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  1. I was watching some of my TCM recordings from awhile back and I seen this really cool short between movies. It had the Nighthawk painting (if you google it the picture should come up). and a sign on the outside that was something like. "We're open all night" or something to that extent. Do you know of anyplace i might find it online? Youtube perhaps (but i'm not sure how to search it) or does TCM have a place with all their original shorts? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have around three hundred just on my dvr alone. I've been meaning to transfer them to DVD but I haven't wanted to go through the hassle. I actually pulled out my DVD of "to catch a thief" and it was interesting to see how the tcm format has changed, even the logo in the bottom right hand corner had changed (might I add for the better)
  3. Hi sorry I'm late replying!! But yes that's the one! Thank you very much :-)
  4. Hi everybody, When TCM showed Fatso the other day during one part Dom Deluise starts humming a song, and for the life of me I haven't been able to figure it out. It's the part right before he decides to got to the "fat doctor". Thanks everyone for your help!
  5. @James Thanks for the input! and if this was a birthday like 112th or 107th or some other random number I wouldn't even consider posting this because I agree that it would dominate TCM's scheduling! So I see you're point :-) But I thought since it is his 115th that was a good birthday to pay tribute (then Again I think any birthdays in multiples of fives are monumental ) But again thanks for your input!
  6. If you're reading this and don't disapprove of my idea a simple "In Favor" would be greatly appreciated :-) Again thank you!
  7. @TopBilled THANK YOU for not disapproving my idea (when I started reading your comment I thought that's where it was headed, and I was surprised and very Happy you didn't disapprove) :-) I'll go post this in the "Hot Topic thread now :-) Thank you for the info that May 10th hasn't been scheduled, with any luck TCM will take note of this and the films I listed will be shown *crosses fingers* @Andy Thank you for saying you're in favor! And DEAL! To TCM I'M IN FAVOR OF HIS IDEA! @Everybody reading this thread Please if your in favor or (at the very least) don't disapprove of my idea Please comment :-) I need all the support I can get :-)
  8. Now I'm not sure where to post this so hopefully if this is the wrong area I won't get shot.....But I would love to see May 10th dedicated to Fred Astaire! It would be his 115th birthday. The films that I would love to see in the line up are *"A Damsel in Distress"* with Burn's and Allen's *"Roberta"* a great movie with him and Ginger that sometimes gets over looked by the more popular ones like *"Top Hat"* *"You'll Never Get Rich"*the first movie with him and Rita Hayworth "*Flying Down to Rio"* the first pairing of him and Ginger, and (I believe) the first movie of his to be released (I believe it was this and not *"Dancing Lady"*) *"Funny Face"* with Audrey Hepburn. So if any of you agree (or at the very least, don't object), would y'all be so gracious as to leave a comment to say you're in favor? Thank's everybody!
  9. I'll agree! I'm not usually a big fan of musicals but something about Astaire just draws me into the movie. In fact He and Elvis (yes I know some people don't find his movies "good") are the only two who I can actually enjoy and rewatch in musicals
  10. Hmmm. Top ten? I'll have to think about that but my top 2 are True Grit (69) John Wayne & Glen Campbell Dodge City (39) Errol Flynn & Olivia de Havilland
  11. I've only watched around 12 Astaire films total, but My favorite is a tie for Carefree or Swing Time For some odd reason I didn't watch any of the Fred Astaire movies during December (for some odd reason, I don't know why, but I only watched the Fred&Ginger one's on Christmas) and now I really wish that TCM would have another Fred Astaire Month! Possibly May? That would be a great birthday gift! What are YOUR favorite Astaire films?
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