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Everything posted by MizzDemeanor

  1. I'm not sure many members are aware of this Off Topic board. It's seems like low turnout so far.
  2. Now I gotta job but it don't pay.

  3. I think you should be referring to darkblue. He was the one who said, "With apologies to Gordon Lightfoot."
  4. How do we refer to former V.P. D.Cheney? Richard? Nah, too formal. What about Darth Cheney?
  5. Yes, that feature is available only for members who have 5,000 or more posts. I have a ways to go.
  6. No worries, lzcutter, you're doing a great job helping folks out.
  7. Actually, isn't the notifications icon between the "messenger"(envelope icon) and the "your profile" click?
  8. KInda odd that I'm an advanced member in one regard but not advanced enough to change my member title. I'm getting dizzy.
  9. I Listen to Jay Eh Zed Zed.

  10. I was always partial to ch-ch-chia pets myself.
  11. Repeat post. How can I delete it instead of editing it?
  12. Dedicated to all the Steve McQueens of the world who would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PASYqq4-iD0
  13. The poster says the film is in black and white so I don't think it can be How to Marry A Millionaire.
  14. Meanwhile let us all enjoy the rain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrL-bYpY9Cc
  15. What exactly is an Advanced member?
  16. Lookin' good so far. I like the change 'cause YOLO.
  17. The change is cool 'cause YOLO.

  18. The game was broadcast on TBS. Are you living in a parallel universe?
  19. You forgot to acknowledge that Canadian Ronnie Hawkins did "Who Do You Love." in 1963.
  20. Has anyone guessed George Thorogood or Ronny Hawkins? Wait, I think sepiatone said George.
  21. You guys don't know Diddley about Bo !
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