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  1. I know this wasn't the message that the director wanted to show in The Rain People, but to me this flick just proves you can't drive ten miles in the U.S. without running into idiots, con men, and dumb cops.
  2. Donny will kill more people on his portable death machine rallies than Clinton could ever imagine.
  3. Yep, the Cowboys have been known as America's team for a long while, though it's not as often used as it was twenty or so years ago. While the Oakland, LA, Vegas Raiders may seem to be today's America's team, they were the opposite of the clean-cut, straight arrows Boys back in the day. The Oakland Raiders had the rep of being dirty players and maybe even thuggish, at least that was the rep. The present day Las Vegas just doesn't seem to fit in with the old Raiders. I liked the Raiders before. It will take a bit of time to get used to the Las Vegas Raiders. Raiders v.
  4. It was just one of those brief articles in the paper without any details. I just thought Why would they pick the Ambassador to South Africa? Of course the chance that they will try to kill Pompeo is close to zero, but I enjoy thinking about it anyway.
  5. The Pats do seem somewhat less hateful now that Tom is gone, but I still don't like them. The only bad thing that happened on Sunday was the Falcons looking at the football like was a stink bomb on the Cowboy's last chance offsides kick. Of course the Cowboys recovered and won the game. Anytime I see Jerry Jones jumping up and down with a big smile on his face makes Sundays a little sad. Yeah, I think most sports fans are a little irrational. That's just part of the fun.
  6. I read that the U.S. suspects that the Iranians are out to assassinate the U.S. Ambassador to South Africa. Why go after such small fry when you can kill the big whale himself. If you can't knock off a fat bastard like Pompeo get out of the business.
  7. Yeah, for a minute there it looked like he might engineer a Brady-like comeback victory. Just came up short. I don't like Cam and I can't stand the Pats, so this was a double thrill. Of course if the Seahawks hadn't tried a long pass on third and short maybe they wouldn't have had to worry about the Pats coming back. I rarely watch weekday games so I'm not familiar with the announcers. There's always the mute button.
  8. Yes, Rita is ravishing in this movie and the Blame It On Mame scene is totally sexy. And visually the film is first rate. On the first viewing it's intriguing and entertaining. But for me once one knows how things will turn out it loses a lot of steam, even with Rita turning on the heat.
  9. Even though I didn't agree with his politics, I'm sorry to hear that Stephen Bannon has died.
  10. Yes, I should have put the word paraphrase in there somewhere. It was a long time ago and I can't even recall which justice said it. It must be one of the best known Supreme Court quotes, at least to non-lawyers. Porn isn't much of an issue anymore, though Ed Meese may still be out there complaining about it.
  11. Even if Trump loses the election they can fill the seat during the lame duck session. There are a number of things to consider in the before or after election scenario. I'm sure Donny and Mitch will get together and make a decision as to which timing is best for them.
  12. A think a full latex jacket will be sufficient. I know a ho when I see one as the Supreme Court justice said many years ago.
  13. Ha ha. Dumb old Cam, trying to take the ball in for a TD and win the game leaps before he's even near the goal line and doesn't come close. Stupid mfer. Who does he think he is, Superman?
  14. I didn't even bother to watch Gilda. Seen it a number of times and it never did much for me. It's an okay flick, just never got into it. Rita is in fine form and Macready is creepily cold as the villain of the piece. Glenn Ford's character is kind of a tiresome jerk. I wish someone would shut him up or just bump him off, but then you wouldn't have much of a picture. And that waiter kum philosopher dude, Captain Peepee or whatever his name is. God is he annoying. Take the orders and shut the **** up. The first go round isn't too bad, but once you know the plot it
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