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  1. i watched this french prison break flick months ago; i thought it was excellent.
  2. ho-hum. it's gonna be another one of those nights (04/28). anyway, for tonight, i got on deck: killer that stalked new york, the (1950) mark of dimtrios, the (1944) missing guest, the (1938) sign of four: sherlock holmes' greatest case, the (1932)
  3. i, too, saw this flick; i thought it was very good. however, i also believed donlevy was too old and too fat for his role.
  4. alright; i think you guys sold me with 'wild river'. i'll cop a copy of the dvd this weekend. and as for the incomparable ms. van fleet, she gives another unforgettable performance in 'gunfight at the o.k. corral'.
  5. i'm enjoying the 'alfred hitchcock presents' marathon me-tv is airing for halloween. some of the episodes are hit or miss; yet entertaining nonetheless.
  6. just a very short time ago, i wouldn't dare watch ANY montgomery clift movie. i read somewhere that he was homosexual; i guess it was this belief that repelled me. however, after seeing him in 'lonelyhearts' and 'from here to eternity', i'm beginning to warm up to the guy.
  7. 'he knew women' (1930). it aired monday, 10/20. i could not wait until that fricking movie ended. i cherish flicks from the 1930's and all but, i should've known that sometimes when very old flicks are made and casted full of 'nobodies' they tend to reek to high heaven. this one certainly did. the plot was good; but the actors and acting were just awful. but especially irritating was that lowell sherman dood. his make-up job was so effeminate, it was nauseating.
  8. has anyone else noticed the extended playing time of nfl football games within the last few years? back in the day, they ran only three hours long; now it appears that the average time is damn near four hours long.
  9. i do not like me-tv's 'sci-fi saturday' (8:00pm - 1:00am [cst]). it not only sucks but it's boring. and svengoolie's choices of film features also blows. but i guess it must be done this way since now sooo much money is invested in television and their advertisements.
  10. i watched 'the steel trap'; this time from start to finish. loved the flick; it was pleasingly suspenseful; but not the 'nail biting' type. joseph cotten's character (nervous and intense throughout) i found rather funny. i do not care too much for cotten, but he was a TERRIFIC actor. and theresa wright looked ABSOLUTELY stunning as a blonde (a rarity with most actresses who try that style); it's probably why i did not recognize her when i first caught this movie a coupla years ago. highly recommended.
  11. what the effe? now me-tv has added 'saved by the bell' to it's line up. what's so effen classic about that bs sitcom? it was bad enough that they added (at least here in milwaukee) 'black sheep squadron', 'lassie' and 'remington steel' to the mix. i'm gonna email me-tv a letter expressing my displeasure and criticism regarding how they define 'classic'.
  12. 11) june allyson made a few 'depends underwear for women' commercials back in the 80's.
  13. i concur with the majority of posters in this thread: i discern many more laffs in non-comedy flicks than those movies that 'propose' comedy.
  14. now that i think about it, tcm has been doing this for years now. therefore, i'll quit my effen complaining.
  15. thanks for the correction; i initially meant 'warner'.
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