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  1. In Week 2 reading there was the comment that the public accepted the noir films "because major stars were accepting these (immoral) character roles."...perhaps this became true closer to the 50's, but in the beginning these stars were just getting started. Humphrey Bogart (for example) had only played minor supporting roles, and mostly those as a bad guy, when he did The Maltese Falcon. We all grew up watching a dimple faced youth singing and dancing, seeing Dick Powell as Marlowe stunned us. I think viewers see these now from a much different perspective, and watch them with far different expectations, knowing the later careers and lives of those stars, than we did originally. It is not the same experience of viewing.
  2. Am I confused, or what? I thought I had it figured out but I am still seeing relevant posts under the Daily Dose. Going from board to board to get feed back is really a bother. Yet I see few relevant posts here on the TCM message board.
  3. Can anything be more neo noir than "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?"
  4. I certainly agree that the music score seems to be left out of most discussions about the elements of film, especially in film noir. The music sets the mood, and you can have a frame completely without visible action, and the music will put you where you need to be when the action starts. I was especially aware of the score in Nora Prentiss... It was overwhelming and over shot the story and the action. The drama and suspense in the film never equaled that of the music score. Sort of like overbuilding in your neighborhood. A film without the music, is one dimensional and lacks impact and one with too strong or too weak of music misleads the audience. I am in awe of the composers of music for film. The short shown on TCM of some studio composers is quite interesting. To create in your own environment is one thing, but to still be able to be creative on demand and with specifics is difficult. I am an artist and it is much easier for me to create art if I am left to my own imagination, than when someone requests a specific subject or style.
  5. I replied, but it would be impractical to sort through all the responses to find one near you. It would have to be set in some sort of chart where you could search for your area... pretty difficult for this setting.
  6. A Southern Californian misplanted in Boynton Beach, Florida....
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