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  1. - You are correct, Noir Alley is getting a late start Saturday evening (very early Sunday) due to the Clint Eastwood films. Of course, it will also be shown at the regular time of 10 AM ET Sunday morning. - I assume La Bestia Debe Morir will be shown in Spanish with English subtitles. - Plunder of the Sun does look like a good one. According to MCOH's records, it has not been shown on TCM since 2012. I think Dave Karger will be doing the introduction on Saturday afternoon.
  2. I sympathize with your disappointment. One positive I can offer is The Big Street is currently scheduled to be shown again on TCM on Nov. 8 at 10:15 AM ET. Perhaps you can catch it then, or perhaps it will be another chance for TCM to include it on WatchTCM.
  3. I'm a big process person (even better if it is automated). They just need a process so that whoever is updating the cable guide / third party schedule services will inform their own online schedule department of the changes, and then have someone follow through to make sure it is incorporated. I can't believe it is a question of lead time, since in the latest cases the online schedule services and cable guides are showing the changes before air time and the TCM web schedule is not. (By way of indirect evidence, the TCM e-mail At-A-Glance pdf that was sent out on October 1 has the co
  4. Looks like TCM changed the order of their films this evening and once again failed to update their own online schedule. Is this any way to run a railroad?
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I even looked for your previous thread to see if there was any reaction and couldn't find it. Was it deleted? The evening on the 6th was somewhat a disappointment (I am in the U.S.). I think Ben may have shown the book cover and then did a perfunctory introduction to the films. It's a shame because Fox films are more of a rarity on TCM, and I'm sure Ben discussing things with a knowledgeable party would have been interesting. I can only assume that something fell through and perhaps Mr. Eyman became unavailable.
  6. You have a good memory, Over the Edge has been shown on TCM before. The premiere late Friday is the first TCM Underground film of the evening, River's Edge (1986), currently scheduled at 2:15 AM ET. (Must be an 'Edge' double feature, I guess.)
  7. Unfortunately, I think that’s sort of the whole point. The implication is that the audience won’t pay attention to what is being presented unless there is something changing visually in the scene. (That doesn’t give us much credit, does it?) In the early days they would do something similar by having Robert or Ben take a small walk at the beginning of the intro before they would settle in. Even in Robert’s very first intro they had him come down the staircase and walk over to a desk while he was discussing Gone With the Wind. You can see that for introduction #1 the camera almost never
  8. If I understand your comment properly, I don't think Roku is a server. Roku is merely the streaming device you are watching on. You have to sign on to an existing service to get permission to access movies on WatchTCM. This would be an account provider from the list such as Charter, Spectrum, etc.
  9. I'm sure this will get moved to the 'Problems with TCM.COM' topic. However, a similar thread there has been closed by the moderator. For Roku problems, there are only a limited number of things you can try. 1. Try logging out of the provider and logging back in. See if that helps. 2. Try restarting the Roku device. See if that helps. 3. TCM suggests selecting the app (WatchTCM icon) and then holding down the * button on the remote. This should give you the option of checking for updates to the app. You want to update the app if possible. Then try watching show
  10. I think it was a Google indirect link that may have expired. This looks like the direct link: http://thefilmexperience.net/blog/2021/6/5/1946-martha-vickers-in-the-big-sleep.html (I hope James does not mind me posting this. Please post replies to his original message.)
  11. I've had a chance to look at the WatchTCM version of White Zombie in more detail and I think I see what Lorna is referring to. What threw me initially is that the print currently shown on TCM is overall a good resolution scan. Unfortunately it appears to be from a print with quite a bit of damage throughout. The YouTube version that was posted seems to have all of this damage cleaned up. Here is a WatchTCM shot from the beginning of the film. Notice the vertical scratch mark on the face: Here is the same shot on the YT version: At around 35 minutes there's a scene
  12. Whoever is providing the videos to Hulu might be on the zombie dust...
  13. Sounds like I would not be impressed with Hulu. Maybe cable isn't so bad after all... (of course, I'm paying for it) 🙂
  14. TCM ran a short that explained the Curtiz horror films were shot in 2-strip technicolor, thus the heavy orange-green shading. We don't often get to see that technology, so compared to the glories of 3-strip technicolor it does look different. It makes me wonder if there could be a computer process that could 'correct' the 2-strip color to make it look more normal. This would be blasphemy for not respecting the original presentation but somehow that doesn't seem as bad as colorizing black and white films. Just as an alternate version would be interesting. Perhaps any such process would
  15. Lorna, I'm somewhat a nut about video quality so I took a look at White Zombie on WatchTCM. I have to say that if that is what you saw I'm surprised that it would evoke such a strong reaction from you. It is not HD / blu-ray quality there but not bad compared to other prints TCM shows. Here's a frame grab: So this makes me wonder if what TCM showed live is different from what is posted on WatchTCM. From some of your past comments I suspect you don't have access to WatchTCM to make a comparison, but it would be nice if you could. Kino Lorber released a blu-ray version of Whit
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