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  1. Terrible news about Legrand. I love the rehearsal scene in "Cleo from 5 to 7" where he is playing the piano.
  2. I love Butcher Baker Nightmare Maker so much. This is full on unmitigated and uninhibited Susan Tyrell madness. I own the blu-ray and it still may never leave my DVR.
  3. I enjoyed it quite a bit, too. Early on, I was worried this film would be too silly with how they waved the rat poison in the face of the viewer. However, I was really pulled in hearing that piano. Sometimes it would be the soundtrack to the film, sometimes it would be someone playing in the other room, and sometimes the housemaid would be at it, banging away. It really added to the atmosphere and cranked up the tension as the movie progressed.
  4. Thanks for posting the video. I caught the last fifteen seconds of this at the start of my Blow Up recording and was sad I missed out.
  5. As long as TCM shows the usual 7-8 foreign films per month, I'm happy.
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