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  1. Exciting news! We’ll be upgrading the Message Boards to a new look and feel later this week. We expect minimal downtime but just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. We look forward to our fresh look, and we are sure you will be happy with it, too!
  2. @spence Is this the image you want to use for your avatar? I normally don't do this, but knowing how much you struggle with the forums I am willing to upload one for you. Either this one or another.
  3. Check your messages, please. It's the little envelope at the top.
  4. Hello everyone This is an important topic, and one that sparks strong opinions on all sides. We have removed all posts that violated our Code of Conduct. We do this so the discussion may be allowed to continue, rather than be removed. But please be advised that if any further violations occur, we will be forced to close it down. While we realize emotions can run high with this type of discussion, we also request that those of you participating remember our guidelines. If you feel someone is making comments to "bait" you, disregarding them is the best course of action. Instead, report the post, and we will review it. We remove threads only as a last resort, and/or when they contain too many posts with violations and cleaning it up would remove a large portion of the discussion. We hope this discussion can continue in a polite, and constructive fashion. Thank you!
  5. As this topic has created multiple times, this thread has now been locked. To continue this discussion, please check out the following thread in General Discussions:
  6. We are making a slight change to our registration process. After you have created your account, and responded to the validation email, your account will need to be approved before you can engage in any of our discussions. Accounts will be approved the same day, generally within a few hours. Thank you for your patience, and cooperation!
  7. Our apologies, it was removed in error. It's been restored now.
  8. MONKEY  BUSINESS (1931) aired Wednesday July 11 but STILL only SD version is in ON DEMAND UNTIL JULY 18.  I just tried again  to watch but impossible due to too small (postage stamp) 


  9. I’m looking to find the title of a movie. There are 4 daughters living on a plantation on an island with their very British father. American troops( I think) set up a base on the far side of the island.  The father has fits trying to keep troops away from daughters.  It was in color,but I can’t remember any names.  HELP

    1. TCMModerator1


      Try asking your question in the in the Information, Please! section. Our community is very knowledgeable and loves trying to help with puzzles like this.

  10. Hello Everyone We are aware that there have been some updates to Watch TCM. Often times, an old bookmark, or one that has been previously cached, may not take you to exactly the right place. Try using this URL: http://www.tcm.com/watchtcm It might also be helpful to clear your cache/history. It could also be possible they have not cleared all redirects, and put new ones in place. For those using IE, we suggest trying another browser, like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. We here on the message boards have no specific information, but these are general suggestions when there has been an update to some program. Hopefully this will help. If not, hang tight, it's possible they are still working on getting it all organized.
  11. I like having so many emojis. But, on the drop down menu they are so tiny, I can't see them well enough to use them.

  12. Apologies, I forgot to include the link: https://www.canvas.net/browse/bsu/tcm4/courses/mad-about-musicals
  13. Hello This is from the Mad about Musicals Canvas site: Do I need access to TCM to participate in this course? No. For non-TCM subscribers, we will have free links to online public domain films and/or provide access to brief film clips, so anyone can participate fully in this course. But it is advisable, if you do not have access to TCM, to try to rent certain key films – a short list of essential films that students should rent on their own will be provided in the course. While this is not On Demand, hopefully it might help some of you locate links where you can watch the movies that go along with this course.
  14. l just saw the new daily #3 and thought it was different fromthe others because it did not have any music in it but it had a very young Maurice Chevalier and even at age 40 he was that handsome and  could be that  way with women so l think  he knew he was going to make it in the movies and even if that one did not help in proffersion. But l realy di not enjoy all of the clip that we were given if was not that good except for him

  15. We've removed the duplicate thread for you. You can always edit your own posts; however, only we have the ability to delete posts. If you need a post removed, you can always report your post or send us a PM with a link to the post you wish to have removed.
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