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  1. I was one of those kids who didn't like Sundays. The morning and afternoon were alright, but around eight o'clock in the evening I would get a queasy feeling because I hadn't done my homework and had spent the weekend goofing off. During the winter months I hoped for a large overnight snowstorm to occur, but it very rarely did. Today Sundays are wonderfully carefree.
  2. Donny doing or saying something stupid...again. I'd call that no big deal.
  3. I saw some of Cuomo last night. He was simply pointing out that different people are there for different reasons: some are protesting, others just like to have some fun, others are looting, etc. Diversity, baby. One scene showed folks taking high-octane frappuccinos out of a Starbucks after it was broken into. Big deal.
  4. Compared to corporate rip-off artists the looters are small fry.
  5. I would say it's one of my favorite "new" programs. Until last week channel 500 on DirecTV was running it every day without commercials, so I caught up on the half dozen or so episodes I missed during the original run. When the final episode was shown they started over with the first one and I kept on watching. When channel 500 went off the air last Friday they arranged it so that the final episode was the last one they showed. I was surprised at how few people actually watched it compared to the influence and press coverage it got.
  6. Well, the hardcore Trump supporter will just like what Trump says and the more Trump stirs it up the better for him. The only problem is it occurred too early. News cycles seem to move so fast these days that by November it might not have much of an impact. If it had happened in the middle of October that would be a different matter.
  7. I thought I was an anteater man. Good ol' blue boy. As long as blue boy is playing somewhere on the tube out there, I know this old world will be alright.
  8. According to Alice Cooper he did an interview and told the reporter that as a teenager he was a real Eddie Haskell, meaning he was kind of a juvie. Somehow that turned into he actually played Eddie Haskell on LITB. Listen baby, you really wouldn't understand.
  9. Gives Donny an excellent opportunity to get whitey all cranked up, though it may have come too far away from November to help.
  10. Holy ****. How could I forget this one--Dragnet 1960s version. A comedy classic.
  11. Most of my favorites have already been mentioned. A few more: Northern Exposure DD Mad Men Skag
  12. It was meant more as sarcasm than as humor. You'd think when the dumb cop heard "I can't breathe" a light might have gone on in his mind, but sadly it didn't.
  13. Sandy Denny, 2 Good 2 B 4gotten.
  14. That must have been a real conversation starter. Looks like Karl is wearing his Sunday best. Even with Engels' financial support he often lived in precarious economic circumstances.
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