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  1. Huh? Unforgiven was terrible. My dad was a western connoisseur, and I was raised on them. He hated that movie, thought it was pretentious. I had to agree. His favorite was Lonesome Dove. I am surprised that no one has mentioned that. Ok, it's a "tv movie" - it doesn't matter. THAT is the grandpappy of all of them. Tommy Lee Jones flying thru town on that white/gray dapple horse. The pigs following the wagon. Gus and the women. My favorite is actually Broken Trail. There is nothing like Duvall - "You will not hurt these children. No sir." Other than that.... The
  2. I suppose that if you can remember most of it, you could always post your opinion as a "User Review"..... It really is irritating. I never noticed trolls (Except the occaional person posting "is such and such gay") or people selling bootleg DVDs. I stick mostly to the classic movies. And so many of those boards had posts from cast and crew of movies, many long gone. There was one 80+ yo Italian actor who was only ever in a few movies, and he used to come to the board for his most famous movie and answer people's questions. It was endearing. It happened a lot. History is
  3. I am liking the mix we're getting with the A-Z, it's been fairly good. Do agree about Dreamgirls. I am one of those sticklers for the 25 year mark being used for classic movies. So, Blazing Saddles would make it in - but not Dreamgirls. What has bugged me - I know they cannot put all the movies on On Demand. But, for those of us without DVR, the ones in the middle of the night.....couldn't they just have some common courtesy for once? I mean, I'm not staying up until 3:00 am to watch Mon Oncle D'Amerique - but if you're going to have it - to actually play a foreign movie (heave
  4. And who picked this trite music? Ugh.
  5. So they put in Anton Yelchin, but left out Anne Jackson? @@
  6. This TCM app is just sad. Watching movie, every 2 or 3 minutes, it goes dark, movie is still playing. No, it's not the settings on my tablet. It started happening about 1/3 of the way thru the movie. But then, they don't listen to us here, right? Sigh.
  7. Still crashing, Different tablet. Hello?
  8. Having the same problems. App is updated. The other day the screen kept going black (audio kept playing). Today it is not working at all - and all my cached movies are gone! (Note: Samsung Galaxy Tab A - the new one.....) Just tried to get it to work on this website and it's not working here, either. You'd think with all the money they're making off this wine they'd do something like INVEST in their app? So that people will want to keep paying extra to their cable companies for TCM?
  9. Does anyone really need more convolution in their lives? Things that are a PITA are off-putting. It's not that much of a stretch, and there is plenty of good conversation all over the internets.
  10. Disqus at least allows you to choose whether you want most recent first, "best" (whatever that means), etc. If they are going to insist on the most recent comment being first, they need to pin the Original Post to the top of each page of comments. It really is off-putting having to go through a gazillion hoops to find out what the OP was talking about to begin with, since after 4-5 pages of comments, the subject tends to drift....
  11. Watch TCM on my Samsung Galaxy Tab just crashes to no end. No other app for TV does, just TCM. It is SO IRRITATING. I can't watch one movie on the list without it crashing 25 times, and then it just stops the movie and won't start it back up. TPTB at TCM: If you don't want us to use this app, please just tell us and we'll go away. But if you are going to put something out, PLEASE.....have some class and do it right....because this just makes me mad.
  12. Oh, Please. Funny LADY? This channel has become SO corporate. What's next, commercials?
  13. Well, TCM, that was fast. He never had a SUTS day, and I bet he wasn't a SOTM.... TOO LATE, TCM. Was repeating Cooper and Hepburn and all the SOS worth it for you? The man stopped acting in part because he thought he just wasn't good or worthy - and you really made him feel great with all your attention (NOT), now, didn't you, TCM? That's what I mean by Too Late. RIP. My heart is broken....
  14. No. Mastroianni. Again. I guess Dietrich and Bergman are their token foreigners (not counting the Brits)? Just watch, they will forget him on his birthday again in September.... Do we really NEED any more Gary Cooper days, ya know? Or Katharine Hepburn???? Of course I like those actors. But what is the point if you can't be inclusive? Is there a list somewhere of all the SUTS stars from all the years it's been done? Yes, there are a few neat additions....Mae Clarke, Raymond Massey, Adolphe Menjou (who was born in Pittsburgh and is Not French). But still... I am hat
  15. I'll lay bets that Mastroianni isn't on it AGAIN.... No, I don't want to see just Sophia movies. @@
  16. That is really fairly sad. The app is so buggy, I don't know how they can even put their name on it.
  17. Ok, I have looked everywhere. I want to get help with the app, but help is nowhere to be found. I can't even search these forums for the word app. What the H? I try to choose a movie from the "browse" list and it ALWAYS hangs. Yes, I've updated the app. And I can *always* watch the live one. But I want to watch another one, one I missed from last night. Yes, I am logged into my cable on my tablet. I can go watch Game of Thrones if I want. This is so frustrating. Where can I go for help with this? Yab.
  18. I am also having issues with this - through the app. Maybe there is a bug in the app? When I *do manage to be able to watch on my tablet (which is 10 feet from the wifi and the internets work so it's not the connection!), half the time the movies are fuzzy and come out garbly. Hello? Anyone from TCM out there?
  19. So if it's no longer SUTS, why are the movies all William Holden movies today? Until 8:00 EDT, anyway... It's not his birthday. It's not his day of passing. ???
  20. I can relate pretty much everything to Marcello Mastroianni. And why not?

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