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  1. Today I was able to register my oldname - but I'm denied access to some of the forums (General Discussions, Information Please) and allowed in to others (Admin, Stickies, Friday Night Spotlight). Anyone else having same situation? Obviously this post was done with my temp name. :-) Sure wish the default was changed to show thread content oldest first.
  2. SansFin, I don't doubt your experiences at all. Been in computers since the late 60s and rarely are conversions taken seriously without a lot of stomping and screaming to management. A lot of the time it's just a matter of priorities. Like now, I'm annoyed that I can't sign in with my old name, but it's not exactly earth shattering nor leading to any mental damage. I spend much more time watching TCM than on the boards here, so I value effort in keeping the station going and the daily/monthly schedules available much higher than effort messing with the boards. But that's me
  3. Smooth change happens regularly IF the project is deemed important by management and the time frame/manpower are not short-changed. Been there, done that many, many times.
  4. I am having trouble getting my old name reregistered. Get the emailed pass-word. Entering it shows my name in upper right, but get the very unfriendly message that I'm not permitted on the site. Have to Sign Off to read posts. Boy, does that deflate your ego - lower permissions than a visitor. Tried yesterday several times & reset this morning again with same results. I see the post in admin about contacting the moderators, but there's no details of how to do this, particularly when you can't log in. Catch 22. Tried to email about problem, but so far no response. I know I'm the on
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