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  1. I know it was a 'slip of the fingers' James, but who in the world is Doris Dors? I always thought her sister Diana was quite capable of acting her way out of a paper bag, (anyway)! πŸ˜‰
  2. Knowing the way the film was going, I think George Sanders would have been able to convince the crowd of people that Barbara Stanwyck was, in fact, loopy and worthy of committal at your friendly, neighborhood insane asylum. So, I don't see that part of the film containing a plot flaw. Stanwyck decided to take a chance and head up the staircase of the building under construction, if anything, to show that American women in heels were more agile than ex-German Nazi sympathizers in flats. I think she knew in the back of her mind that her love interest with a linebacker's build would be able to
  3. My God! He looks like Marty Allen in that picture on the left!
  4. And you've only got 15 minutes to make things right before class starts! Better hop to it....🐰😊
  5. If you thought Ralph Meeker was hot in "Jeopardy", you should see him in "Shadow In The Sky" during the scene where he and Jean Hagen are at a beach and he's wearing what qualifies as an early 50's version of a Speedo. You probably won't be disappointed in what you see (co-starring James Whitmore and Nancy Davis).
  6. OR...you could go to YouTube and punch in "TCM (month, year)" in the search engine and see the thumbnail for that month's promo. If the song's title and artist is not in the description of the video, check the comments section. There's usually a couple of people who will state the title and artist of the song being played. If I like a particular song, such as last month's "Good People" by Rhys Lewis, I add it to my Spotify playlist. I've also added songs I really like from the annual "TCM Remembers" retrospective which airs the last half of each December and early January.
  7. She was also in the episode called "Not Another Monday" in which Fitzgerald wants Sophia to be there with her when she commits suicide, because she has few friends and no family to take care of her, and she thinks she's lived a full enough life that she's ready to 'check out'.
  8. Thanks to all above for the good reviews on "The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry". Geraldine Fitzgerald is one of those performers that I put in a similar class with Anne Revere, Gale Sondergaard, and Angela Lansbury. These women may play characters you love or loathe or tip-toe on the precipice of something in between, but you generally see a good performance out of them.
  9. This problem seems to be getting worse for 'streamers'. There are 3 offerings from TCM that I won't be able to watch today; "The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry", "A Little Romance", and "Overboard". Oh well, I'll find other ways to entertain myself, but it's no less frustrating that the first and third films on this list are ones I've never seen before. In the meantime, I'll dream of better days according to the title of the Judy Collins song, "Someday Soon" 😊
  10. And for those of us who stream...No Go! Can't watch this due to 'wrongs' issues (I have no clue what 'rights' issues cause such omissions if you happen to pay for a streaming service vs. satellite or cable subscriptions). Oh well, on the plus side, I get to get back to lifting (I'm a glutton for punishment sometimes πŸ’ͺ🏻). Happy New Year, everyone. 2021 has got to be better than the previous 12 months!
  11. I just signed up for CBS All Access Saturday, and I love it. I saw "The Howling Man" episode from The Twilight Zone which was discussed earlier in this thread. There were no commercial interruptions, and the particular episode showed every minute as it originally aired, including the gradual changes to the devil as he walked past each column on his way to the large window after he 'won his freedom'. Another reason I wanted to get CBS All Access was to watch all the old Perry Mason episodes. That series began the year before I was born, but I remember liking to watch re-runs of it on an ind
  12. I love that episode! One I caught last night that I really couldn't remember after all the years of watching the New Year's Twilight Zone marathon, is "Dust", with Thomas Gomez.
  13. Another episode I remember was when Gilligan was keeping a journal or a diary about the castaways' experiences on the island. When Ginger suggests that Gilligan's memoir could be turned into a movie once everyone is rescued, everyone gets excited about the prospect, then pushy, then freaked out about how they might be portrayed based on Gilligan's version of events. So, they start to write their own accounts about things Gilligan remembers well, but they certainly do not. In the end, Gilligan chucks the diary/journal out of frustration with the way everyone is behaving toward him and each o
  14. I barely remember Night Gallery from when it was on, but I think it was on a night when I was watching something else or doing homework. I enjoy watching Twilight Zone episodes too. Not only were up and coming stars showcased in some of the episodes, but silver screen personalities were also featured (Agnes Moorehead, Fred Clark, and Burgess Meredith come to mind).
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