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Posts posted by Vautrin

  1. 5 hours ago, Cinemartian said:

    I got 2 confirmed from the sleazy NYPost that's a start for you

    As for Soros you brought that scumbag up  not me


    2 is way shy of 34, though 32 was the % one of the nutjobs on here said would be Donny's share

    of the black vote. I like to mention Soros in a facetious manner since the loony toons think he is

    behind everything from 9/11 to tooth decay.


  2. 7 hours ago, txfilmfan said:

    If you ever listen to the radio version of FTB, you'll find that the kids were a lot more sarcastic, as a joke-a-minute driver.  When Young took the show to TV, he deliberately steered the show away from the practice.

    I've never heard the radio version, but I've read that it had more of a hard edge than the TV version.

    The kids still get off some good shots in the latter, but they're on the lighter side. I think the parents

    were also given a softer tone on the TV show. 

  3. Step Down to Terror (1958) Charles Drake, Coleen Miller, Josephine Hutchinson. 

    I recall reading many moons ago that someone had the audacity or perhaps stupidity to produce

    a remake of Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt, but never thought much about it, until I happened to

    come across it on YT. It's titled Step Down to Terror. While the basic plot is the same, there are a

    number of changes in the details. Uncle Charlie is now Uncle John. He returns not to his sister's

    house but to that of his mother and his widowed sister-in-law and her young son. Uncle John 

    doesn't arrive in a train trailing smoke but in a snazzy new convertible.  And since his sister-in-law

    isn't a blood relation there is no hint of possible incest. They actually start on a bit of a romantic

    relationship which is cut short when Coleen starts to suspect Uncle John might be the serial killer

    dubbed in the remake The Travelling Killer because......he likes to travel around while killing his

    victims. As in the original he gives Coleen a ring with one of his victim's initials in it. Not the sharpest

    tool in the serial killer shed. The family is also visited by undercover cops and what they tell Coleen

    only increases her suspicions. Uncle John had a horrendous bicycle accident when he was a child

    and he's never been quite the same since. He decides he should get rid of Coleen and instead of

    trying to throw her out of a train he kidnaps her and takes off in his car. Speeding down the highway

    they don't notice a boy on a bicycle and John swerves and crashes the car, leaving Coleen alive but

    John isn't as lucky. How bicyclely ironic. Quite a lot was left out of the remake including the nosy

    crime-solving neighbor played in the original by Hume Cronyn. A lot had to be left out as this movie

    is thirty minutes shorter than the original. Why make it when it's hard to see how the original could

    be improved upon or even equaled? Maybe it was a matter of commerce. Universal had a old property

    with a plot all ready to go. Why not take a shot? Since one can't erase the original from one's mind it's

    hard to evaluate this remake on its own. The original keeps cropping up. With an inherited good plot

    and interesting characters it's not a total misfire, but certainly not anywhere near the original version. 

    Certainly a step down.

  4. 6 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Isn't that the moron religious nut case,  Huckabee?    (and I saw him play on T.V. and he wasn't any virtuoso).

    Are you saying Carson can lay down the beat?


    My post was on the opaque side. Put the emphasis on the word Vicious. 

  5. 4 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Yea,  I figured that and didn't scroll-up to check.   It is kind of a no brainer,   but as you note,   still fits the moment to a T!

    AND it doesn't just apply to Trump but to the traitors and those that enabled them. 

    Indeed. Too bad they also didn't record a song titled I'm A Sucker.

  6. 4 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    KC will win by over 30 points 

    KC has a running game.   Steelers' didn't.  

    But why are the Browns POS?    They are actually a fairly well balanced team,  and Baker appears to have finally grown-up (well at least enough to do what is required of him).


    Being a Steelers fan all the other AFC North teams are POS, though maybe we can forget about the Bengals.

    I didn't switch over until the middle of the first quarter and it was already 14-0. Big Ben has usually been bad

    about throwing interceptions, though during the regular season he didn't have a big problem this year. I really

    don't have a team to root for in the Super Bowl, though I may have a team to root against.

  7. I had never seen it before so I thought I'd take a look. I guess a guy in a Hawaiian shirt who uses a

    cigarette holder would be a little strange as a cadet in a southern military school back in the 1950s.

    Yeah, he was a manipulative creep, but other than that, so what? It was the usual macho bs one

    might expect from that setting. No one wanted to stray very far outside the lines. Not of much

    interest to me.

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