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  1. Recently it has become apparent that TCM is broadcasting a distorted image for some of the films they show. This is limited to some of the older 4:3 or ‘fullscreen’ classic films (not 16:9 or other ‘widescreen’ films). For some reason, in these 4:3 films TCM is in effect cropping the bottom portion of the film and stretching the film downwards to fill up the 4:3 frame. An easy example to look at is the beginning of a classic MGM film. Here is Leo the Lion at the beginning of Come Live with Me (1941) shown today on TCM: And here is Leo on the DVD of the same film: No
  2. Gone With the Wind was last shown on TCM on Monday, July 12 as part of a tribute to composer Max Steiner, and the evening was hosted by Dave Karger, not Alicia Malone. The previous showing of GWTW was on Thursday, March 4 as part of the ‘Reframed’ series, where TCM had multiple hosts discussing what are now considered to be problematic themes in classic films. However, I don’t think homosexuality was discussed as a theme of Gone With the Wind. There was a film shown later that evening where homosexuality was discussed, that being Hitchcock’s Rope (1948). So if I had to guess, I suspect
  3. One week from the original air date is pretty typical for movies that are posted to WatchTCM. Unfortunately, not all films are included, as determined by the arrangement TCM has with the rights holder. By the same token, films that are controlled by Warner are sometimes allowed to stay for longer periods for streaming on the app. Here are the neo-noir titles shown prior to this week and their status: Harper (1966) - available through Aug 1 Point Blank (1967) - not available Warning Shot (1967) - not available Get Carter (1971) - available through Aug 8 The Friends of Eddi
  4. Here is the discussion thread for the August schedule: https://forums.tcm.com/topic/267517-complete-tcm-2021-summer-under-the-stars-line-up/
  5. Good point, that would make sense. I notice on the foxnews link there are 2 photos, the 2nd showing the tag with Judy Garland's name on it. In this photo the dress pattern looks much more blue than it does in the 1st picture, so there may be something off in the first photo. Or maybe the inside of the dress where the tag is looks different from the outside. Also, would they need to make the blouse so yellow for the sepia scenes? Perhaps it has discolored over time. I wish someone in the know could explain it...
  6. Unfortunately the theme is not about astrology and / or fortune tellers in the movies. That would be a more typical theme. Rather, it is organizing the films around common astrology signs for the stars appearing in the movies based on their birthdays.
  7. Not only that, it's 4 consecutive Tuesdays. I feel sorry for Alicia Malone having to be the host.
  8. Season 2 episode 1 is out now. Less Ben this time around with Julie Salamon doing almost all of the narration. Not sure I will enjoy the story of The Bonfire of the Vanities production disaster as much as season 1, but I'll keep listening. Any comments?
  9. Unfortunately Harper was replaced with Undercurrent for viewers in Canada. That's weird that they would show the Eddie-Ben introduction for Harper anyway. I guess they wanted to give some background on the Friday Neo Noir theme regardless. I'm sure that must be very frustrating / disappointing.
  10. The version of Never Too Late (1965) on WatchTCM has the 2 'missing' scenes at around 51:00 and 55:20. The run time of the film there is 1:44:23, which is pretty close to the 105 minute run time listed on IMDB and Wikipedia. Of course, something might have happened during the live broadcast to change the presentation. Back in February I was watching Out of Bounds (1986) early in the morning on TCM when scenes were skipped at the end and there was a black screen for 10 minutes. WatchTCM is showing Never Too Late through July 30.
  11. Summary in the Noir Alley thread: https://forums.tcm.com/topic/126251-noir-alley/page/374/?tab=comments#comment-2412451 Article (buried in their web pages): https://www.tcm.com/articles/Programming Article/021393/neo-noir-with-ben-and-eddie
  12. The TCM At-A-Glance schedule for August 2021 is now available at: http://www.escapepress.com/tcmsched/tcm_overview.html - On this page, click on the At-A-Glance link for August to view the latest pdf file. - You can then use the Save command in your browser to make a local copy. - Information for July is also available (updated with latest schedule changes).
  13. Perhaps I am missing something, but Two for the Seesaw is still on the schedule late on Robert Mitchum day at 1:45 AM ET August 7th. Don't see The Way West listed.
  14. Lorna, Not sure if you are aware of the "TCM Slumberground" series of YouTube videos where the TCM Underground curator and friends meet to discuss upcoming programming on TCM Underground. Here's one way to find them: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLC55WRXRuDkx-mMLhB7B7-KvIH5-dIzxl Sort of an equivalent of having a semi-regular host for Underground. (Thanks to MR6666 for posting links for these and calling attention to them.)
  15. Here are the TCM premieres for July, as determined by MovieCollectorOH’s TCM schedules database. Notes: - The dates shown are based on a programming day starting at 6 am ET and running past midnight. - Shorts and cartoons are listed separately. Feature Films Jul 3 - The Tall Men (1955) Jul 3 - Guilty Bystander (1950) Jul 5 - The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) (also shown on the 25th) Jul 5 - Blow Out (1981) Jul 5 - Body Double (1984) Jul 16 - Body Heat (1981) Jul 16 - To Live and Die in L.A. (1985) Jul 17 - Los Tallos Amargos (1956) (Noir Alley, 2 showings)
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