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  1. what trump tweeted today "the greatest president in our history" with 100,000 deaths due to covid 19
  2. "Your Morning" from Toronto, Canada
  3. morbidly obese trump needed the exercise
  4. protecting the first lady from virus (she should be grateful)
  5. smart girl making sure she's not going to get virus from trump
  6. orange Doris Day by Meredith Baxter
  7. Doris Day Renna born 1910 was distinguished from singer/actor Doris Day. As an actress, Day was known for Thou Shalt Not Kill (1939) and Village Barn Dance (1940). She died in 1998.
  8. " Gregson Wagner and her stepfather—who clearly have a close, loving relationship—do not address some reports, like the one stating that Wood’s body was found with “fresh bruises” on her body, or Davern’s allegation that Wood and Wagner were fighting the night of her death. " https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020/04/robert-wagner-natalie-wood-death-documentary
  9. Katie Miller, the vice president's press secretary and wife of Trump adviser Stephen Miller, has tested positive for the coronavirus. (Should it be a surprise?)
  10. "the Doris Day–Rock Hudson comedies were among the last holdouts of light sophistication—good clean froth—before the sexual revolution released all of the swingers from the monkey house" Vanity Fair April 2000
  11. Next week will mark one year of Doris' passing. Here' s an excerpt from The Movie Musical! By JEANINE BASINGER
  12. the original version (with a skull from hell)
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