The other night I again caught (on another channel, natch) the original CAPE FEAR. I was again struck by how scary Robert Mitchum was in his role of the ex-con who comes back to harass lawyer Gregory Peck and his wife and daughter. Always staying within the law (or scaring his victims so much they don't dare bring charges) this woman-beater is plain SCARY because he is so hard to fight. I heard that the famous "egg crushing" scene while threatening Peck's wife (Polly Bergen) was ad-libbed and scared Bergen so much she had to stop the scene.
  8. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, but.... How does knowing who the caterer or the limo drivers were SELL THE MOVIE? Nobody cares about that useless info. IMO, unless it's an Academy Award category, leave the other ENDLESS credits OFF.
  9. I loved Jack Palance when he hosted TV's "Ripley's Believe It or Not!". It was the perfect vehicle for him as he wryly narrated the weird stories. His daughter Holly Palance (thankfully much better looking) was co-host in the 2nd season. The recent "Ripley's" can't hold a candle to it.... it doesn't have Palance.
  10. I love the hilarious craziness of *CAR 54, WHERE ARE YOU?* and *GREEN ACRES* ! They were really funny! Edited by: JimAgain on Jan 8, 2014 1:43 PM
  11. I have too many favorites to list. :-) As for the ones I can't stand: Jack Nicholson that "Mork" guy Warren Beaty Barbra Streisand Carol Channing Mr. Turner's wife Leslie Caron Their presence ruins any movie for me.
  12. I love Joan Crawford, but that has got to be the LOUSIEST photo of her on the cover of this month's "Now Showing". :-(
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