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  1. An abortion does not kill other people. The unvaccinated could do so. In most cases I would pick the born over the unborn. I've always thought it was silly to charge someone with murder for the death of a fetus. Wingnuts were idiotic but they were usually harmless. They are still idiotic but now they can be harmful.
  2. Papa Don't Take No Mess (For the Most Part One)
  3. True, but Donny raised it to a fine art.
  4. Who knows. DirecTV has a nice blue background with the we're so sorry message in English and Spanish with some relatively inoffensive music playing. The only question is how long will temporary be. Yeah, I gave up on Blood Simple and did watch Night Moves and Cutter's Way.
  5. I like Cause for Alarm more as a portrait, somewhat superficial, of early 1950s suburbia than a noir flick, though it has some interest as a look at the paranoid guy movie. The nosy neighbor, the little kid with the early TV merchandising getup, the mailman, the demanding hubby, the vacuum cleaner, doctors making house calls. Good stuff. Loretta's cookie box looked like one of those cheap ones with loads of tasteless thin cookies in them, so I don't blame the brat for taking a handful of them. But yeah, the next time I'd put some diarrhea causing ingredient in them and
  6. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LHWS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Laurence Harvey warning 2:15 high. Please have your blindfolds and earplugs ready. LAURENCE HARVEY WARNING!!!! 11:35. This has been a test of the Laurence Harvey Warning system. If there had been an actual Laurence Harvey appearance you would have been directed to tune into your local LHWS station. This has only been a test. We now resume our regular broadcasting schedule.
  7. Private Investigator lesson number one--Be aware of your surroundings. I would have nailed Delly's mom, the fading movie star. But then I'm a person of low moral character.
  8. There is the Ayer route: Any putative proposition about the existence or non-existence of God needs some empirical experience to indicate its truthfulness or falsehood. Since there are no sense experiences that could support either the existence or non-existence of God, such putative propositions are metaphysical which, according to Ayer, means that they are neither true nor false but senseless.
  9. I thought his character was boring but the situation he was put into is interesting, taking advantage of his dullness. He's a rather taciturn shy straight arrow coming to the big city where's he's definitely out of place, which makes for a contrast. I thought Dunaway was fairly interesting in TTCA, but I've always liked her in general. The others were interesting as was Jim Rockford, who had a lot of drama going on outside of the cases he took. I don't mind some violence, especially fictional movie violence. I rarely watch three movies in a row on TCM, but I did last
  10. I saw Cause for Alarm on YT a few years back. It's so much fun because Loretta plays a so stereotypical middle-class suburban housewife going about her so stereotypical 1950s housewife daily chores with Sullivan as the slightly less stereotypical psycho hubby. It's like watching an episode of Leave It to Beaver where Ward turns out to be a killer. Maltin and Halliwell have the running time at 74 minutes, which isn't exactly a big difference.
  11. Yes, she was no electoral worries, so maybe she's actually seen the light, though I doubt she will persuade many folks to get vaccinated.
  12. TCM went out on DirecTV around 8:40 and went back on about 9:15. I missed so much of the movie I watched something else. The DirecTV format for interrupted service is a lot more colorful and advanced than this one.
  13. There's a little bit of Trump in Biden after all.
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