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  1. This impeachment was a dumb political move and a waste of time and money. Too late now.
  2. To me Born To Kill has some strange changes in atmosphere. It starts out with a fairly grisly double murder, then morphs into a drawing room play and then back again to more killings. Pretty good, though a bit one-track. I felt sorry for Cookie. He did all kinds of favors for Tierney and then as a reward Tierney kills him. Thanks a million, buddy. I got a kick out of the old beer-loving floozy who hired Slezak. She was a riot. Slezak never looks as fit as he did playing Willy in Lifeboat. Must have been those pills he had. Many years ago I saw Tierney in The Devil
  3. Or as J.M. Keynes put it a decade earlier, "In the long run, we are all dead." Hard to argue with that proposition.
  4. Sure it is and that program has been around for a while now. I doubt they are advocating for housing subsidies for everyone, but either way this has very little to do with basic socialism.
  5. C'mon man. You know a certified bootlicker like Meadows will have no trouble finding a lucrative position somewhere in wingnut inc.
  6. To me it's silly, but as a GOP political tactic it's very serious and yes, effective. Of course Florida is a special case with the Cuban-Americans, but it likely works elsewhere, if to a lesser degree.
  7. On paper he seems educated. Over the last four years he sounds like he barely got out of high school. Most pols at the higher levels are well-educated, even if that sometimes seems not to be true. I think Trump's greatest skill is as a manipulator and conman, a skill he has displayed in both the business and political worlds.
  8. That's what makes all the talk among Republicans about socialism so silly.
  9. After about the third time around it's time to give it up. Yeah fedoras, I get it.
  10. True, but that is not a universal program. One has to meet certain eligibility requirements to get into public housing.
  11. In some blue municipalities that is likely, but not by the federal gov't.
  12. I'm sure Republican politicians are educated enough to know what socialism is; they just use the word as an all purpose club to beat Democrats with. Many everyday GOP voters likely don't know that much about it, but they fall for it when the GOP pols call something socialism.
  13. I'm sure there will be many Dems eager to donate to Donny's "Patriot" Party.
  14. Yeah, I got a kick out of that folded French toast. I remember watching the old Andy Griffith Show and when Aunt Bee was on a trip Andy had a hard time boiling water. Some things never change. I like the PF Milano cookies and they had a Lido cookie that was good too, though I'm not sure they still make it. I'm not much for soup or chili, but I do like a bit of peanut butter on a Ritz cracker. Better the Kit Kat Club than the Hellfire Club.
  15. I very much doubt that there will be any program for rent payment by the government after the pandemic is over. It will an emergency measure only. If one stays with a very basic definition of socialism--government or community control of the means of production--there's not much to argue about. It's when one starts to bring in all the variants on the definition that things can get confused. But whatever the right wingers think, there will be no socialism in America, though they're too ignorant to figure that out though it does make a good talking point, however gross
  16. Yep. Compared to the real thing, Hayakawa was a cream puff.
  17. I don't know if the Japanese were any more cruel than other people living in that same time period. And maybe the Chinese should take a look at Mao Zedong, who killed tens of millions more of his fellow countrymen than the Japanese ever did. The Japanese are more reluctant to admit to the atrocities they did during WWII than the Germans are. That doesn't mean they were more savage than the Germans of course.
  18. I don't know enough about the history of Japan to know where to place the Japanese. Obviously some of their actions during WWII didn't help.
  19. I would add or the government, as it's hard to see how the community as a whole could own or regulate anything of a nation-state size, but that's a minor quibble. Of course there is more to basic socialism than just regulation, there is ownership. Debating whether those who cannot afford their rent will get relief, if their landlords will get relief, and this only due to a dire emergency situation, seems more of a specific problem than a move toward socialism. I like to use the old-fashioned term mixed economy to describe the U.S. economic system. Basically capitalist
  20. They're very tasty, but I don't think I'd want one for breakfast unless I had a lot of drinks the night before.
  21. I guess the American Indian savages were out-savaged by the European ones.
  22. Watching Kramer Versus Kramer last night I noticed the kid served what looked like Entenmann's chocolate donuts for breakfast. As much as I like their donuts, I'd stick with the crumb cake for breakfast. My grandmother used to get Goldfish. I figured it was senior citizen food.
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