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  1. I should note that actor Anna Paquin (left) is bisexual. Holliday Grainger and Anna Paquin
  2. a very good choice for cover photo this photo would be my first choice but that's just me...
  3. Some comments about By the Light of the Silvery Moon from DVD Talk that I have to agree with: "Day as well doesn't seem too comfortable here, which is surprising considering how manic she appears throughout the early scenes. Reverting to uncharacteristic mugging, the earlier sweet, innocent, yet tomboyish Marjorie of On Moonlight Bay has now been replaced by a Hollywood star who's all too aware that the focus is strictly on her. It's not that Day is offensive in the role, like some Hollywood diva; quite the opposite. She's so determined to be "fresh" and "carefree" and "bright," that she
  4. just in time to mark the 70th anniversary available Feb. 23 2021 (the sequel By the Light of the Silvery Moon not that great)
  5. So it finally took the year 2018 for someone to actually make a decent lesbian film that is "tasteful, touching, and tender" (words described by Screen International). After watching the film Disobedience (2017), I'm not expecting lesbian films to follow the same approach as Tell It to the Bees any time soon. closing the bedroom door...
  6. No shortage of steamy GIFs online for this film including other GIFs that are just pure joy.
  7. I think Martin Melcher was credited for Doris' come back with Pillow Talk in 1959 after such flops as Julie, Teacher's Pet, The Tunnel of Love, and It Happened to Jane in the mid and late 1950's. (Melcher was freaking out at this point)
  8. I wish I had seen Tell It to the Bees on the big screen instead of Carol. Both films set in 1952. Carol had a depressing tone with a big production. Small budget Tell It to the Bees had some dark scenes but overall a sweet and enjoyable film.
  9. What the Hollywood Reporter wrote about Tell It to the Bees: "The love scenes are genuinely sexy, just explicit enough to be credible without showing too much skin". https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/tell-it-bees-review-1144878 I think this should be the goal for all directors. Probably a difficult balance to achieve.
  10. What the Golden Age of Hollywood thought about nudity in films in the late 1960's "This is really a night to remember. Such a novelty to see actors and actresses with their clothes on." Bob Hope at the opening of the Academy Awards in 1970
  11. I haven't seen Sister My Sister. The film must not have been promoted very well by the media because I have never heard of it. I forgot to mention that I have also seen The Killing of Sister George (1968). One has to wonder if director Robert Aldrich was going for sensationalism with the bedroom scene near the end of the film.
  12. I just recently watched Tell It to the Bees (2018). The film got mixed reviews but I thought it had the best love scene of all the lesbian films that I have seen so far... Desert Hearts (1985), Imagine Me & You (2005), Carol (2015) and of course also the not exactly lesbian films These Three (1936) and The Children's Hour (1961). The love scene from Tell It to the Bees had a sincere approach thus making it erotic. I think women are best at directing lesbian films since they have a better understanding of the subject and more sensitive in directing the intimate scenes. With a man direct
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