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  1. I loved the show "Combat" and Vic Morrow was such a great actor. He was underrated, but should have gotten an award for Blackboard Jungle. He was in a few tv show guest spots....like an episode in Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I think Combat tv show is where he really shined. He was extraordinary as Sgt. Saunders.
  2. This is a great thread! I would say that Pete Buttiegieg and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), look alike. Adam Schiff and the guy who played Latka on Taxi look alike - I think his name was Andy Kaufman? That guy William Barr and Elton John look like twins I'm sure it was mentioned in this thread, but the young Paul Newman and Marlon Brando looked alike. sorry I wasn't able to post photos as I'm not sure how to do that.
  3. TCM should step up to the plate and work with Comcast to bring the channel back to the viewers who keep them in business. I am surprised more people don't place just as much blame on TCM as Comcast for allowing this to happen. I used to watch TCM all the time but will not pay a cent more to view it, nor will I jump through hoops to find alternative ways to get TCM. If people would stop paying Comcast more, or drop their service altogether and also stop viewing TCM completely....then maybe a message will be sent to these big corporations that people aren't going to ac
  4. I'm shocked no votes for the young Marlon Brando (Streetcar Named Desire)....couldn't beat how handsome and sexy he was. I'd also add James Dean, William Holden, Glenn Ford, Steve McQueen, James Garner, Vic Morrow, Paul Newman, Montgomery Clift, Richard Widmark, Dana Andrews, Ralph Meeker, Humprhey Bogart, Clark Gable, James Cagney.
  5. That press secretary lady is horrendous to look at and listen too....I thought Spicer was bad, but he looks like a gem compared to this.
  6. Which is the wax figure? The one of Trump or McConnell?
  7. Hi - I'm hoping a DVD of Petty's live concert(s) will come out someday. Some of them are on Youtube and really sensational. I know lots of his fans, me included, would love to have that on DVD. Also, they should reprint some of the books on Petty - they are on Amazon for hundreds of dollars. Petty would have been furious to know his items are being sold for more than what people can afford. Back in the 1980's he fought to have prices LOWERED on his record which they were trying to sell for $9.99 instead of $8.99. He thought $9.99 was too high for an album. He also put fans from the
  8. Saw a video on youtube "Runnin' Down a Dream" from 1991 live concert. Best thing I ever saw. Petty was awesome. He was the essence of what a rock star should be....what great style, charisma, great voice, great band - and he was sexy back then too. He was the coolest person around. There will never be another like him. I hope they come out with some concerts on DVD.
  9. Back to David Cassidy - he was one of the best looking guys I ever saw back in the 1970's. He had the best hair, smile and eyes. And the voice was so good too. I wish his life were happier....such a shame.
  10. Thanks Lawrence. I just thought Petty was really great as a singer and person. The guy had more traumatic things happen in a lifetime and yet, he had such perseverance and never gave up his dream of being a musician. I admire everything about that man.
  11. I don't recall if anyone had a thread about the passing of Tom Petty 2 months ago. Has anything ever come out about what caused the cardiac arrest? I know toxicology testing was being done - but how long does that take? Well, I thought Petty was a great singer, songwriter, but aside from that, he was a man of loyalty, integrity and class...always stood up for what was right and cared about the fans. One of the only guys to lower ticket and record prices back in the 1980's. He was one of the best. I miss him.
  12. Geez, how can she hold such a grudge all these years? She was in love with the guy as soon as she met him and had googly eyes for him all through the Partridge Family. He apologized and even re-wrote the book and wanted to remain friends with her - and was hurt that she never spoke to him. Those two made a nice pair though....
  13. I love the duet with David Cassidy and Glenn Campbell....beautiful. I read that David Cassidy singlehandedly inspired the puka shell necklace fad back in mid-'70's. He took a private vacation to Hawaii to get some quiet time and strung some shells together and wore it around his neck...paparazzi snapped a photo of him and when he got back to United States, he saw puka shell necklaces were selling like hotcakes. People wanted everything that he wore...he was that popular at the time. He was one of the best looking men - stunningly handsome.
  14. David Cassidy's passing should be mentioned in this thread. Great singer - a golden voice.
  15. I'm not familiar with the Cowsills. I was wondering had David Cassidy not taken the role of Keith in Partridge Family - he might have become a great dramatic actor - or a rock and roll star (he played in rock and roll bands prior to Partridge Family). I think Partridge Family catapulted him into a teen heartthrob, but after he was burnt out and quit the business at 24 years old - by the time he tried to make a comeback a year or two later, he seemed to be "old news" and nobody remembered him. That hurt him a lot. He kinda outgrew being a teen heartthrob.
  16. That's a real nice photo of Shaun and David when they were young boys. David Cassidy was the most handsome man I ever saw. I remember as a small kid, I used to play his records over and over. I used to watch him on Partridge family and loved his voice, his hair, his twinkly eyes, his dimples, his teeth with that million dollar smile. I wish his life was filled with happiness instead of the turmoil he went through. He seemed like such a great person. I will miss him. RIP
  17. Heartbreaking....he was one of my favorites when I was a kid. Watched him on Partridge Family and that was my first record. I loved his singing voice. He was one of the best looking men I'd ever seen. He was the ultimate teen heartthrob with such great hair, bedroom eyes, million dollar smile and had the singing voice to back it up. Every girl in school swooned over him. I am so sorry his life was so troubled. RIP
  18. Lawrence - many thanks! The 4 hour documentary is reasonably priced on Amazon. I also see that some of the books are going for hundreds of dollars on Amazon. I hope some of them can be reprinted for a price people can afford. Also, thanks for the advice on the CDs/Albums. Petty was so good, don't think I ever heard a bad song from him. He seemed to be a bit country, folk and rock - but I think mostly rock. He was one of the coolest guys around.
  19. I see on Amazon a 4 hour documentary on Tom Petty by Peter Bogdanovich. The price is pretty good...anyone ever see this? I keep hearing Petty songs all over the radio - some of which I've always liked but didn't know he sang it. Anyone have a favorite CD of his? I have greatest hits CD - was wondering what others are good.
  20. Great videos here on this thread of Tom Petty. I love the Traveling Wilbury videos like Inside Out, Handle With Care and End of the Line. Great supergroup. I also like the Runnin' Down A Dream live performance from 1991. Petty was the definition of "rock and roller". He was so good - it's hard to put it into words. He was a great showman, singer and songwriter - one of the best. I wish there would be some reprints of books on him, DVD's of his live concerts and some television specials on him. I only saw 2 magazine commemorative issues - but thought there would be so much more on
  21. No problem. It is very hard to think of him in the past tense. I can't believe he is gone. I grew up with his music. The coolest, nicest guy around, not to mention a great singer and one of the best songwriters. He was simply THE BEST.
  22. There is another song from Traveling Wilburys that is good called Handle With Care. Mostly sung by Orbison, but the others also sing on it too. Petty looked so cool with that hat on his head. There was something very unique and special about him. I loved his voice. I miss him.
  23. Thank you for the End of the Line video. I love Traveling Wilburys...and Tom Petty - had that star quality. He was one of a kind. Loved his voice and his style.....great person.
  24. I'm upset too about it. I play his music a lot too....and look at some youtube videos...but it's all very sad. Yes - he had 2 daughters with the first wife and 1 granddaughter.
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