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  1. For a movie made in the middle of the war it is pretty restrained and balanced. I should watch it the next time it's on as I haven't seen it in a long time. Churchswill once famously said that he didn't become PM to preside over the dissolution of the British Empire. Think again, bub.
  2. Forget Noir Alley repeats. Can the repeats of those Which noir actor wears his fedora best and Bogie, bow tie or straight tie promos.
  3. I didn't know Winny didn't like the Colonel Blimp movie. The original cartoon character was apparently different from the one in the film. The original was a fat pompous ultra-nationalist, which sounds like a good description of Churchswill.
  4. My childhood baseball idol was Mickey Mantle. When I was young and naive I was a Yankees' fan. I have since corrected that unfortunate error.
  5. I will gladly spend my own dough to go up to D.C. and bring a hammer and smash it into a million little itty bitty pieces.
  6. Sorry guy. You have to get to seven figures if you're truly serious about a pardon. No doubt good ol' Matt will give you a refund, right?
  7. I've seen a couple of the Miss Marple movies over the years, but I often forget which title goes with which plot. I have seen Murder, She Said and Murder Most Foul before and parts of Murder at the Gallop. Have never seen Murder Ahoy! before. Last night I watched the last three movies. Very entertaining and witty and Margaret Rutherford is wonderful as Miss Marple.
  8. Getting rid of the statue of the obese, racist, imperialist, and crook Chruchswill......priceless.
  9. WV went Republican long before Donny. The last Democrat to win a presidential election in WV was Clinton back in 1996.
  10. I watched just a few minutes of Biden's Inauguration. If I want to attend a revival meeting I will wait until the tents and sawdust roll into town in the summer when the weather is better.
  11. No network is completely trustworthy, though I think CNN is among the best. Of course the evening shows like Cuomo and Lemon are opinion based, but at least the opinions are based on facts and not nutty conspiracy theories. I do admit that the bromance between Christ Cuomo and D. Lemon can get a bit icky at times. I won't be watching them tonight, going to catch the Miss Marple marathon.
  12. I don't watch Fox News so I don't know how hot some of their women hosts are. The ones on Newsmax are okay. I guess Fox was there first. Bannon used to have one of the nuttiest shows on Newsmax, War Room:Pandemic. It went off the air a few months ago and hasn't been on since. It made the other Newsmax programs look almost sane.
  13. Check out Newsmax. It's where distinguished nutjobs go to get their full wingnut on.
  14. I give Donny a break on the bad economy. Even if he had done a better job in containing the virus, the economy still would have been in bad shape.
  15. The early bird......The ol' "I left my gun inside that Italian restaurant" beats "there's a dead body in my house" every time.
  16. Maybe a bit. Perhaps what Spector really needed was Blake's lawyer. In that photo young Phil looks like your typical nerdy kid who's trying to look cool and not having much success at it.
  17. No, I think this was a different one. I do remember the "Timothy Leary" one. That actor usually played similar roles-- fast talking upscale con men. The one I mentioned was about a teenager without much life experience who fell under the sway of (mostly) Baudelaire and went off the deep end. I can't recall the ending, but Joe Friday was right there, matching him verse for verse.
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