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  1. Holy ****. How could I forget this one--Dragnet 1960s version. A comedy classic.
  2. Most of my favorites have already been mentioned. A few more: Northern Exposure DD Mad Men Skag
  3. It was meant more as sarcasm than as humor. You'd think when the dumb cop heard "I can't breathe" a light might have gone on in his mind, but sadly it didn't.
  4. Sandy Denny, 2 Good 2 B Forgotten.
  5. That must have been a real conversation starter. Looks like Karl is wearing his Sunday best. Even with Engels' financial support he often lived in precarious economic circumstances.
  6. Maybe the cop was Republican . What's the use of having a license to kill if you never use it?
  7. Unretouched photo of Billy Barr.
  8. The same thing you've been for the last thirty years.
  9. At least you get something worthwhile with a cupcake.
  10. I had to look him up. I will stick to stodgy old Metallica. She always wears a modest cross necklace so I think it's pretty obvious what her beliefs are.
  11. After extensive internal deliberations, we could just not find it in our heart to go after four multi-millionaires at the same time.
  12. _____ Wingnutty, in rehab (Cleaned room, didn't clean room). _____Wingnutty, not in rehab (Cleaned room, didn't clean room). Indicate appropriate answer. Use #2 pencil.
  13. She likely was, though the formulation is rather humorously ambiguous. Of course if it was the same God there would be no reason to use the plural. If it was the same God it would be People are allowed to pray to their God.
  14. I've heard that expression a number of times over the years. It's usually meant as a neutral statement that each person will pray to the God that they believe in without making judgements about said God. Whether she meant it in that way I don't know. Of course it's somewhat ambiguous in that it can also seem to mean that individuals are praying to many gods, not just to one. To me it's irrelevant anyway.
  15. I had a personal hamburger cookout with Stadium Arcadium on half blast. The weather, which was forecast of be possibly stormy, was very nice. That's what America means to me.
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