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  1. I have no argument with that. I'm just pointing out that the third quarter GDP growth is far above anything in Reagan's time and the writer had it right in front of them. Of course the main reason for that high growth was the plunge in the second quarter's GDP, down 32.9%.
  2. I really hate to admit this, but if you don't look too closely at the middle pic it looks a bit like Anthony Kiedis. Oh the horror.
  3. Good detective work there, Dargo. But maybe it was also an LA thing. I recall an episode of Dragnet about a nutcase who was much influenced by certain 19th century French poets. And wouldn't you know it, old Joe Friday knew all about them from Baudelaire to Verlaine. Not so dumb da dumb dumb after all.
  4. a.k.a. Dead Republicans of Old Hollywood.
  5. Sinking economy? Where has Biden been for the past six months? As the Bureau of Economic Analysis has already reported, the economy grew at a stunning 33.4% in the third quarter of this year – well above anyone’s expectations. The Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow pegs growth in the fourth quarter at a very strong 7.4%. (The last time GDP grew that much in a quarter was during the Reagan boom.) Who's the dope that writes this stuff? The last time GDP grew that much was just in the third quarter of this year--33.4%, not during the Reagan boom. It's right in front of you, numbnutz.
  6. Pretty entertaining, if nothing very original. I always get a kick out of the villain who instead of staying as far away from the police investigation as possible keeps interfering, hoping to implicate the innocent party even further. It rarely works and if it were me I would choose the first option of keeping my big trap shut. Hiding the corpse in an empty apartment that is being renovated occurs once in a while in movies and I think it happened on Perry Mason once or twice. It is easier as a temporary cubbyhole than dragging the thing around and trying to immediately
  7. Actually the album Spector was producing for Lennon in '73 was completed later by Lennon and others and released in '75 with the title Rock 'n' Roll. It was a collection of rock and roll oldies. Lennon also had a devil of a time with Morris Levy suing him multiple times over the album. It seems McCartney was especially disappointed by Spector's additions to The Long and Winding Road. Spector upped the sap content of the tune from 50% to 100%.
  8. Yes, the Browns have a much younger, talented QB. But we'll see how they do next season.
  9. Both the Ravens and the Browns lost. Ha ha. Sometimes revenge is a dish best eaten warm.
  10. Melania is full of energy. She runs on 500 watts of ho power.
  11. I used to live in Vermont and I believe the late Jim Jeffords was the last Republican elected to the Senate from Vermont.
  12. Maybe she's trying to set a longevity record in the non-segregationist lane.
  13. Hot Spell is a laff riot. I give it a 10 on the corn pone scale.
  14. 2 is way shy of 34, though 32 was the % one of the nutjobs on here said would be Donny's share of the black vote. I like to mention Soros in a facetious manner since the loony toons think he is behind everything from 9/11 to tooth decay.
  15. Two words--George Soros. Is there any proof that 34 members of Antifa were arrested in the Capitol action? I mean reliable evidence, not some wingnut rumor.
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