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  1. Hopefully swiping a model plane will be the least of his future problems.
  2. Breaking News from CNN--Brooke Baldwin is leaving in April. Updates to follow.
  3. Revenge is a dish best served very, very cold.
  4. And we all know how marriage turned JFK away from his mass intercourse with women. Senator Burr (NC) is not running for reelection in 2022 so he doesn't have to worry about any electoral consequences. I suspect that Graham is gay, though there is no direct evidence of him being so. Once the old boy passes away then the truth is likely to come out.
  5. Guess she just laid back and thought of England.
  6. I could just be a young person with a deep interest in 1960s U.S. history. But I'm not. GLR has faded from public memory, fortunately. He did die more than 50 years ago. During the 1960s he had a relatively high public profile even if it was only in the political kooks department. Looks like the Lincoln Project was mostly a high level scam to funnel money to many of the leaders. Now that they've got the money it's time to wrap the grift up. They could soldier on as part of the tiny anti-Trump wing of the GOP, but with all the recent bad pr it's probably best just to le
  7. Lyin' Ted Cruz. Pretty pathetic. Trump insulted his wife's appearance and hinted his dad was involved in JFK's assassination. Didn't Cruz then call Trump out in no uncertain terms. Then when Donny wins the nomination Cruz forgets all that and sucks up to him big time. Yeah, Cruz is stuck in the same position as the other hopefuls. What is Trump going to do and how far do any of these people want to distance themselves from him? It will be entertaining to see how much they are willing to humiliate themselves to win over the MAGA dopes. How low will they go? I can't wai
  8. Then again, if she had a bad alcohol problem that would be a reason for not having her in your house. One thing I have learned and I believe is accurate is that it's a lot harder to kick someone out of your house than most people realize.
  9. As I said in another post I'm not sure of which statement came first, but either way it looks dumb. Now to people who don't care one way or another, they will take little notice of either statement, and people forget who said what and when fairly quickly, so it will be no big deal. That's the tightrope she will have to walk. When to lean toward Trump and when to lean away. That will greatly depend on how much clout over the GOP Donny can maintain over the next few years. We really don't know how that will go.
  10. You may be correct. I only know both comments came after January 6th and within a few weeks, or even less, of each other. Whatever the chronological order, they still sound clueless. Trump was such a big disappointment, but we should give him a break anyhow or give him a break and oops, actually he's a great disappointment. Haley's Comment--she tells the truth once every 86 years. McCarthy originally criticized Trump for the riot on January 6th and then about ten minutes later thought better of it and went down to Florida to beg forgiveness. Pathetic.
  11. Mitch has always been a gutless wonder. What did you expect.
  12. The intro does have a sense of forceful momentum which goes with Eddie's search to find out what's wrong with him and then his effort to find out who is responsible for it. I agree the wolf whistle is kind of a cheap trick, but it worked on me, especially the first time I saw the movie. It didn't spoil the mood of the film for me because it comes early in the picture while he is still in a happy go lucky mood before he drinks the spiked cocktail at the club.
  13. Maybe they do a bit of that on most of the episodes. Perhaps they felt that a fight between a party girl and an old lady was more interesting than two old drunks duking it out. I wondered why one of her daughters didn't take her in, at least for a while. It was obvious it was a very toxic situation.
  14. My point is a little while back she said to give the man a break. Then suddenly he's a big disappointment. I've learned that while the interview was published today, it was given about a week after the January 6th riot. And the Fox interview was given some time after the riot, so she's a worse case of whiplash than I thought. Maybe it was only a matter of days before she did a 180. It will be fun to watch her walk the tightrope between sucking up to Trump and trying to keep her distance from him. Yeah, I still think this impeachment was a waste of time and energy and I
  15. Sort of like a death bed conversion to putting on the ol' ball and chain. But I cut Eddie a break for that. I know some people don't like that wolf whistle effect when he checks in at the hotel and then spies some of the women conventioneers. The first time I saw D.O.A. that cracked me up for about five minutes.
  16. Yes, I have seen it several times over the years, but not recently, so my memory about some details is a little fuzzy. I just thought there was a brief moment at the end where she learns of his death. It's fun to notice the unrealistic events in many movies, though, for the most part, it doesn't spoil the movie. Most fans realize these things are just baked into the cake.
  17. She might be a bit more subtle about it, but other than that, it would be nothing new. Just a few weeks ago she was asking people to give Donny a break. Suddenly today she is shocked, absolutely shocked by the same behavior: She stood by him during the 2021 Insurrection at the United States Capitol and defended him amongst the second impeachment against Trump on Fox News "They will bring about impeachment, yet they say they are for unity. They beat him up before he got into office. They are beating him up after he leaves office. At some point, give the man a break. I mean, move on”.
  18. However small it might have been. For most of the picture it was more of a one-sided affair; she was a lot more interested in a relationship than he was. I think it was only at the end when he was about to check out that he finally realized he loved Paula.
  19. A few weeks from now she'll be saying that Trump was a victim and that antifa was likely behind the whole thing.
  20. Who knew that Johnny Depp and Madonna were elected public officials.
  21. I 've always thought that the love story in D.O.A. was one of the sweetest in the noir genre, even if Paula was a tad too insistent on the put a ring on it thing. It was truly affecting when she saw that Eddie was dead and her dream of marriage was over, at least with him.
  22. You mean "granny," the one who killed her roommate in self-defense? I thought she would be the one who ended up getting killed. I googled that case and found that some things were different in real life. In the show the other woman looks like she was in her mid 30s. Actually she was 60 and "granny" was 58. And apparently they both had drinking problems. The property they lived in was called a flophouse in the media, not the nice home as presented in the TV show. I goggled another case, the one where the woman moved into the upscale house of the older woman, who she had
  23. Maybe the next 79 years will be more hands off. Time will tell.
  24. That's what I thought. As I said, I don't recall any two-part PM episodes. I believe he did have some kind of medical procedure. He'd be on the phone for a minute or so and then the guest stars would do their thing for the rest of the show. FETV has shown the color episode a number of times. The expressions on Perry's and Della's faces when they come back and see his car stripped are priceless. Perry befriends the Oliver Twist character and in the end he goes straight and joins the Marines or something. I would have stuck to the chop shop.
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