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  1. Agree. "The Swimmer" is a nifty little film that starts out quietly with Burt Lancaster swimming in a friend's pool by himself, but as his sojourn continues, he encounters more people at every stop and not surprisingly, more problems with his inter-personal communication skills as he is confronted by the events of his recent past. At the outset, the audience isn't quite sure what the real problems are surrounding Lancaster's character, but as the story proceeds, we get clued in on what's really happened to make him an unholy mess by film's end.
  2. Angela Lansbury was/is a pretty versatile actress. She also played the 'tired-of-life' housewife James Garner first contacts in "Mr. Buddwing".
  3. It's a good thing I wasn't recovering from appendicitis when I read this. My stitches would have come undone and the doctor would not have been amused! Come to think of it Tom, there could and probably should be a sequel to "Casablanca". We could call it, "Back From Brazzaville" (or something like that). For added effect to the scene you just painted for us, we could play Maria Muldaur's "Midnight At The Oasis" in the background during the conversations between Sam, Rick, and Ilsa. Can you see the movie posters and trailers for this? "The Producers Said It Couldn't Be Made!". "The Critics Said It Shouldn't Be Made!". Fans of 'Casablanca' said, "Screw It, Let's Do It!".
  4. I was introduced to Monty Python's Flying Circus in 1972 when the show aired on the St. Louis PBS affiliate Sunday nights at 10:00. I'd never seen anything so funny or irreverent in my life! All the cast members got their chance to shine too. When I think of Terry Jones, the two sketches I remember are the ones where he's co-starring in a French movie with Carol Cleveland and she's sitting in the garbage dump holding a Webb's Wonder cabbage in her lap. The cabbage ultimately morphs into a time bomb before it explodes. He also played "The Bishop", with his dark suited and sun glass-wearing entourage as he went around the U.K. fighting crime and corruption; slamming down his shepherd's crook and saying, "Alright, Devious! The jig's up!"
  5. Neither have I, but I heard it's 'captivating'...😉
  6. When I see photos like those posted above, I always think of my altered script from "A Christmas Story"...'You'll PUT your eye out kid!'
  7. Wow...talk about a trip down memory lane! I barely remember Metrecal. I was more familiar with its 60's competition, Seego, and of course, SlimFast from the 70's.. I had no idea that the "Metrecal Plan" was basically a starvation diet. It's fascinating to me how times evolve as far as what we know about the stuff we ingest on a daily basis. I've started eating much healthier than in the past along with a daily workout regimen that's helped me drop about 20 pounds in two months. I still have a way to go to get to where I'd like to be, but changing my diet and drinking more water have helped a great deal, and I really don't feel deprived by taking in less food. But to stop eating solid food as part of dietary plan? No thank you!
  8. I wonder if shots like these were the inspiration for the line in Bob Seger's song, "Night Moves". Points all her own, sittin' way up high. Way up firm and high...
  9. Really? Well, that sucks! I haven't watched TCM for several weeks (not on my TV package yet). Dave normally does/did the Saturday afternoon and Monday night slots. Alicia does Sunday afternoon and Tuesday night. Ben covers Wednesday through Sunday prime time schedules, and Eddie Muller is sort of the 'pinch hitter' for TCM, filling in for any of the other hosts if necessary, when he's not covering 'Noir Alley'. At least, that's what I remember when I was able to watch. I might get TCM by mid-February, if I can swing it financially. I haven't paid for television programming since October, and I have to admit, that aspect of having something like Roku is pretty cool.
  10. OMG...this had me rolling! I'd give you 45,000 'likes', 'thumbs up', 'thank yous', or 'laughing emojis' if it were all possible!! This is so true about those types of movies.
  11. Indeed, "Rich Man, Poor Man" made Nick Nolte a star. My favorite turned out to be the longest mini-series ever produced, "Centennial", which was about a 26-hour finished product; so many great stars in that one too. Nowadays, people would spend a rainy three-day weekend at home binge-watching these kinds of shows on various streaming outlets!
  12. I remember 'Shogun' as well. It was one of my favorite mini-series when the genre was in the process of hitting its height in America. After this epic, I think "The Thorn Birds" came out, as well as "East of Eden", then the stories sort of waned with the public. A fellow I used to work with dubbed Richard Chamberlain and Jane Seymour as the King and Queen of the mini-series. Hard to argue with his assessment.
  13. According to IMDB, Darrin was only in 12 feature films and only got a screen credit for 2 of them. The biography shown on her now is different from what I remember from a couple of years ago. I could have sworn she was active in the American Socialist Party, and not having a screen credit was a matter of choice on her part. I also thought she was caught up in the HCUA hearings in the early 50's. That, and the fact that she had 4 kids played a factor in her limited roles, and I agree with others, Sonia was one of the many gems in "The Big Sleep".
  14. I don't really mind watching "The Fountainhead". It's an unusual movie, not only for its time, but any time, really. The one thing I did enjoy about the film was the interior of Gary Cooper's apartment; absolutely loved it! Additionally, I loved Mary Astor's performance in "Act of Violence". It was so different from what we're used to seeing of her in standard TCM fare.
  15. Yeah, I know Chapman wasn't Canadian. You're right about Morisette. Talk about hitting a grand slam on your debut album. The girl would never have to work again! The band gets a lot of derision for reasons unbeknownst to me, but I also like Nickelback. Bare Naked Ladies and Avril Levigne are good too. I don't mind Celine Dionne, but I've only got one of her songs in my Spotify library. Of course, Anne Murray is popular with me, and I like some of k d lang's stuff. And as mentioned, Gino Vanelli is good too.
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