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  1. Maybe they'll 'hear the living' on November 3rd? One can only hope...
  2. Well, I may have to check "Schitt's Creek" out. I have watched a few episodes of "Letterkenny", another Canadian-produced series. It has its moments, but I got sidetracked from binge watching it thanks to TCM's Summer Under The Stars, which usually garners much of my viewing habits in August.
  3. Absolutely, Hibi! I also liked where Steed and Emma are in silhouette while the music played and the end credits rolled. It's interesting how theme music from television shows of our younger days are a mainstay to triggering memories that cause one to smile.
  4. Thanks to misswonderly3's chiding, I'll play too 😉! Overall, I like "Gilda". It's got a familiar noir vibe with great dialog to go with the costume/styles of modern day Buenos Aires in 1945, even though location shooting wasn't done back then. Eddie Muller talked about the standout performances from Hayworth, Ford, and Macready, and justifiably so, but the secondary character I really liked was Steve Garay as Pio, the bathroom attendant/after hours bartender. I agree that the love/hate relationship between Gilda and Johnny droned on and on and did get tiresome. However, I've seen
  5. True about the male viewers, Tom. Diana Rigg was a fashion plate in many episodes though as far as what hip and chic English women in the 60's were wearing. Yeah, the stuff is dated compared to today's styles, but it's still fun to take an occasional trip down Memory Lane on those looks.
  6. I watched all 3 'road' movies TCM showed Friday night. "The Rain People", with Shirley Knight and James Caan as the principle leads wasn't too bad. I had seen it before, but it had been years. The story begins with Knight leaving her Long Island home and her husband because she's 'searching' for something that's missing in her life. She can't put her finger on it, let alone put it into words, but she's out on her own until she picks up a hitchhiker in Pennsylvania (Caan). Caan has a mental deficiency from injuries sustained as a boxer and football player. Sometimes he comes off as a
  7. Diana Rigg was in 51 episodes of "The Avengers". Memorable ones for me were: The Cybernauts (ep. 3), Castle De'Ath (ep. 5), Too Many Christmas Trees (ep. 13), Quick-Quick Slow Death (ep. 19), A Touch of Brimstone (ep. 21), How to Succeed...at Murder (ep. 25), Never, Never Say Die (ep. 36), Something Nasty in the Nursery (ep. 40), You Have Just Been Murdered (ep. 47), Murdersville (ep. 49), The Forget-Me Knot (ep. 51).
  8. I caught bits and pieces of "Angel Face" this morning mixed in with some Tour de France coverage. I've seen the movie in its entirety a few times, and I really like it; it's one of the more darker roles Jean Simmons played, and she 'played' Robert Mitchum like a fiddle at a Tennessee barn dance. Simmons is trying to kill her step mother (played by Barbara O'Neill) and make it look like an accident. Mitchum is an ambulance driver who responds to the family's home in the Hollywood hills to revive the step mother after a 'gas leak' in her bedroom has nearly asphyxiated her. Simmons is fin
  9. James Craig was not. Are you thinking of Alan Marshall maybe?
  10. Well, Bronxgirl, I don't mind his voice at all. To me, it's much, much less annoying than say, Ned Sparks or Andy Devine (I've got nothing against these guys, by the way)! As Dargo mentioned earlier, Craig was in "The Strip" which starred Mickey Rooney. Craig also played with Rooney in "The Human Comedy", which was made in 1943 and featured a good supporting cast all the way around. Craig was in "Our Vines Have Tender Grapes" with Edward G. Robinson, Agnes Moorehead, Margaret O'Brien, Frances Gifford, and Butch Jenkins. He was also the male lead in "Lost Angel" with Margaret O'Brien,
  11. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I know Dargo is disdainful of James Craig, one of my favorite actors. And Miss Wonderley doesn't think Zachary Scott is swoon-worthy. He was awesome in "The Mask of Dimitrious", but like the ending of "Danger Signal", the last minute or so of the film left a bad taste in my mouth. I mean, in "The Mask of Dimitrious", Scott comes across as cold, calculating, and disturbingly efficient in getting good-hearted people to aid him in his dastardly schemes that benefit him, but destroys them! But at the end of the film, Scott gets pushed around by
  12. Well Dargo, as that 'dope from the Draft Board' might have said, "Wellllll now, I wouldn't say that!" If the censors were drunk enough....well, ya never know!
  13. Having watched "Sex Madness", I have to say the 2.7 IMDB rating was well-deserved. If you argued that the rating was too generous, I would have most likely nodded in agreement!
  14. Three relatively quick responses to Miss Wonderley's question about George Brent...sometimes I wish keyboards had a 'speed dial' function...😄
  15. Yes. He was the menace to Dorothy McGuire in "The Spiral Staircase", as I recall.
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