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  1. A friend of mine is more or less literally living for the day the donor restrictions on the copy of TDTCC at the Library of Congress expire. When that does happen, I expect to drive down to the LOC Audio-Visual Center in Culpeper for the first screenings. Road trip, anyone? (Me, these days, I only hope to live long enough to see the legal injunction on LETTY LYNTON expire.) And to bring this back to Lugosi, I have started watching THE RETURN OF CHANDU (1934). The producers clearly spared every expense, but Bela in the title role never gives less than 115%.
  2. I say the worst movie Lugosi was in was Broadminded (1931), due to the tedious unfunniness of Joe E. Brown. Ironically, Lugosi is one of the few good things in this film (along with Thelma Todd as his girlfriend).
  3. Both of these movies are Fox productions. Wouldn't count on the House of Mouse licensing these titles to TCM any time soon.
  4. Available now on DVD: https://www.amazon.com/Kiss-Before-Mirror-Nancy-Carroll/dp/B01I5M3R5O/ref=sr_1_2?crid=28SM5FJ5SJ8UQ&dchild=1&keywords=the+kiss+before+the+mirror&qid=1601757618&s=movies-tv&sprefix=The+Kiss%2Caps%2C215&sr=1-2 Coming in December on Blu-Ray: https://www.amazon.com/Kiss-Before-Mirror-Blu-ray/dp/B08C47SVDC/ref=sr_1_1?crid=28SM5FJ5SJ8UQ&dchild=1&keywords=the+kiss+before+the+mirror&qid=1601757618&s=movies-tv&sprefix=The+Kiss%2Caps%2C215&sr=1-1
  5. Universal is probably holding back its catalog to feed its new Peacock streaming service. I don't know about the other titles you mention, but The Kiss Before the Mirror did come out on Universal's Vault (MOD) series.
  6. I've weighed in on the other thread--I can't work with the new format the way I did with the old format. Also, has TCM completely stopped listing shorts on the schedule?
  7. My thoughts on the change: 1) This format provided all the information I needed: time, genre, title, and year. The new format is too cluttered for my purpose. 2) I miss the Weekly Schedule option--very useful when TCM has programmed some rarity for 4am, and I need to know the ending time for set the DVR. 3) I don't see shorts in the current format--TCM already tended to disappoint when including shorts on the schedule; have they given up altogether? As for the Leonard Maltin capsule reviews, TCM licenses them from the rightsholder. Did the license expire?
  8. Lon Chaney Jr. achieves something I thought impossible--make Carlos Villarías in Drácula look suave.
  9. No Battle of the Century (1927) (unless I missed it)? TCM I AM DISAPPOINT.
  10. I actually have seen this on TCM. However, 1) Universal currently controls most of Paramount's pre-1950 talkie films; 2) Universal may be reserving this title for its Peacock subscribers; and 3) Kino recently released this on Blu-ray with a couple of Lombard's other Pre-Code films.
  11. $$$ (or at that stage of his career, probably only $).
  12. I LOVED A WOMAN (1933) may or may not be the all-time worst film, but it has two...distinctions? 1) It features a gawd-awful performance from Edward G. Robinson (the closing scene is exceptionally rancid). 2) Leonard Maltin rated it as a "BOMB," with which I agree.
  13. Did TCM show it uncut? Once I found ATJ on the Movies! digital channel...the obscenities were bleeped and the bare breasts digitally blurred. It seems bizarre to make a broadcast edit of this movie.
  14. THANK YOU. You've stated my case against Helen Hayes even better than I ever could--I don't hate her, I've just never seen a performance of hers that lived up to the hype. As for Peter Ibbetson, there's a Gary Cooper boxset that I picked up because Cooper fans recommend this performance to Cooper skeptics (count me among them). Maybe some night I'll knuckle myself down and watch it.
  15. I would say "pugnacious," but he usually was very funny while doing it.
  16. Okay, did my post in this thread disappear? I did utter blasphemies against certain studio-era stars, but...?
  17. If I were to win a megabucks lottery, one thing I'd do would to be to commission a...historically informed?...remake of the lost 1933 film Convention City.
  18. I don't hate Phillips Holmes and I don't think any less of you or anyone else for liking him. But this picture looks like a photorealistic anime rendering of James Cagney--a little too far into the uncanny valley for my comfort.
  19. I don't think Peacock is available on Roku and similar services yet? The website has a "Classic Monsters" section, offering Werewolf of London and Curse of the Werewolf, but not The Wolf Man. (Perhaps the streaming rights are with another provider right now, and when that agreement expires it will join the rest of the Universal Monsters?)
  20. So This Is Africa (1933). The gorilla is named Josephine; she hits on Woolsey's character.
  21. There's a "Classic Monsters" section and a "Golden Age of Hollywood: 1930s" section (considerable overlap between the two, and neither is extensively stocked). But if Universal gets a revenue stream from these films, maybe that will convince them to put more vintage movies online.
  22. Universal *may* be reserving it for their new Peacock streaming service (I couldn't find it there just now).
  23. https://filmthreat.com/interviews/in-search-of-marion-davies-interview-with-nick-langdon/?fbclid=IwAR0w5WrSuzNUuEaYcN9EijRS2FjnKlEm7ljQj8xMVPcR0W5hvUxeObZ4ZBg#:~:text=IN SEARCH OF MARION DAVIES%3A INTERVIEW WITH NICK,a Wise Child%2C” starring the much-maligned Marion Davies A 2009 article about IaWC. The synopsis sounds hilarious, and apparently UCLA and Warners both have good source elements. Wonder if the LOC Audio-Visual Center down in Culpeper takes requests for screenings....
  24. Does this mean the TCM premiere of the restored Battle of the Century?
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