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  1. Should have done it four years ago.
  2. I wouldn't believe anything Tucker says without doing half a dozen fact checks.
  3. It would be better if she played a black widow spider. They eat their mates.
  4. How is it an abuse of power for the person who received the most votes to be elected to the office, as happens in elections for every other office in the U.S. All recent events show is that it's time to get rid of this creaky old outdated procedure.
  5. And with a cement pond too. This was in 2016 after the easy to get a mortgage era. I forgot for a minute she had a son, so I assume she was married at some time. Leaving my Palm Springs house to.....go work part-time at the drug store. I still feel very sorry for that woman. Like many of these cases it was a story of bad luck, this time the wrong person showing up to answer to an ad.
  6. This is the dumbest political move the Dems have come up with in a while. All it does is give Trump the chance to whine endlessly about being a victim and turn him into a martyr for his sucker and loser base. And with only twelve days to go it's doubly dumb.
  7. So timid men prefer Trump. Not surprising as he is as timid as they come when it comes to his own yellow-bellied person. I always get a kick out of Master Tom spouting off about liberty. Shut up, mfer.
  8. How she could afford the house was the biggest mystery of the episode. Maybe she had some money saved or maybe she was divorced or a widow. Still it's obvious she should have picked a more modest place and thus skipped the need for roommates. You never can tell who you're going to get, even if they look good at first glance.
  9. I have a feeling that Tuberville is going to be very entertaining over the next six years. I hope most of that time is spent in the minority.
  10. I did happen to catch it. It's even more scarier because roommates are a lot closer than neighbors. I looked up the real crime on the net. The woman was 66 years old and the killer 50 years old at the time of the murder. I felt sorry for her having to work part-time at a drug store and trying to pay her mortgage. And it's unusual for a 50 year old to have just graduated from law school, though I suppose it happens. The newspaper articles didn't mention anything about him studying for the bar. And I don't think the one rat tail fo hair down the middle of the forehead is goin
  11. Well the latest talking point among wingnuts is that Antifa infiltrated the protest because Trump supporters are sweet things who would never smash windows or destroy property. Maybe when this idea doesn't pan out they will say that they were actually BLM protesters in whiteface. Antifa is a loosely organized anti-fascist group who sometimes engage in a bit of minor mayhem bless their hearts.
  12. I heard something a bit different. Pence is scared of zip ties because he thinks Mrs. P might use them if he is ever tempted to eat dinner alone with a woman who is not his wife.
  13. Yeah, I guess the six GOP state legislators who were also in the Capitol mob were really secret members of Antifa.
  14. As unfortunate as that is, it takes more than several zip ties to overthrow a gov't. These goobers are easily defeated.
  15. Just giving some unsolicited political advice. And as I've said before, folks who don't vote can still be interested in politics. While what happened yesterday was wrong, I think people are overreacting to it. A bunch of punks did their dumb thing. However sad that is, they're not exactly a threat to the gov't.
  16. I believe it's pretty basic--the tens of thousands of people Gaddafi had killed versus his one death. Never understood the admiration for Gaddafi, outside of some fashionistas.
  17. The schedule on the boards is now a pain to check out. I just use my local paper or the DirecTV on screen schedule. Even in the good old days I only looked a day or two ahead. If I see it I'll send out an S.O.S.
  18. I think it was mostly a good pr name for groups from Liverpool who played a similar style of music. No doubt they borrowed a lot from earlier rock and rollers.
  19. Minor point--Cleveland served two terms, though non-consecutively of course. And he won the popular vote all three times, putting Harrison in the lost popular vote part of the diagram.
  20. Wait a minute. Nah, too young to be Ted Nugent.
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