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  1. I'm sure the righteous folks who support the law would never want to watch porn anyway.
  2. Now it's getting personal. xHamster, the popular porn site, is blocking people with an NC internet address from accessing the site. Say what? Actually, this isn't completely true. You go to the site and there is a question asking if you support or do not support HB2. If you do not support it, you then have access to all those ****** people. If you support it, no porn for you. Mr. McCrory, tear down this porn wall.
  3. I was on the local topix site and someone mentioned Fort Knox, and I immediately thought of Mister Gold- finger. Love Shirley Bassey's version of that song. He's the man.
  4. Bruce may be out, but Buffett is in. He has some concerts in NC later in the month and he'll be there. There was a story on the local news last night that someone has put up a billboard in a neighboring county saying Welcome to North Carolina, Set Your Clocks Back a Hundred Years. Not bad.
  5. Plus, you can't trip on your fly. If someone had an open fly, I wouldn't go beyond a verbal hint.
  6. When you put Great Expectations into the mix with the rest of Charley's novels, it ain't really that long, only about 460 pages in the Penguin edition. Longer than Hard Times, but much shorter than The Pickwick Papers and Nicholas Nickleby and many other of his novels. I've never found Dickens' that difficult to read. The language is fairly straightforward and though the plots are complicated, they can be followed pretty easily with a little work. I certainly find Dickens easier to read than the Master or Beckett.
  7. All candidates have stump speeches which they deliver ad nauseum, and Cruz's are chock full of the usual right wing nonsense. Cruz may not give detailed plans in his pronouncements, but he knows to pay attention to the details of how delegates are selected and what needs to be done to get them. I think it was billions and billions, and that was before inflation.
  8. Now Bob can return to his place as one's neighborhood cool daddy-o dope smoker. It's kind of a bad mark against Tony Curtis. Repeating the usual Hollywood gossip is one thing, but to imply another actor is a racist is quite another. For some reason, defiant is one of those words I look at and it always looks like it should be spelled another way. Oh well.
  9. Yeah, I saw that earlier in the day. I believe they were registered as Democrats. Oops. Donny is lucky he doesn't have to depend on winning by a few votes. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of a campaign, Trump is out of his depths and he is having trouble catching up. I saw someone saying that to the GOPe Cruz has only been useful as a stopgap to Trump. They don't like Teddy Bear very much and would rather have someone else as the nominee. This looks like it's going to be quite a show.
  10. I'm sure Trump has some fervent supporters who are relatively peaceful. His stuff is pretty simplistic and that draws people in. And some are likely just along for the ride. And there are still some believers in let a businessman do it. Bush II, the MBA, how'd that work out?
  11. Must be one of the few times a star turned down a role due to the historical inaccuracy of the film. Both leads did a good job in the movie. I was hoping they would manage to get on the freight train and get away. Oh well.
  12. I'm not sure, as it doesn't happen that often. Maybe eye contact and a certain knowing look or how about saying Umm, the barn door's open. With jeans, it's not very obvious if the fly is open.
  13. Robert Mitchum, a veteran of a Southern chain gang, turned down the role of Jackson because blacks and whites would never be chained together in the segregated South. The story was corrupted into the claim, repeated by Curtis and others, that Mitchum refused to work with a black man. (Wikipedia entry on The Defiant Ones).
  14. I think it's just the natural fold of the pants or the way the light and shadows are working. I doubt a dapper type like Georgie would be photographed with his fly open. As GB might put it, Honi soit qui mal y pense.
  15. Another Obama first--the first president to ever go on a fundraising trip using Air Force One. And by doing so he proves that global warming is a scam. Wingnuts, too funny.
  16. Trump doesn't strike me as a detail guy, at least in the realm of politics, and this is what is starting to hurt him. He needs people who will get down in the trenches and do the thankless work of winning over delegates.
  17. Yes they would. I should have said par for the course for many successful bands--that is their sales numbers gradually diminish over time. Some like The Killers have a big debut and then slowly sell fewer albums and others make it big on their second or third one and then go gradually downhill.
  18. He's going to have to do a lot better in the rest of the primary states than he has done so far to reach 1237 before the convention. It's possible but it's going to be difficult, especially in these states that have all these variables--you have to win a certain percentage in each congressional district, etc. Seems to be a lot more complicated than necessary.
  19. I noticed that in the late scene in Love Finds Andy Hardy where Mickey and Judy are at the fancy dance and Mick is wearing evening wear that he looks like the dummy in Dead of Night. Not supernatural, but a little spooky.
  20. Let's take a look at the numbers: First album--Triple Platinum Second album--Platinum Third album--Gold Fourth album--Neither Pretty par for the course for many bands.
  21. 505 See my new invention, Lowblow? It raises one's IQ by 100%. So now you can have an IQ of 30.
  22. From what I've read, they are also a relatively decentralized group, so some contingents may be more provocative than others. Maybe as they evolve, they might become more friendly to the local political establishment, maybe not. Time will tell.
  23. I don't expect significant works of literature or art to come from modern centralized government. Now science, agriculture, and industry are different animals and centralized government on occasion plays a role in those fields. The exploration of space and the the world wide web are government endeavors that private companies likely couldn't have handled at the time. There's nothing to wrong in saying that both government and private companies contribute to civilization. Friedman should have been more careful in using the word never, that can get you into trouble. It also shows that
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