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  1. I completely loused up and missed taping "Flying Down To Rio" yesterday. Is there another place to catch it?
  2. FOUND! It is this one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_Beginning_of_Time delightfully directed and animated by Karel Zeman of Czechoslovakia in 1955. Thanks for replying - it is this one http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_Beginning_of_Time A Journey to the Beginning of Time, directed by Karel Zeman of Czechoslovakia in 1955. I remembered the time travel device incorrectly, because when a kind soul over on imdb mentioned kids on a raft, it really struck a chord. The four boys went back in time via a raft on a 'river of time', so to speak, and ev
  3. From the late 1950's to mid-1960's, I watched Captain Satellite, a local kids' TV after-school program, with studio audience kids onstage watching serials along with us at home. One serial involved time travel in what looked like a diving bell, as I recall, and featured at least one kid along with maybe a professor-type (?) back through the ages - through American history and maybe medieval history - I'm not remembering this part well - but the standout was two episodes: one back to the age of dinosaurs, and the final episode, back to the Creation. There was a huge flash of light and God was
  4. Soon we can see them, I hope! Just went through TCM for all of July and nope, they aren't playing, yet at some point, they must. At least I trust they will.
  5. @CaveGirl Isn't that the truth - many films have Gable or Cooper or O'Keefe shirtless or in swim trunks, and they look like average guys, you know? Actors nowadays need to go to Body By Jake and work a lot harder at their physiques.
  6. @RayFaiola Yes, Tarantino knows his stuff well enough to pass anyone's muster as he synthesizes. I haven't seen much of it since Pulp Fiction, which occupied my mind for /days/. @fredbaetz I liked GGG and UIMR so much! O'Keefe is like Mickey Rooney, raised from infancy onstage and able to write, direct, act and all the other things necessary to produce entertainment. Right about this time were produced some other outrageous comedies, such as Murder, He Says, too. A few years later came Miss Tatlock's Millions, another fave.
  7. Hi, thanks for the swift reply - yes I've seen more of O'Keefe's work but it's been quite a few years. I guess he appeals because he is a workmanlike actor, singing, dancing, acting in both comedies and noir, on TV as well, coming from a vaudeville background. It's an American success story for him. Well, let's hope that those two comedies show up at some point on TCM, because they are truly funny and show off the farcical aspects of their timeworn stage sources, Garter, I think, jbeing from the '20's and Room from about 1910, maybe? They are a hoot and a half, in an hour and a half. A
  8. 1945's Brewster's Millions was a marvelous, fun movie this morning, loaded with plot and the befuddled comic persona of Dennis O'Keefe. Edward Small Productions came up with this version of a venerable stage play, plus two others, all about the same time: Getting Gertie's Garter and Up In Mabel's Room, both with O'Keefe, as well. I haven't seen these films in decades and am wondering if they have been shown recently, or will be shown in the near future? It wouldn't seem that the two would have some ghastly rights problems, but that can happen. Would anyone know about these two fast-paced c
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