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  1. Buy the DVD: https://www.kinolorber.com/product/tell-it-to-the-bees-dvd
  2. I made this GIF in memory of Doris. It's hard to believe that this month will mark two years since her passing.
  3. There is this ongoing conversation now about what female filmmakers can bring to the table. Do you think this film is different because it had a woman at the helm? Director Annabel Jankel: "I think this movie would not have been made by a man. I can’t speak on behalf of the entire male gender, of course, but I don’t think that a male director would have necessarily been attracted to the source material. This story is quite female-centric, and I saw the sex scene as a manifestation of the tenderness and a friendship that has developed into this sexual attraction. I wasn’t trying to make it
  4. a candid moment not in the film
  5. How Tell It to the Bees approached its love scene in four steamy GIFs (in that order)
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