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  1. Hi ButterT...I just got a PM that they are working on the issue so hopefully we will hear something. Did you send a PM to Moderator1 or an email? I don't think email works...you need to PM. There is a post by Moderator1 up in the top of the forum about Registration Issues with instructions.
  2. Lol! That actually suits my craziness.
  3. Hi Rey...it does? Where did I post as MissG??? I cannot even view the message boards as MissGoddess, it says I do not have permission to participate in this community. I have posted as PappysGirl. TCM has sent me the same pass-word re-sent email but my problem remains. I can't view or post as MissG. I'm not the only one, too.
  4. Yay, it's unlocked! Now to get my old user name (MissG) back! PG formerly MissG
  5. Well it looks like we can now post here...but as you see, the board wouldn't accept my re-registration as MissG. Hopefully the moderators can figure it out.
  6. Hi Moira12! So they wouldn't let you re-activate moirafinnie either??? I wouldn't mind changing my username, but I don't want to lose my history here (us long timers went through too much!). So I hope they will let me re-activate MissGoddess one day...
  7. Hi, This forum should probably be moved to the top for a while, anyway, lol. My re-registration failed on two attempts...I was told "You Do Not Have Permission" to view or post, etc. My old user-name is MissGoddess. Please help me get it re-activated. Also, several active threads are "locked" to new posts...please review that and unlock them if you can. I look forward to using the new format (when my old **** is re-activated). Thanks! PG formerly MissG
  8. I was "MissGoddess" but the re-registration process locked me out. I couldn't even view the Message Board to contact an administrator, so had to register under a new name (PappysGirl) and have sent them a message. However, now I can't even reply to the "FrankGrimes Torture" thread because it says it is a locked thread. This is one of the most active ones on the board so hopefully they fix that. This was my fear. I'm going to try "Rambles II" now and see it that also is "locked", then I will send a PM to one of the moderators (which one is the "main" one or does it matter? Lynn, I see you
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