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  1. Congratulations go out to each and every contestant. I am amazed at the determination which it must take to put one of these together and at the imagination involved, not only with creating a schedule but also laying down the guidelines for the challenge. I think all of you have met the challenge above and beyond and everyone who created these schedules has done a great job. You are all winners!
  2. I am fairly certain the movie you are speaking of is from 1967 and is called GAMES. Katherine Ross and James Caan star as the married couple and Simone Signoret plays the part of the older woman, a travelling sales person and phony psychic.
  3. You're very welcome KosmicKat. Sorry the other movie didn't ring any bells for me. I don't think I've seen that one.
  4. Roverrocks, you said she does not deserve respect and honor from society as a whole. I disagree. I think everyone, each and every one of us desrve respect from one another, wheather you are a famous movie star or bagging groceries. You also said that she did not better the world such as Mother Theresa or Margaret Thatcher. Maybe so, but she has bettered the world in her own way through her acting and now through her art, as all artists of all sorts have done. Movie stars, musicians, comedians, painters and sculptors have all brightened the world with their contributions, and each has brought much happiness to those who have enjoyed their work, be it acting, playing music, dancing, singing or painting. It is all very important and brings so much happiness to so many people, and to do that is no small achievement in this world. Finance, you said it doesn't appear as if Kim's venture back into the public eye is going to be a long-term thing. I agree that it may seem that way at first, but who knows? Perhaps this is just the thing to spur her into continued action and to come back out into the public eye full force. You never know. I hope that Kim knows in her heart that she has many thousands (probably millions) more supporters who respect, appreciate and love her for who she is, than she has detractors, and I hope she is aware of the joy and happiness she has brought to so many in this world through her movies and her art. No one can ever take that away from her.
  5. I just finished watching the show about an hour ago. It was time well spent. I learned quite a bit from watching this. I never knew Dave Clark was an extra in several classic films, most notably (to me at least) I Could Go On Singing with Judy Garland. I also never knew anything about the TIME musical with Laurence Olivier. They put out some great music but I never really knew much about them. Thanks again JakeHolman for the tip. It was a great show.
  6. Hi, The name of the short film you watched was Notes On The Circus from 1966 and the song is called Storybook Ball by Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band.
  7. I guess having a sense of humor is not allowed here. That is just wonderful.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on the DC5. I recorded this on the DVR and will probably watch it later tonight or over the weekend.
  9. I too would like to see the 1949 film, The Accused, with Loretta Young and Robert Cummings.
  10. As previously mentioned the U.S. title of the film is Abandon Ship! It's a British made film from 1957 originally titled Seven Waves Away. Both of these films, Lifeboat and Abandon Ship, are excellent movies. Both are very suspenseful and intense but while the Hitchcock film Lifeboat is purely fictional, Abandon Ship is based on the true story of the sinking of the William Brown and the crew member Alexander Holmes who took charge of the lifeboat in question. At the end of the film there is a voice over announcement stating "The story which you have just seen is a true one. In real life, Captain Alexander Holmes was brought to trial on a charge of mmmurder. He was convicted and given the minimum sentence of six months because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the incident" Although I have never seen it, there is yet another film from 1937 called Souls at Sea which is based on this same incident.
  11. That is very good news! I've been waiting for this to show up on the schedule for quite some time.
  12. Turner Classic Movies

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