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  1. If I recall it correctly, the fake news about Harris' warning about the vaccine goes back to the VP debate. She said she wouldn't take a vaccine just because it was recommended by Trump. She would take if it was recommended by medical experts. Seems like a wise decision to me.
  2. Theories are a dime a dozen. You need evidence to support them. I don't know of any valid evidence that Gates put micro-chips in the vaccine or that he was involved in the deliberate release of Covid-19. Sounds pretty far-fetched to me. I'm not a fan of Gates. I still remember when he an arrogant punk. That was before he started giving his dough away and became a great humanitarian.
  3. This thing must be five or six years old as Jimmy's still in his Dems can't win anything phase, which didn't exactly turn out to be very accurate. I doubt many Democrats care much about what Frum says these days or ever did.
  4. Txfilmfan has already pointed out the problems with this site. And I still don't see much of a connection between Fauci and Gates or Fauci's wife and Gates, and certainly not anything to suspect some financial wrong doing. When I saw the name Armstrong I couldn't help thinking back to Garner Ted Armstrong who was a preacher and political commentor in the 1970s. Today he'd probably seem almost mainstream.
  5. I'm surprised things worked out that well in all those games. I wondered whether that fumble down by the goal line at the end of the half was some kind of bad omen and it almost turned out to be. Rams seemed to slack off in the fourth quarter and here comes ol' Tom with another late game drive. Glad the Rams went for a score with about half a minute left because in overtime I can just see the Bucs winning toss and Brady scoring a TD. Game over. I was going a bit for the Bills but those were two great games.
  6. Some on the right have speculated that Fauci may have profited off the pandemic. The disclosures show that he’s invested in fairly broadly targeted mutual funds, with no reported holdings of individual stocks.
  7. Looks like Jimmy got caught in some kind of weird time warp.
  8. A few belts would have really helped this one. Even as an exploitation flick it's pretty tame. And then it turns into one of those1950s The Best of Everything type films--girl moving to the big city and trying to move up the ladder and at the same time snag a hubby. Cleo's profession as a photog is different from the usual desk jockeys, but that really doesn't help too much. And Crenna's character is about as bland as breakfast cereal. No wonder Cleo was hesitant to marry this guy. This one just doesn't do very much, noir or not. I will give credit to the stylish
  9. Pats. Out Cowboys. Out The Pack (ain't back.) Out. Now, let's dropkick mfing Brady through the goal post of life.
  10. Tough break for the Venezuelans. They can't get rid of their tyrant. Fortunately, we managed to get rid of ours.
  11. It's hard to stop many genocides, especially ones that start suddenly and progress quickly. And force will win out, no matter what other people are doing. Cotton's point is very obvious, so he was likely just looking for a little free publicity.
  12. I've seen it a couple of times in the last few years, so I didn't watch it this time. Not surprising considering the era the movie's set in. I'm guessing that TCM plays the films as they come to them.
  13. Do not be discouraged. Electra Glide in Blue had the n word in it.
  14. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, the stupid are discriminated against in America.
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