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  1. That would certainly make it more interesting than the usual snoozefests of the last forty years or so. Some of the younger Republicans went pretty crazy down in Florida when ballots were being counted in the Bush Gore race, so maybe they can bring something to the streets of Cleveland, perhaps a Trump vs. Cruz supporters dust up. Yeah, that would be fun to see.
  2. It looks like the press won't have to worry too much about the lack of Kasich puns once July is over.
  3. Even if God just created the world and mankind along with it and then left everything alone, He still might be held responsible for creating mankind and knowing that free will will lead to some disastrous outcomes. I suppose you could have a God who created things but didn't know what they would do.
  4. I agree. The mystery of evil is not that there is some unknown outside force, but what exactly causes certain people to be evil, and I doubt we'll ever have the answer to that question. But evil is a human "product," not a supernatural one.
  5. Yes, if an entity has the property of omniscience, then that entity would have complete knowledge of everything, and that would make that entity responsible for everything that happens, though at a remove. That would be a reason not to believe in that God, though it would not be my reason. If one doesn't believe in God, all these discussions are interesting on a theoretical level, but they don't really have much of a practical use.
  6. I've probably posted this one before, though not recently I believe. I think the word rollicking describes this song pretty well. Hard not to move around a little bit, and I found out who Jimmy Shand is. Pretty please,
  7. It's possible that there are fans here who have not chosen to post any of his songs. I agree with all your superlatives about Thompson's talent. And you're right that as far as record sales go, he has not made much of a dent here in the U.S. I was surprised that he also hasn't had much success in the U.K. either, at least as far as moving records go, though his last few albums have been fairly successful. I've seen little snippets of Thompson and he is quite articulate and waggish. I saw him on one of those late night music shows on PBS a few months ago. He is sticking with the bere
  8. I don't believe in evil as some kind of outside force that can influence human beings, whether you want to call it the devil or something else. Hitler was evil, but I don't think it had anything to do with some supernatural force. We may never know exactly what caused him to be evil, we only know he was.
  9. One of God's attributes is omniscience, which is an absolute attribute, since it's hard to be partially omniscient. So God must know everything that will happen in the future. If not, he would not be omniscient. So he knows what horrible things will happen when His creations use their free will. Now, if God does not have the attribute of omniscience, then this conclusion will not be valid, but I still think that Christianity teaches that God has this quality of omniscience.
  10. Yep, that will be a tough one. Kasich and tired, and even that's a stretch. Fortunately, he is a long, long shot.
  11. Unless there is some event that turns everything upside down, Cruz is about the last hope of the GOPe, though they would rather have someone else. It looks unlikely that Cruz will be able to win enough delegates before the convention to win the nomination. His job now is to prevent Donny from getting to that number, and try to get the nomination in a contested convention. Guy seems sneaky enough, so maybe that will work out for him.
  12. Obama is just following Bush II's advice about what to do in the face of terror attacks--do the things you would normally do--go shopping, go to the movies, do the tango. The fact that this is driving the right wingers crazy is just icing on the cake.
  13. Back in the real world, ISIS has gradually lost territory in Syria and Iraq over the last year.
  14. Oops. I meant the song by Simon and Garfunkel, which is actually titled The Boxer. It's really lie, lie, lie, etc., but since it was already about politics, well....
  15. That sounds like a somewhat more orthodox wording.There is still the question of the omniscience of God and His knowledge that some really bad stuff is going to happen. That's where the He works in mysterious ways might come in. Yeah, six million people are dead, but......well who are we to question it. This is just a theoretical game for me, as I don't believe in any of it.
  16. I spent enough time in Sunday School to know that most things would show up again sooner or later, the Biblical stories as well as the sins. Well, there wasn't much to do on a Sunday morning anyway.
  17. Two thumbs down on a Mamie or Bess centerfold (even though it's now impossible).
  18. Deservedly so. Most of his "arguments" are the same old junk repeated ad absurdum. No climatologists take them very seriously.
  19. I would like to say that lying wingnut is redundant, but I won't go that far. But that is the reason he never links to the entire article. Spoils the simplicity. Wingnutman, using his superpowers for ill, not good.
  20. Dargo, there may be a place for you in the Cruz campaign. Cruz control. Cruzin for a Bruisin. Cruz to nowhere. Well, you get the idea. Hey, Jeb! has just endorsed Teddy Bear. This is YUGE. Remember how popular Jeb! was. I really like Bernie's America ad. As the campaign progresses, I would love to see a Bernie Boxer ad, where Bern and Hill look alikes duke it out. Just when it looks like Sanders is down for the count, he delivers a ferocious uppercut to beat Clinton. La la la. la, la, la, la, la, la, la la, (I may be a few las short)
  21. Yep, but if God is omniscient, He already knew they would flunk out. Never worry about falling asleep in Sunday School class. They cover the same things over and over again. If you missed Adam & Eve on the first go around, they'll be back soon.
  22. Yes, he's doesn't exactly come off as cuddly or warmhearted. Like calling the fat guy slim. No, that was no misspelling. Crud or Crude works for me. That's another reason to hope Teddy gets nowhere near the White House. Imagine all the awful puns playing off Cruz/cruise. I don't even want to think about that.
  23. I think so. Even a cop of only average intuitive powers would figure the turban connection. I'm not going to shave my beard.....yet.
  24. That should bring some measure of relief to the survivors. But if everything ultimately was projected from the mind of God, it seems that He is in some sense responsible for the Holocaust, and to give it a little ideological and historical balance, the gulag archipelago too.
  25. They gave their reason in the very article. That's why you never post a link to articles, because in many instances the articles do not reflect the headline and your "explanation" underneath. That's why you're the actual scammer. Maybe you should learn the difference between climate and weather, then you wouldn't be posting all these things about how a snowstorm in March somehow proves there is no global warming. That argument was laughed out of discussion years ago.
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