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  1. There is a search box on the Daily and Monthly schedule pages you can use to search for movies, but they both have their quirks: - The Daily Schedule search will find movies that are scheduled from today's date and on into the future (the current TCM schedules are defined through the end of December). However, movies that have been shown more than a day ago will not be found (unless they have another showing in the future). - The Monthly Schedule search will find any movie that is scheduled this month, even if it has already been shown. However, it will not find movies that are sch
  2. Another web page with photos: Grand Lake Theater photo gallery Looks like Eddie has been stationed somewhere on the 2nd floor shown in the lower left photo. What a beautiful theater.
  3. Premiere was a little before I paid attention to such things but as I recall the few issues I looked at seemed very nice. It's a shame the market for quality magazines isn't what it used to be.
  4. I have a subscription - it kept getting extended because they gradually reduced the number of issues per year. Now that it's published monthly instead of weekly it's not really the same (the title doesn't make sense any more). Of course this year the impact to film and tv production has also diminished that aspect of the magazine as well. I still enjoy the printed page but it's a vicious cycle - reduced subscribers produces reduced content produces even less subscribers produces no magazine or a magazine you are no longer interested in.
  5. Living within your means is one of the keys to life. 🙂
  6. Daily and Weekly Schedule times are correct again for different time zones. Yay? We'll have to see how long this lasts.
  7. If you would like some additional material from Eddie this week, he was the host for the primetime theme Wednesday evening, entitled “Scoundrels & Spitballers.” The topic is based on a book that Eddie’s company published this year, with full title Scoundrels & Spitballers: Writers and Hollywood in the 1930s, written by Philippe Garnier. Eddie did the introductions and wrap-ups for 4 films: Hard To Handle (1933) The Beast of the City (1932) They Live by Night (1948) (Eddie introduced this as part of Noir Alley in 2017) One Way Passage (1932) Based on the theme, Edd
  8. I noticed yesterday that TCM changed the schedule for this morning to remove The Third Miracle and add Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day for later in the day. These changes are reflected in the "new" feed but apparently TCM did not incorporate them in the "old" (stable) feed. So based on that I think I will be using the second link above as my schedule reference so I can see the latest updates. (Assuming this pattern holds in the future.) Thank you again MCOH for making these schedules available.
  9. As the Great and Powerful Oz would say, "Pay no attention to that banner behind the curtain!" (A bit of a stretch, I know.)
  10. With this new assignment, I wonder if Jacqueline Stewart will continue to work for TCM?
  11. Item #1 appears to have been fixed, thank you. (I live in the Central time zone, and the schedule shows proper Eastern times now. Selecting Central time zone also produces correct times for my area.) Now hoping for item 2. Edit on 10-21-2020: Schedule is broken again, back to the way it was.
  12. The jig is up: (I had never put 2 and 2 together before.) Hope you don't mind me posting this photo. You did a very nice job introducing the movie. And what an honor to discuss the film with the man himself! Also hope you still have that TCM mug 😉
  13. If anyone is tracking the original list of premieres for the month, it looks like the premiere of The Third Miracle (1999) was removed from the Women Make Film series, and Dr. Kildare's Wedding Day (1941) (not a premiere) was added on Wednesday morning to pick up the slack. I hope everyone can figure out the movie times for their local provider, as it can all get very confusing. As a reminder, you can go to the Women Make Film web site to see the correct movie times for the Eastern time zone: http://womenmakefilm.tcm.com/schedule/
  14. I can see how there are mixed feelings on this approach. I believe the previous system was based on the organization of the schedule into 2 'theme' periods - a daytime theme period and a primetime theme period. The primetime portion of the schedule starts each day at 8 pm Eastern time and can include several films which can run past midnight. By convention the daytime theme would typically start at 6 am Eastern time. The 6 am start time for the daytime theme has been flexible to allow for even more films to continue with the same theme from the night before. (The Women Make Film series is
  15. 13. Restore access to viewer comments on the films. These had been collected over many years of showing the films on TCM.
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