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  1. Here are the TCM premieres for March, as determined by MovieCollectorOH’s TCM schedules database. Notes: - The dates shown are based on a programming day starting at 6 am ET and running past midnight. - On Saturdays, TCM is premiering episodes of The New Adventures of Tarzan serial along with selected cartoons, so these are listed separately. - Feature Films Mar 5 - Revolt in the Big House (1958) Mar 5 - RoboCop 2 (1990) Mar 12 - Scissors (1991) Mar 12 - Schizoid (1980) Mar 14 - Berlin: Symphony of a Great City (1927) Mar 14 - A Popos de Nice (1930) (Doc.) Mar
  2. Thank you for pointing this out. It looks like along with this change, the schedule will "remember" the time zone you last selected when you go back to the schedule later. (Something we used to have with the previous schedule that has been lost since the new schedule system was implemented.) Small steps.
  3. I was curious about that as well. In this article: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/18/nyregion/nyc-smallpox-vaccine.html it says that "In 1947, most New Yorkers had been inoculated against smallpox. They’d been told the inoculation would protect them for life — but there was no guarantee. In some cases, the vaccine didn’t take" and implies that the carrier Eugene Le Bar had actually been vaccinated before as well. So they apparently undertook the huge task of newly-vaccinating everyone to make sure there would be no epidemic.
  4. Ben likes to make ridiculous comments about Eddie and Noir Alley as sort of a running joke, since he’s typically doing the lead-in movie prior to Noir Alley each Saturday. In this case, he was talking about Young Frankenstein being the third-highest grossing film of 1974 (as compared to Blazing Saddles, also released that year), and said it was “coming up next on Noir Alley.” Then he said something like, “I’m kidding, I’ve never seen Noir Alley, and I never will.” This is all just dumb humor to give us a laugh before Eddie takes over.
  5. I believe grammatically if the 'killer' was a person, you would say 'The killer who stalked New York', but as Eddie pointed out, in this case the killer was a thing (being the disease), so 'The killer that' is correct. (I wouldn't have thought about it if Eddie hadn't mentioned it.)
  6. In my experience TCM usually posts titles to WatchTCM shortly after the film finishes the broadcast on the West Coast feed (3 hours after the finish time of the East Coast feed). If it doesn’t show up in that time frame, then chances are it will not be added. Also, the films that are part of TCM’s library (Warner, MGM, RKO) are more likely to be included on WatchTCM. Unfortunately for the films you mention, Live Flesh and All About My Mother, these were foreign films shown as part of TCM Imports, so it looks like TCM’s arrangement did not include later streaming rights.
  7. Similar frame grab from Popeye on WatchTCM: Perhaps Olive Oyl looks OK in the first case because she is normally drawn so extremely thin 🙂.
  8. The Popeye cartoon has been posted to WatchTCM in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio, so I think the presentation on Saturday morning was just an operator error. I've seen this type of error before, where it looks like there is an 'anamorphic widescreen'-type setting somewhere that is incorrect. I really don't think TCM is normally showing anything (so far) that falls into the 14:9 category. If you ask me, such an alteration of the original presentation aspect ratio would be against their religion. Of course there can be individual cases where the film source is not what they would like, but in
  9. In a similar vein, I noticed Popeye looked like this on TCM Saturday morning: I haven’t been watching the cartoons enough to know if this was a glitch or if they are commonly being stretched. 🙃
  10. The last 2 cycles of The Essentials have started on the first weekend of May (Ben & Ava DuVernay in 2019 and Ben & Brad Bird in 2020), so we may find out what's up when the May schedule is posted. As you point out, they would probably have to do it over a Zoom call if they go ahead with it.
  11. I must respectfully disagree with you, given the MCOH database we use to identify premieres. My own records go back almost 10 years, and I don't see it scheduled on TCM during that period either. Might you be thinking of another channel?
  12. The award was for "Worst Performance as a Clergyman or Nun: Mary Tyler Moore in Change of Habit". I haven't read the original review describing the award, but it seems like Elvis movies would have been an easy target for reviewers at the time, even if it was not really justified. The IMDB rating for Change of Habit is currently 6.1, which is not bad by any means. In comparison with other films on the schedule tonight, Plan 9 from Outer Space has a rating of 4.0, The Swarm is 4.5, and The Conqueror with John Wayne is 3.7
  13. The TCM At-A-Glance schedule for March 2021 is now available at: http://www.escapepress.com/tcmsched/tcm_overview.html - On this page, click on the At-A-Glance link for March to view the latest pdf file. - You can then use the Save command in your browser to make a local copy. - Information for February is also available (updated with latest schedule changes).
  14. Both of these are part of the evening theme of Golden Turkey award-winners. TCM has an article at https://www.tcm.com/articles/Programming Article/020915/golden-turkeys-february-1 There’s also a Wikipedia page on the awards at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Golden_Turkey_Awards
  15. Calcutta was released on Blu-Ray last year as part of a Noir set, so maybe if we are lucky Eddie will show it some time. https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/Film-Noir-The-Dark-Side-of-Cinema-IV-Blu-ray/270189/
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