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  1. Dear Izcutter and Finance, I thank you both for your REPLIES which are absurd reasons for the improper copy to be shown on Turner Classic Movies. Please understand,I'm not stating your answers are absurd but the Twentieth Century Fox licensing is. I first saw this original screen version in the seventies and I remember how shocking and evil the scene is when Mother/Henry De Silva wants Johnny Pope/Don Murray to guess which hand the heroin packet is in ,left or right,because in one of the other hands is what looks like a bent barbell. Mother with his hands behind his back is waiting for the suffering Johnny to choose and to the left of Mother is Apples/William Hickey,pointing with the finger of one hand to the flat palm of his other as a sign as to which hand to choose for the heroin, although I believe Apples wants to see Johnny choose the barbell to be beaten,namely a brutal hit and not the hit of the heroin hit. This is the main scene that is cut right out off of the screen. But it still begs the question why is this film in an improper format but antoher Twentieth Century Fox film by Mister Henry King,"Love Is A Many Splendid Thing" is not. God Bless, The Vortex
  2. Dear Friends, I have noticed in the last year of watching films on Turner Classic Movies that the only film I have seen that was shot in widescreen in 1957 but hasn't been properly formatted to LETTERBOX for the proper widescreen viewing on television is the original version of "A Hatful Of Rain" by Mister Fred Zimmerman. What do any of you think would be the reason for this? God Bless, The Vortex
  3. Dear Noah80, The name of the film is "Seven Waves Away" by Mister Richard Sale,which unfortunately had it's title tampered with by distributors and therefore distorts the metaphorical meaning of Mister Sale,as "Abandon Ship!" and "Seven Days From Now". God Bless, The Vortex
  4. Dear Fellow Members, I never have got an answer from a staff member at Turner Classic Movies for the music and where available of "Remembers" for when a great star passes away. It shouldn't be impossible to reach someone there. such is the concealment game of internet culture. God Bless, Eric
  5. Dear Slaytonf and Fred C. Dobbs, With regards to your query about the pronunciation in English of the words POLE AND POLL the following are their respective phonetics : POLE as an object such as wood or metal as in "put the pole in the ground over there",the o has the same pronunciation as in the word NO. This is the same pronunciation of it for an inhabitant of Poland,synonyms,Polish and Polander and for someone's family name as Mister Pole. But if you are referring to the family name of the military officer Lieutenant-General Sir Reginald Pole-Carew and other members of that family the o is pronounced like the double oo in BOOM and POOL. Depending on the family branch it may also be found as CAREW-POLE. The same is true for another family name,CHANDOS POLE, that of the High Sheriff of Derbyshire,Henry Chandos Pole Gell and other family name variations of his relations. POLL as in elections and as in that which is hornless,cut or executed by one party, is the same as NO. But for the bird,POLL PARROT the o is pronounced like the o in POT. From POLL PARROT we get POLLY. This pronunciation is also for a student taking pass degree at Cambridge University. God Bless, The Vortex
  6. Dear Groupie 2686, My pleasure. You can always have someone transfer it for you to the North American system but make sure it is a friendly gesture and don't allow anyone to exploit with overpricing you. What I don't understand is that with all the advanced technology here in the United States why is it that unlike ,for example,the United Kingdom,we aren't able to play on a normal digital video disk player or a video cassette film recorder and to the television,films of all regions. Just what is it about the American system that impedes a simple click of a switch and the European should play as an American without concern of systems or regions. Nevertheless,enjoy "Boom" and do not listen to what others say of it or any film,judge for yourself. Remember you have your own cultural background and intellectual autonomy so therefore something you perceive may not be there for another,and here I am not referring to a pseudo-intellectual imposed inference of something that is not in a work of art. God Bless, The Vortex
  7. Dear Starfruit, It may be "A Farewell To Arms" and if that is the film be sure you see the first version by Mister Frank Borzage. But there is another film that isn't often shown by Mister Anatole Litvak ,"This Above All". God Bless, The Vortex
  8. Dear Groupie 2686, The following LINK informs us it has been released on Digital Video Disk in Australia :http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0062751/board/nest/86863089?ref_=tt_bd_2 I hope this helps. Also,Movie Trade House is advertising it for only nine American dollars and ninety-nine cents ($9.99) which I suppose isn't the final full price. When I clicked on the Link by way of Verizon the film company states not available or similar. I suggest you inquire from it before searching for the Australian issue. Ask why do they still advertise it. God Bless, The Vortex
  9. Dear Jezebel38 and Others, Later to-day on Turner Classic Movies there is going to be a Dead End Kids film as part of the John Garfield festival,"They Made Me A Criminal" directed by Mister Busby Berkeley with Mister Claude Rains interpreting a detective. The time in New York is at fifteen minutes past nine in the morning (9:15). God Bless, The Vortex
  10. Dear Madame, I am not sure I understand you but I shall make an attempt. For a film which is WIDESCREEN,therefore LETTERBOX there are four sizes each showing diminutively compared to a motion picture screen the proper film as it was meant to be seen. But if the film you are viewing is not WIDESCREEN,shot before this process of cinematography was used,,then you can choose the first size or second on your television. If you go to the third or fourth then unlike WIDESCREEN-LETTERBOX with the third size the persons are expanded to be fatter and squatted ; if you go to the fourth the entire enlarged picture will be cropped. I do not know what you mean by wanting to see the bottom of the menu page when it comes back? Why would you want that on your television screen disturbing the viewing of the film? God Bless, The Vortex Edited by: TheVortex on Feb 28, 2014 8:58 PM
  11. Dear Keats9264, If you read the entire sentence I am not definitively saying depressing only. I state sadness and tragedy and further on clever and excellent. When a great artist,which I consider Misses Eleanor Parker to have been,passes away,there is a moment of depression for there is a great loss of a film actress which American popular culture has simply forgotten and doesn't recognize. I do not know what you mean by objecting to my usage of the word depressing when you composed previously that it was depressing. I even told you that you haven't offended me with your opinion of the film memorial which I do not consider poorly done as you express in different words. God Bless, The Vortex
  12. Dear Keats9264, You are correct that the answer should come from Turner Classic Movies. I have attempted to delete this thread because I put up a new one which title is more accurate,upon which Slaytonf responded that Turner Classic Movies has it composed for them and Izcutter further notifies it comes from a music library which Turner classic Movies has a license with. This obviously is not the same with the year end music which accompanies all who've passed for that music comes from recording artists. Nevertheless,you haven't offended me with your opinion of the music ; it is very depressing and the production conveys quite a tragic and sad event with a lingering effect that one must not give into. But I do consider it clever and excellent God Bless, Eric
  13. Dear Izcutter, Thank you for contributing to my investigation. Most interesting what you say about Music Libraries. Now I must find which music library Turner Classic Movies has the license with for the music I'm inquiring about. You make me wonder how much music there is out there that we never hear and how many artists are unfulfilled in more ways than one. God Bless, The Vortex Edited by: TheVortex on Feb 14, 2014 10:17 AM
  14. Dear Slaytonf, I had a feeling that this was the case,self-composed music by and for Turner Classic Movies. Perhaps it may be available. It is certainly perfect but painful for the occasion ; it lingers on within one's heart at the loss of a great film artist. God Bless, The Vortex
  15. Dear Friends of Turner Classic Movies, I created a more precise THREAD in the INFORMATION,PLEASE category. So the former I should like to DELETE entirely,namely the message,the tags and the title so it doesn't appear on the message board. I have attempted all the EDIT and DELETE and so forth. Would you kindly explain to me step by step what to do. Thank you. God Bless, The Vortex
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