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  1. Just change it to Made in the future Israel.
  2. Who cares? This bill is DOA in the Senate.
  3. America, the international bully, is back.
  4. No problem. Oil is thicker than blood.
  5. Me neither. It was just an example of some of the wartime propaganda that Grant's character spouts. He also says something like the Japanese (he uses a different word) don't have the same love for their families that we do. They just have kids to serve the Emperor. Welcome to 1943.
  6. They're not really obese, they just have big bones.
  7. All You Need Is...something or other. No surprise that there was some over the top wartime propaganda in that film, much of it from Grant's mini-lectures about Japanese history and society, at least as his character saw it. When he was writing his wife a letter toward the start of the film I noticed a book on the shelf above his desk with the word Race in the title. It went by too fast to see the complete title but it makes one wonder. Despite all that, Destination Tokyo is one of my favorite WW II movies.
  8. These $1,400 payments are a shame, especially as Donny and the GOP came so close to eliminating the deficit last year.
  9. As Cary Grant noted last night in Destination Tokyo, the Japanese don't have a word for love in their language. Just like the French don't have a word for entrepreneur in their's.
  10. Hey, ripoff. The Carson video ended before Ed could say his I hold in my hand the last envelope line. I want a refund.
  11. Start more fires. They can use some of those 90,000 packages they steal every day, and keep warm as a bonus.
  12. Gomer may have been interested in Lou Anne. I doubt Jim Nabors was.
  13. Even with the wink, I was talking about the character she played on the show. There was one episode where Ken Curtis did play a figurative lady killer.
  14. No doubt about either. She pops up on a number of TV shows, though not as often as some of the "usual suspects" of 1950s and 1960s TV.
  15. Romney later issued a correction stating the correct date was 2125.
  16. The new group's slogan will be No You Can't.
  17. And she had that cute accent. What she saw in "whiskers" is beyond me.
  18. This whole thing is an antifa coordinated action. They'll be buying a lot more guns and bombs. Just you wait and see.
  19. Native Son was kind of a mixed bag. It went a bit downhill after the first murder and became more of a standard crime flick, though the criminal being black made it a bit more interesting. Yeah, I doubt any American film made at the same time would have shown so clearly the discrimination and oppression of black people as Native Son did. On the mistakes criminals make side, I would have just left Jean Wallace in her bed and let people assume she was drunk and died from something related to that. Keep it simple is sometimes the best way to go. I read Native Son a long
  20. She also played Festus' girlfriend in Gunsmoke.
  21. For a second there I was hoping it was the other Martha Stewart.
  22. Get the damn Amerikaners out of the Vaterland. Macht schnell.
  23. COVID is screwing up my life. I went to the local bagel place to get a half a dozen bagels and some chocolate chip cream cheese and a sub sandwich. But due to COVID they close at 3 instead of 5. Went back today and got the goods. I stick with Ragu, but filter out the little pieces of onions.
  24. "I'm there for you," Cruz states. "I'm just not here for you."
  25. In a posthumously released statement Rush threw down the gauntlet to a few other right wing hacks. In it Windbaugh bragged that he's been married four times while folks like Trump and Gingrich have only been to the altar three times and dares them to try to tie his record.
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