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  1. I am noticing that TCM is not showing all Cinemascope type pictures in the Letterbox format, including some like SEVEN DAYS IN MAY that they had previously shown this way. Why is this? They used to have an ad with Martin Scorsese (I believe) lauding how they were the only channel showing movies in their original format, but they don't run that ad any more. Are they now showing Pan and Scan versions? I've written to TCM many times and never gotten an answer. Any thoughts on this!
  2. I have noticed that TCM is no longer showing ALL Cinemascope etc movies in the letterbox format. Are these films now being shown in pan and scan? I've written to TCM several times and never gotten an answer. TCM used to advertise how they showed films in their original formats, but they no longer show that ad. Am I the only one to notice and be bothered by this?
  3. My wife and I were also upset and depressed by this news. Hopefully on the cruise they'll do a survey on who would go on another cruise and reinstate the cruise. We always felt that the cruise was more for those on the East Coast while the festival was more for those on the West Coast. This makes it harder for us on the East Coast to get to any TCM event.
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