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  1. Trust a couple of clowns like Rogaine and Jimmy Dope over medical professionals? I don't think so.
  2. Powell has promised to keep looking for those weapons of mass destruction, even from beyond the grave. As he told friends just a few days ago, "I know they're out there somewhere and no matter where I go after I pass I'm going to find them. Persistence, that is the key and I'm persistent."
  3. Irvington, the Community of Opportunity. I went to a dentist in Irvington. He was almost as scary as anything in Burnt Offerings. Yesssss, this thing took a long time to get going. The first hour is mostly Karen Black doing housekeeping and Oliver Reed expanding his chest. Finally things start to move in the second half. Poor Bette Davis. Her sick old woman looked like the woman from Freaks. Maybe she needed the money or just liked to act. The pale white chauffeur. Dull and not frightening, at least to me. Seemed like an after thought. I kind of figured that Ka
  4. We get it. America is full of idiots. What else is new?
  5. Jacqueline Susann was in an episode a few weeks ago. She had a limited career as an actress before she became a famous writer. This was one of her last TV appearances. I read it was Lucy who decided to switch Mannix from working at the big computer firm to a private detective on his own. Probably a good move.
  6. Scrooge with his own supply of coal.
  7. Smokes a pipe. Listens to classical music. Plays chess. Tweedy suit. You are now an official Hollywood intellectual. At first I was thinking What the heck is a psychiatrist riding around in a bus for? Should have a Caddy or a Lincoln. Then I remembered he worked for the police department so that explains it. Holden was like the boring party guest who never takes the hint and leaves. Cobb is the shrink who, using his book of symbols, will analyze Bill's rain and umbrella with a hole in it dream and make it not very insightful or even that interestin
  8. I believe he was in a slew of movies, so he did play a lot of different roles. But like many other actors he is remembered for a general screen persona, which was that of the heated, over the top bombastic guy. I think he had a line in Twelve Angry Men that went something like Angry, you bet I'm angry. But was that ever true.
  9. He had enough anger in that one for the other eleven jurors, though that was part of the role he was playing. I like Cobb, even though he does go off the deep end on occasion.
  10. Trump is just jealous because Hunter came up with the art scam before he did.
  11. Yes, that is a double whammy. From what I recall, Lee J. Cobb was fairly subdued in the role. They didn't even have to administer a rabies test.
  12. That was a cliche that I've heard in differing versions for a while. The first VU's album didn't sell many records but everyone who bought it started a band. A bit of rock 'n' roll hyperbole. YouTube
  13. Noir Alley delayed by a man and his orangutan. There would have been time to start The Dark Past at 1 am as Every Which Way But Loose only runs 114 minutes. I saw The Dark Past on YT a few years ago. Okay, but rather talky as one might expect when one of the stars is a shrink. Thankfully the 75 minute running time limits the psycho babble.
  14. Too late. Sinema's already been bought and paid for. Sinema rakes in Pharma and finance cash amid reconciliation negotiations The senator raised more than $1.1 million in the third quarter. About 90 percent of it came from outside her home state. Sinema rakes in Pharma and finance cash amid reconciliation negotiations - POLITICO
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