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  1. The jury that acquitted Arbuckle apologized to him for the ordeal. But the story crowded out the verdict.
  2. I'll definitely log my reactions on Letterboxd (https://letterboxd.com/PollyPrecoder/). But yes, I do intend to share my impressions here as well. SO MANY movies that are extant, but due to rights issues or donor restrictions or collector scumitis, aren't available to TCM. 🥵
  3. Schedule (subject to change): https://www.romecapitol.com/capitolfest-18-current-schedule/ Personal highlights: Starring Joan Bennett: The Trial of Vivienne Ware (Fox, 1932); She Wanted a Millionaire (Fox, 1932, featuring Spencer Tracy); Hush Money (Fox, 1931); Week Ends Only (Fox, 1931) Other films I'm anticipating: Her Wedding Night (Paramount, 1930, starring Clara Bow); Show Girl (First National, 1928, starring Alice White); Wandering Fires (MGM, 1925, starring Constance Bennett) The two previous years I attended (Capitolfest 15 and 16), one or two features were replace
  4. Whooooooo's a good werewolf? Who? Who? Are youuuuuuuu a good werewolf?
  5. If you haven't seen Up the River (1930), Bogart in this is so good-looking as to be nearly unrecognizable.
  6. EGR reminds me of an English bulldog--ugly-cute when seen from a certain perspective. (We need a masculine counterpart for jolie-laide.) But then one night I found Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle curiously attractive, so obviously I know nothing.
  7. https://www.romecapitol.com/capitolfest-18-current-schedule/ I don't know if Disney would license Joan Bennett's early Fox films to TCM, but this year's Capitolfest has scheduled some of them (schedule subject to change). I'm making my plans.
  8. Rights issues. It's based on a play, the rights to which were sold on to Paramount to make A BREATH OF SCANDAL (1960). The Library of Congress has the only known surviving print, which has been preserved and has been loaned out for festival screenings. TCM would have to license the broadcast rights, which may take more effort and/or money than TCM programmers may want to spend.
  9. People who have actually seen HIS GLORIOUS NIGHT (1929) say there's nothing wrong with Gilbert's voice. All I ask the opportunity to watch this film and assess it myself. (TCM programmers, if you're lurking...?)
  10. Or the made-for-TV movies of the 70s and 80s.
  11. These in-theater screenings are presented by Fathom Events (https://www.fathomevents.com/). They 1) secure the theater screening rights from the rightsholder (Paramount in the case of The Ten Commandments); 2) buy the rights to use the TCM trademark for promotional purposes; and 3) commission Ben M. to record wraparound segments for the film. Paramount has licensed the U.S. broadcast rights to ABC exclusively since 1973; I'd be very surprised if Disney were to release that stranglehold even for 31 Days of Oscar.
  12. More or less than his performance in Raw Deal?
  13. Oh yeah? *Crosses her big arms over her big chest* Come here and say that to me, punk. *Prepares to carve "Big Flora was here" into Thompson's forehead*
  14. I caught part of this recently on the Fox Movie Channel during its retro offhours. I thought that Swan was intended to be a mashup of Capote and Andy Warhol, and to be all the more dangerous BECAUSE he's such a baby face, but the results.... The total work is a flop, but the sort of beautiful, ambitious flop that I respect. Bonus: The sequence where Winslow breaks out of prison and into the record company is a homage to slapstick comedy--with suitable musical accompaniment.
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