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  1. I was halfway hoping that at some point in the film Garfield would give his mom a few jabs and then finish up with a couple of shots to the breadbasket. What a nag.
  2. I read a few weeks ago that the board Biden sat on was not the regular BOD, but one put together to deal with legal and public relations matters. In the U.S. most BOD members do not have experience in the corporation's products.
  3. Bringing a wooden cross to the Pope. Isn't that carrying coals to Newcastle?
  4. From America's Mayor to America's Moron.
  5. I'd said that Prince Parasite has his priorities screwed up. He snubs Pence but shakes hands with killers like Nuttyahoo and Putin. What a simpleton.
  6. Won't eat dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife ✔️ X
  7. I suppose it's too late to make Mr. Peanut a Monopoly token. Would have been a good one.
  8. Or crooked labor contractors, not that they have many fans. While the gila monsters' bite is very painful, it's not fatal. Maybe Howard was getting a laugh at Dobbsey by exaggerating the danger of gila monsters.
  9. He just seems to be a dirtbag in general, especially with his occasional volcanic temper explosions which seem to often feature the word crap. And then he has to twist himself into a pretzel to neutralize his early criticisms of Trump, which were pretty damning. I know that for him this is a great reelection strategy, but it makes him look like an idiot to those who in the past thought he was a fairly sane voice in politics.
  10. I'm guessing that Trump's admiration for Musk is that of one egotistical conman for another.
  11. I always get a kick out of the scene where the three are in the tent at night. One goes out to take a "look see." When he comes back, the next one goes out to do the same. When he comes back, the last one goes out for the same reason, to make sure his goods are undisturbed, just as the others did. Then Huston says something like If you fellows are satisfied I won't start start again.
  12. Sure, Lindsey is a dirtbag, but he's one of the most entertaining dirtbags around.
  13. I got a kick out of the Dems putting forth the amendment that would let Chief Justice John Roberts decide what witnesses should be called and having all the Republicans vote against it.
  14. Tulsi is a graduate of the Devin Nunes Law School.
  15. Maybe Trump won't get 34% of the black vote after all.
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